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 SAP SRM Security Training Introduction:

SAP SRM security training (supplier relationship management ) is used with an product lifecycle management (PLM) , enterprise resource planning (ERP) & supply chain management (SCM) applications to ensure an effective implementation of the cross-application business processes. SAP SRM security  provides real-time integration with ERP as the backbone, ensuring real-time data validation across SAP modules like Financial Accounting & HR. SAP SRM security (Supplier Relationship Management), which is a part of SAP Business Suite, stands in the line with the most widely-used systems around the word. Its main purposes is to optimize interaction with suppliers & to automate tender processing to the maximum extent. Global Online Trainings provides best online SAP SRM Security training by expert consultants with best lab set-up with an interactive & informative way.  Register for more information about the course by contacting help desk.

SAP SRM Security Training Overview:

  • SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) training is a SAP product that facilitates the procurement of goods via a web-based platform. Organizations that can procure all types of products like direct & indirect material, services & this can be integrated with SAP ERP modules & other non-SAP backend systems for planning and accounting.
  • SAP SRM SECURITY supports the full procurement cycle, i.e., starting from source & purchase to pay through complete procurement process with suppliers & effectively managing supplier to build long-term relationship.
  • SAP SRM helps you to emphasize supplier performance management & helps you to streamline the procurement operations, put compliance with contracts & purchasing policies and TO improve overall cost management & expenditure.
  • Unauthorized access to the system can result in exposure of A company to reputational risks & material losses. The most alarming is the fact that this system is accessible through the Internet which makes it a perfect aim for remote attacks

    Key Benefits:

    Catalog Management

    Suppliers can easily manage the catalog data & this data can be easily integrated with business processes like finance, accounting & planning.

    Procure to Pay Optimization

    Using SAP SRP product, you can streamline procure to pay lifecycle & improve communication with supplier & cost management.

    Self Service Procurement        

    End-users can search products using multiple product catalog & helps them to find and purchase product that are compliant with purchase & procurement policy of the company.

    Reporting Functionality

    Using SAP Supplier Relationship management, you can create reports related to procurement activities, compliance & contract management and managing costing in procurement process.

    Contract Management

    You can manage the contracts using secure central repository. This helps to reduce compliance violations & allows end-users to follow business processes during self-service procurement.

  • Technical Benefits of  SAP SRM  Security:

    Following are the technical benefits of SAP SRM

  • Live Auction Cockpit is to perform real time monitoring & bidding process in procurement process.

  • SAP Net Weaver Business Intelligence is to perform data warehousing, analytics & web-based reporting.

  • Easy transactions between SAP SRM & online transaction processing system OLTP.

  • SAP bidding engine to create quotations &  to process them.

 SAP SRM  training Functions:

You can perform various functions in SAP SRM security training. Using the SAP SRM portal, a user can use self-service option for different options.

The key functions in SAP SRM Security include the following


In SAP SRM, screens are easy to navigate. SRM portal has a user-friendly & easy to manage look.


In SAP SRM portal, you can easily perform search for different products & suppliers. Search criteria is easy to use.

Purchase Orders

You can create purchase orders for a few of the material type. POs are also automatically created for some materials & suppliers.

Account Assignment

A user can also define default account preferences. Cost assignments can be defined as per quantity, percentage or value of the material. You can also search G/L codes online using search option.


In SAP SRM, the approval process for Purchase Orders is very easy. This allows organization to perform goods requisition in an easy & simple manner.

Copying & Deleting

A user can use copying option to copy the items in the shopping cart. Edit option can be easily used to edit the address, cost distribution.

Deletion is also easy in shopping cart as you can easily select a good in cart & delete it.




  • Fulfill compliance requirements
  • Increase system flexibility to accommodate future changes & enhancements
  • Boost user acceptance
  • Revert to SAP’s release strategy & standard maintenance plan
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve language support through Unicode




  • High user acceptance thanks to new look and feel
  • Significant cost savings in support and ongoing development
  • Ability to implement additional languages facilitates international rollout
  • Fulfillment of compliance requirements
  • Each month, 15,000 transactions are handled in the new system