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SAP SRM stands for Supplier Relationship management.SAP ERP is the main component that SAP SRM Training integrates with the core ERP system.There are multiple integration scenarios with ERP and depending on the business requirements you choose one over the other.Supplier Relationship management online course at Global Online Trainings provides 24/7 support for individuals and corporate by best trainers.The entire course is done with latest business updates and development hence the participants can expect grand exposure in the field of Information Technology. Register with us and Join today!

Prerequisites of SAP SRM Training:

  • SAP MM Consultant can learn SAP SRM Training.
  • SAP Project manager can learn Supplier Relationship Management Online Course.
  • Strategic Purchaser can also learn SAP SRM Training.

SAP SRM Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP SRM Training.

Mode Of Training: We provide both Online Training and Corporate Training.

Course Duration: 25 Hrs.

Materials: Yes we provide materials.

Course  Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings, one of our coordinator will contact you as early as possible.

Trainer Experience: 15 years +

Timings:  According to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: Regular, Weekends and Fast Track.


Supplier Relationship Management Online Course Content :

SAP SRM Training Course Content

SAP SRM Training Overview:                                          

In more and more markets it is no longer individual organisations that succeed but the supply chains in which they operate businesses and increasingly public sector and not for profit.                                                                     

  • Organisations can’t survive in isolation and they need to form strong alliances with partners up and down. The supply chain and together find innovative ways to serve their end. Customers by being better faster and cheaper this is the reason and basis for supplier relationship management. SAP SRM Training ComponentsSAP-SRM-Training-Components
  • BW bi is where all the reporting is through RFC the data from the SRM server goes into bi and it is having its own database and is used for reporting.
  • Supplier self-services or supplier enablement this essentially is a web based scenario that provides processing capabilities for service orders and integrate suppliers into the procurement processes of  your core organization.
  • So, such suppliers which integrate using this functionality they don’t require their own sale system to offer products and services. All they need is internet access in order to access the hosts order which is your company’s order and content management .
  • When actually implementing this you have a choice you can implement it either on a Java server or an ABAP server.
  • One of the main components of SAP SRM Training is Catalogue management, this component provides catalogue content management functions and a procurement catalogue, enabling users to search, compare and buy products and services from suppliers. With this component you can provide supplier catalogue in web based environment.

“Join in SAP SRM Training at Global Online Trainings and learn from basic level to advanced level.”


  • Finally, you have the SAP Net weaver portal this can be used to integrate different functionalities like catalogue management, the core SRM server and others.
  • The SAP SRM Training provide the quest to learn about the supplier relation management application can connect company with supplier base which allows the supplier to get together and work together with suppliers, so that they can reduce the cost of the products or the goods they sell.
  • The SAP SRM Training implemented new methods to manage business processes with the main suppliers and make it effective in the market.SAP SRM Training Course will provide in depth knowledge when you enroll with us so that we could serve you along with best subject matter experts.Our consultants are highly skilled at SAP SRM Training.
  • The Supplier Relationship Management Online Course provides a strategic value through sustainable an cost savings, contract compliance, and a quick time-to-value. Companies are to be equipped with the tools to drive superior results through an end-to-end source-to-pay to an process.
  • SAP SRM Training in the SAP stands for a Supplier Relationship Management. It is one of a parts of the SAP Business Suite Software. It is based on a SAP NetWeaver platform hence it also known as SAP NetWeaver SRM.

What are the objectives of SAP SRM Training?

  • SAP SRM training brings a number of other feature extensions as an well. But one of the major hurdles to the understanding what actually matters in a SRM 7.0 is getting past the SAP marketing speak.
  • But to take this on face value that would be to minimize the many of a key improvements of SAP SRM Training except the services procurement that which we agree is a important new capability.
  • Supplier Relationship Management Online Course helps to enable a strong centralized planning and a decentralized execution. In addition, plan-driven and operational procurement enhancements help differentiate the product from its the indirect spend focused competitors like Ariba while they improved the contract management, services procurement, sourcing and a analytic enhancements
  • It is for a firming the procurement processes of an organization by the programming, quickening of procure-to-pay processes for a goods and services. Supplier Relationship Management Online Course presented many of a facility for the healthier management among suppliers and the business activities. SAP SRM Training will examine and forecast purchasing behavior, it also shorten the procurement cycles, and also work with your partners in real time.
How to implement SAP SRM scenarios?
1.Classic scenario:

You implement the SRM server and one or more ERP systems in SAP SRM. All the shopping wagons refer to material management processes in ERP backend. ERP system in this scenario is the leading system.

2.Extended classic scenario:

In this scenario purchase order is produced nearby with in the SRM server. In SAP SRM if the data in the shopping cart is inadequate to complete the purchase order this data is added physically with in SRM before being moved to the backend ERP system. SRM is the leading system for the purchase order and like before goods, receipts and invoices can be entered in SRM server or in the back end ERP system.

3.Standalone scenario:

Where the coupling is even less than before in SAP SRM. In this scenario the shopping cart items create local procurement document only this means that all follow-on processes such as confirmation or invoice have to be performed in  the SRM server.

4.Decoupled scenario:

Combination of the classic and standalone scenarios in SAP SRM would mean that some items are controlled locally while others are moved to the ERP.


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What are the benefits of SAP SRM?
  • SAP SRM,Eliminates waste and barriers to effective service, contract set out what has been agreed between the buyer and seller in terms of what will be delivered and for what price. In practice waste can be created due to inefficiencies in how the processes, systems and ways of working of the two sides come together.
  • An SAP SRM Training program can find these sources of waste and remove them creating lower cost improve service.Global Online trainings provides in depth knowledge for SAP SRM Training by industry experts.
  • It also builds common dependency if both sides value the profits they get from the association created by your SRM program then they obtain belief that the relationship will be long-lasting. This means that in times of shortage, your organization is improbable to be affected by any need for the supplier to ration their output.
  • SAP SRM Training also encourages investment if critical and strategic suppliers in your SAP SRM Training program see that it creates value for them and that the business relationship is likely to be a long one then they are more probable to make your savings that rise their bulk and ability to live for what you need.
  • In SAP SRM Training,It also motivates suppliers to go the extra mile arm’s length and adversarial supplier relationships in which every problem is seemed to belong to the supplier creates dissolution disillusionment and disinterest for them and results in a lack of motivation.

SAP SRM program creates a shared responsibility and this furnace translates in to motivated suppliers who go out of their own way to help you. SAP SRM Training is sort of an integrated system it touches ECC, PI , Internet and there are workflows in SRM. SAP SRM Training encapsulates it embodies, some essential business processes and some business processes  that are only increasing in importance.

Supplier Relationship Management Online Course analysis:
  • Firstly, we should assess the needs based on the requirements we analysed in the market.we also classify the item, we use the portfolio matrix and positioned the blades in the strategic quadrant which indicates that partner relationship type has to be engaged with a blade supplier.Our consultants are highly skilled at SAP SRM.
  • However the behavior and the attitude of the suppliers has not yet been taken in to account.The next step of the sourcing process is supplier relationship analysis. In this step you as the buyer will determine which type of relationship can best fit the requirements.
  • In SAP SRM,it is important to understand why suppliers of items positioned in the same quadrant can behave differently towards their customer.Buyers should investigate how suppliers perceive their customer.
  • For example, how blade up perceives wind plus? Yes, they view wind plus as a strategic partner with whom they can develop more business in the future or as a small unimportant customer. The method to analyse this relationship is called supplier preference analysis and is used by buyers to investigate how suppliers perceive their customer. So using this method will lead us to understand the mutual relationship and enable management of that relationship.
Learn SAP Ariba along with SAP SRM Training:
SAP Ariba Training:

SAP Ariba is a commerce cloud system. SAP Ariba Training has essentially 3 modules which are  the Ariba sourcing, Ariba contracts, supplier information and  performance management. When we see the procurement we see that there are different catalogues with positioning,ordering,receiving and invoice functionality that integrated as the part of  the Ariba nprocurement solution.

We also have Ariba network which is the order and invoice transmission catalogue and are fixed responses that seamlessly flow from one system that is ECC to the Ariba system or even through the Ariba system to the supplier network. So , entire end to end process that happens inside the Ariba system is essentially happening through the  Ariba network which is nothing but  b2b layer that encapsulate the information that helps to give a  more secure  and reliable connections when it comes to transmission of your data from one system to the other.

Along with SAP SRM Training learn SAP MM:
SAP MM Training:

If you are running  an organisation you will be needing materials on daily basis. So, SAP MM Training process guarantees that there is no  lack of material in your organisation and it will deal with procurement process which is nothing but buying materials from vendor and managing its master data, inventory management and doing  invoice verification.

Material Master contains all the material that a company can procure, produce or sell. Suppose a company contain I have to pick your hundred materials so those hundred materials can be grouped together and they are called as material master.

Material master is the central data that is available at all the levels starting with client then company code then plant and storage location.

Characteristics of material master:
Material type:

Suppose you have a wool and a woollen cloth. Wool can be termed as a raw material and woollen cloth is a finished product so these attributes are termed as material type. Standard material types that are available are raw material and finished product.

Material groups:

Material with some shared qualities are gathered together.Suppose, a material  require packaging so that can be defined under one group.

Number range:

Material is identified by a number that comes from a number range. Two types of number range are possible.

External number assignment:

If you want to define a material according to your wish you can give your material number or material name .

Internal Number assignment :

Suppose if you are defining a material and you want a system generated  number so you can define in internal number assignment.


Conclusion of SAP SRM Training:

SAP SRM training helps organizations optimize procurement operations with the integrated, scalable platform & also business user interface that enables the full source-to-pay process.Global Online Trainings is rich at providing Supplier Relationship Management Online Course by best trainers for individuals and corporate at flexible timings.For more information feel free to contact our help desk!


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