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SAP SuccessFactors employee central training

SAP SuccessFactors Employee central Training

Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Employee central training:

SAP SuccessFactors employee central training – Employee central is the core module. It is the combination of organisation data and personal administration data. It stores employee and as well as employer data. In other words you can say all the master data is maintained along with the organisation data. Once you implement employee central , implementing other modules are more comfortable. The other modules can also be implemented independently but if they implement employee central it will be added advantage.Global online trainings is best in providing SAP SuccessFactors employee central online training by industry experts.

Preview of SAP SuccessFactors employee central training:

SAP SuccessFactors employee central training is intended to serve organisation’s HR system of record.


Tools used in SAP SuccessFactors employee central training:

  • Provisioning screen is where you configure the system or you configure the data models. Provisioning is the backend system and you have an instance. We have various data models in success factor. So those data models are called xml language. There are several data models in employee central. Now there are 5 data models in employee central. Instance is for the end user in SAP SuccessFactors employee central corporate training .
  • You have goal management, performance management both put together called PMGM. You have compensation, variable pay and calibration, development, succession, Recruitment, on boarding and off boarding, employee central. So these are the different modules with in success factor.Global online trainings is rich in providing SAP Success factors employee central online training by real time experts.

Learn BizXpert Implementation Methodology in our SAP SuccessFactors employee central training:

  • In Every project you see there will have a methodology to implement, similarly Sap recommends for the success factors project. So abide Bizxpert implementation methodology. Success factors project should follow this methodology. If you are passionate about learning this course, Global online trainings provide SAP SuccessFactors employee central training with live projects. Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!
  • Do I have your attention?Why someone should go and implement success factor? There could be many reasons but the 2 are very known factor one is not happy with the existing system or issue with the system. For example when customer started company at that time there were doing everything paper work as they grow they fell that it’s not the right way, should maintain centralised system and have a branch. This is on a very broader phase people think and they go for it and now the other possibility could be people who are with on-premise when they think on the longer run the maintenance system is costlier than the cloud.
  • So they will start saving the money when they move to cloud on the longer run so that also could be a reason.In the explore phase we understand the requirement, we prepare the work book, we configure everything and then in realization phase the walk through happens and we extract the legacy data. What is the current data of the customer and we try to map those data in the success factor standard templates so we called it as a data migration which is a crucial part of projects.
  • End of the day what facility, what solution you are giving to the customer? These are all fine but end of the day how the customer was seeing the data in the legacy system and how they are going to see the data in the success factor system .
  • They should feel more comfortable in the success factor system that these all data migration should happen, the data should be very clearly mapped so that is one of the important part. Then you have a Go-live where you do the cut over activity and then project delivers successfully to the client.
  • When we talk more about this different technology, every stage what different activities will be doing an what will be covering in this every activity.
Learn Employee central overview in our SAP SuccessFactors employee central training:
  • What’s the bottom line? When we talk about employee data we have effective and non-effective data. When we say any data, let’s say I have my personal information. Whatever related to employee central you can find then under employee files and company settings and now if you want to search for an action or a people you can do. Now if you want to hire an employee  in SAP SuccessFactors employee central training you can search add new employee.
  • What access a super admin will have? Super admin will have manage role based permission access as well as provisioning access and where will you create a super admin? You can create a super admin only through a Provision. If you want to learn more about this course, we provide SAP SuccessFactors employee central training with real time scenarios.
  • What is effective and non effective data in SAP SuccessFactors employee central training ? When you open personal information of a person you will find one edit icon and history icon. So when you click on history if at all any records are there you can see it here when this record was present. Date and time is present. So when you edit and save anything this will have a history. So anything that as a historical record is called as effective data.Anything that does not have a history record is called non effective data.Global online trainings provide good knowledge on SAP Success factors employee central configuration training by industry experts.
 Single sign-on Overview:

What is single sign-on in SAP SuccessFactors employee central training ? Let’s say you want to open hr application you don’t use your credentials. You can click on the link directly takes you to the hr tool because that is single sign on as it understands that you are logging through your organisation LAN network. Simlilarly single sign on will directly take you through success factor link. Whenwe talk about single sign-on we have Microsoft Azure there are couple of other single sign-on things, active directory those are all used mostly in the single sign-on and when we talk about whose role it is? Single sign-on is mostly done by local IT team so it is not actual job for success factor consultant. Are you interested to learn more about this course? We are best in providing SAP SuccessFactors employee central training by professionals.

How does Employee central is connected with other module?

  • In Employee central, you have your personal information, job information. Effective data and Non-effective data. If you have your employee central wants to be integrated with any of the modules like performance management, Goal management, Succession, CDP, variable pay, Recruitment, Compensation.
  • You might be wondering,If you want your system to be linked or integrated with them you need to have employee profile which is again a standard of employee central. From employee central there are some data that will be mapped to employee profile.
  • Let’s say in personal information first name and last name field that will be mapped to employee profile. Now performance management and Goal management, the PMGM module is implemented along with employee central. Now PMGM module cannot enter inside employee central because employee central is closed.
  • If they want any information from employee central the consultant will map the fields to employee profile and SAP SuccessFactors PMGM Training module can come and take the data from employee profile. Basically employee profile is a gate way to get employee central data and push it to other modules.
  • How do you upload the company logo? In company setting you have one option to upload the company logo. What is Theme manager? Theme manager decides how the look of the system should be. What the background colour should be?. So there are standard themes provided by Success factor if you still want you can customize the theme according to your customer requirement.
  • Every system, when you have a development system, production system, you should differentiate the system with a There are possibilities where instead of making the changes in the development you might land up making the changes in the production. That is the reason changes the colours. If you want to learn advance topics on this course, we provide SAP Successfactors employee central online training with real time use cases.
  • If you want to create a group for HR in SAP SuccessFactors Training, Go to set user permissions and then manage group. Create a group for HR, next put all the files in HR. Next you have to give the permissions, what permission these people should have? They should have a view access or read access on employee data these things you have to decide. 
What is Proxy management in SAP SuccessFactors employee central training?

What is proxy? Proxy means you are actually logging in to the system as a particular user. There are situation where proxy helps like you want some immediate approval to be done for the work flow but you don’t see the manager is available. With the manager concern the proxy, your proxy is the manager, go and approve the workflow.Data model is success factor term and the data model is in XML language.


Learn Foundation Objects in our SAP SuccessFactors employee central training:                                                                                           SAP SUCCESSFACTORS EMPLOYEE CENTRAL TRAINING FOUNDATION OBJECTS
  • These are the building blocks of the EC system.In organisation structure we have legal entity nothing but a company and then you have business unit, Division, Department and a cost centre. It tells us where in the organisation the employee and position belongs.Similarly for location we have which location and what is the location group. Location structure purely state where the employees physically sits in the organisation
  • In job structure what is the job function and what is the classification. Function talks about department. Job structure tells us what they do in the organisation. In pay structure we have pay group, pay range, pay frequency, pay component, Geozone, pay component group, pay calendar. Pay structure tells us what should be getting paid. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide SAP SuccessFactors employee central training with certifications.
  • Dynamic role and Dynamic group is part of work flow. When you configure a work flow you want a single person to be an approver or group of people should be an approver so that is where we use dynamic role and dynamic group. In workflow request, when there is a workflow where you want to change the workflow approver or you want to remove the workflow approver or you want to route into somebody else based on the requirement or permissions you can route it accordingly.

Conclusion of SAP SuccessFactors employee central training:

In short, SAP SuccessFactors employee central training is used to maintain the personal and job information of an employee in an organisation. The possibility of getting job compare to other module is easy. Why? If you take any project employee central projects will have minimum of 2 or 3 consultants where as other modules like recruiting,compensation, succession, performance management it is one single resource who will be handling it. Whereas when it is employee central you will see 2 or 3 consultants working on it. So that is an added advantage of employee central.


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SAP Successfactors employee central training