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Introduction to SAP Success Factors RCM Training:

SAP Success Factors RCM means SAP Success Factors Recruiting Management.  Success Factors RCM is an internal/external application tracking software program. It is used to develop new requests and view the applicant’s information, as well as view their interview results. The system will work with the application from hiring recruitment staff. Recruitment staff will be able to follow the candidate by all stages of the recruitment process and can see what they are done and see when each step is completed. Global Online Trainings provide SAP Success Factors RCM Training by the best industry SAP experts. Our Trainers having 10+ yrs of real time experience in SAP Success Factors. In SAP Success Factors RCM Online Training our trainers will give you high-level understanding of SAP Success Factors Recruiting Management.

Let’s start your journey with Success Factors and grow your HR Trends & Technology!


SAP Success Factors RCM Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP Success Factors RCM Training

 Mode of Training: Online Training and Corporate Training for SAP Success Factors RCM Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do We Provide Materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the SAP Success Factors RCM Materials will be provided.

Course Fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, Weekends and Fast Track


Overview of SAP Success Factors Training:

  • In any Organization Talent acquirement is one of the most important activities of HR for businesses. The business performance totally depends upon people who work in an organization. So, hiring the right people in the business will have a significant impact on business performance.
  • SAP Success Factors Recruiting Management (SAP RCM) assists any business to a resource, engage and hires top talented people and also manage the right people in a business organization.
  • In SAP Success Factors RCM, you can focus on top talented people, engage with them, and you can select the best candidates to measure business results in accordance with the needs of the company.
  • You can show up your business by hiring best candidates.
  • SAP Success Factors RCM establishes you to acquire the best candidate with best skills at correct time.
  • You can increase your return on investment on recruiting and show how your recruitment approach handles business results.
  • You can build a new appointment on boarding and you will be able to get resources in the employee social network.
  • By SAP RCM you can speed-up candidate hiring process and make it quick and simple.

Global Online Trainings brings SAP Success Factors Administrators to recruiting process. This Recruiting Technology which allows you implements recruiting strategy in your organization and helps you to drive your business on high performance.


Why SAP Success Factors Recruiting Management is so Important?

SAP Recruiting Management System is a set of tools to handle the candidates recruiting process. And the most important function of the Human resource (HR) is recruiting. But actually the recruiting is very aggressive for the people who have highly technological skills and it’s impossible to motivating them in recruiting process. Still they are trying to improve an efficiency of HR Recruiters as well as job seekers.

In any organization, organization’s recruiting process, employees operations will be automated by Recruiting Management System. This organizes everything from start to end. The major advantages are RCM are Application Tracking Software (ATS) to track the employ which works as a central repository for candidate’s data and also the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function is to systematize and supervise the client and candidate interactions.

SAP RCM helps the companies to succeed in the new business and improve client retention by giving better customer service to existing clients.


Do you know? It’s very important decision to choosing right RMS for your business and also enormous one.

The SAP Recruitment Management Systems have variety of functions, to manage applications and jobs. And always helps to keep connected and engaged with CRM related functions. In organization each functions are performed by RMS like regular works, phone calls arrangement, interview planning. Recruitment Systems are using ranking software features to give the rank to the candidates.

Features of Ranking Software’s:
  • Ranking software’s are type of algorithms, they can easily examine the employer’s work.
  • This software helps to recognize the characteristics of the most successful employee in the form of reviews and performance records. By this ranking software, the recruiters can easily analyze who are eligible for interview, based on that can select the candidates for interview.
  • Recruiting Software Systems are also locating in Anti-bias technology. This helps in the recruiting process. Actually, Anti-bias technology mainly focuses on gender performance, but it did not satisfy some applicants. So that later, the RMS technology exclude this one. Now the main motto of ranking software is focused on identifying the best job applicants to meet best business performance.
  • Simplification is also one of the best features of ranking software. RMS Systems are always user-friendly. Candidates can chat on Employer’s jobs page so that can easily communicate with recruiters to answers the questions.
  • But the communication through Chabot is long process and applicants will get bore. So that now ease of use is also a goal for them. For this process LinkedIn came and suggest other jobs according to their skills. The main intention is to keep the applicant interested.
  • Some third party vendors offer Online RMS, to create one stop application process solution for all job aspirants. But later they cannot replace that employer’s recruitment management system. Because the reason is it gives the job candidates on their own analysis. That’s why the ranking software is more important than online Recruiting management software’s.

How to choose right Recruiting Management System for Your Organization?

As I stated, while the hiring process it is enough to use automated tools. The recruitment management solutions are important even if you are using the latest cloud-based technology or traditional HR Software. This technology is a huge enabler when promoting the customer to work more with greater technology and accuracy. However, if the choice of technology you use does not meet your needs, we think the benefits will be low. Here is a primer on how to select recruitment software that fits your company.

The company’s top executives have been convinced to invest in new HR technology, especially in new recruitment management solutions. You have to give a good reason the cost with the expected ROI, and show some concrete evidence in the form of case studies! However, before you make a move to this boardroom discussion, it’s good for your investment and must be sure of what you have chosen according to your appointment needs. Incomplete selection can prevent your productivity instead of improving it.

Here are a few things to remember while choosing the appropriate recruitment software:

Classify your recruitment software requirements:

Many recruiting management tools are available in the market today. But they all are not suitable for all types of industries and businesses. Sometimes your estimates from the recruitment software are quite different from the product company. Similarly, if you start one, you do not need a company recruitment management system as you are going to be less likely to be a company with more than 1000 or more employees. So that you should be careful while searching recruiting management tool for your organization.

List out the tasks that your recruiting software should execute:

This is the time to list the necessary activities that you need to meet those needs after you have regulated your current needs and future needs. Think of the function first. What are the tasks you want to make software with minimum manual interference? It should be on the list of simple human works, such as job posting for different channels, resume in a single place, resume or CV upload, interview scheduling, interview emails, and reminders. Whichever software you choose, this ability to track candidate progresses, automatic SMS / email alerts, analytics and reports and social appointment via channels such as Face book and Twitter. By deciding what’s perfect for your recruiting process, you can assign the value to sellers and their tools.

Recruitment software should be with a user friendly design:

Any software that has a continuous learning curve is always disappointing by customers, but it can be great. No one wants to waste time trying to figure out the right combinations if you want something. Recruitment management software does not require long hours training or how to learn a high level technology. The interface is obvious and must provide minimal resistance to customers for the first time. If you are not sure, take the trial version first and analyze extensively on any device in zero.

Select cloud based recruiting software:

There are many businesses that use various tools for social recruitment, job posting. If you have a traditional HR management system, you would like to move the new recruitment software tool to ensure smooth activities with your current system. These interactions give requires faster modifications and lead to greater performance. Again, cloud-based systems currently have all the emotions in the market and have had many advantages in traditional on-campus software as well. Under ideal conditions, the software’s choice should be you’re online or web-based, since technology is minimal and does not require large amounts of money to buy servers and other hardware and hire trained IT staff to manage them. The cloud based system can also be accessed remotely and requires less maintenance.

Give the first preference to cost effective Recruitment Software:

Any investment ROI will be clarified by saving money or earning for business. Therefore, you can support costs with ROI when deciding on recruitment. Therefore, you can support costs with ROI when deciding on recruitment. The most feature rich software is also very expensive. Will you be able to justify costs? Therefore, when doing your market research, do your time, do a lot of free trials and chalk the options that fit your budget. If it’s necessary, negotiate with the sellers and remove the best possible contracts for your company.

You must see the data security while choosing recruitment solution:

The best in software is to help at least occasionally work. This is the major exposure to the new technology for your recruiters, but the importance of good seller support increases. Choose a software vendor that provides the necessary training and support when necessary in time. While choosing cloud base for your organization, data security will be the first preference. Keeping data in hands will be very dangerous than using Recruitment software. So you should keep your data securely by choosing right recruitment software.


Are you facing problems in effective recruiting process? And want suitable employees for your organization?

Then ready to start with SAP Success Factors Recruiting!

Hiring talented people is one of the most important activities of HR in any company. Hiring the right people has a great impact on business financial growth. So SAP Success Factors Recruiting is a solution for this!

SAP Success Factors has a wide range of solutions that helps for both recruiting marketing and recruiting management. By this you can hire the right people at right time. Sap Success Factors Recruiting provides a comprehensive solution for all the HRs in every step of recruiting process.

The key elements of SAP Success Factors Recruiting process are:

  • Hire the best candidates according to industry requirements
  • Attract and hire the most prospective talents
  • Effective recruitment and Simplification in hiring process
  • Improve the efficiency to get right people at right time

Now a day’s in the competitive world, all businesses are ready to invest in good corporate training for their HR related problems. So, corporate training is a great advantage for any businesses. It will not only help your employees in their career development but it will also have a big impact on your business in the future.

Global Online Trainings provide Corporate Training for SAP Success Factors Recruiting Management. Corporate trainings can create the success story of your company. So don’t miss it! Join with us and create your success!

We also prove training for SAP SuccessFactors. Click here to Enroll for SAP SuccessFactors Training


Conclusion of SAP Success Factors Recruiting Management Training:

When it comes into talent hunting, hiring the right people and creating good candidature engagement could be a stressful task. SAP Success Factors is a great solution for all it. You can save you time and hire the right applicant for your job openings.

Global Online Trainings provide SAP Success Factors RMS Online Training by top SAP Success Factors Trainers. Our trainers will teach you from basic-level to advanced concepts and we designed this SAP Success Factors RMS course for our students to get job in MNCs. We conduct SAP RMS Online Training according to your feasibility whether in morning sessions, evening sessions or weekends. Get ready to join!


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