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SAP SuccessFactors Training

SAP SuccessFactors Training

Introduction of SAP SuccessFactors Training:

SAP SuccessFactors Training is market leading provider of Cloud-based Human Capital Solution and independent company it was founded in 2001 by Lars Dalgaard Aaron Au, This Independent Company is public on the NASDAQ Global Market and he can see Stock symbol of the SAP SF. The best SAP SuccessFactors Online Training is a cloud-based HR business solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of an enterprise.

Global Online Trainings offer online SAP SuccessFactors Training for individuals and corporate batches. Virtual job support is designed in such a way that it gives extensive job support for your project.

The entire training session is conducted by SAP professionals with real-time industry Trainers. Our Trainers will provide you the complete knowledge about the course. For more details about course reach our help desk.

Mode of Training: SAP SuccessFactors Online training/SAP SuccessFactors corporate training/SAP SuccessFactors Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP SuccessFactors online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Prerequisites for SAP Success Factors  Training:

To learn SAP SuccessFactors Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on:

  • SAP HCM / HR consultants
  • SAP ABAP Freshers
  • SAP ABAP Integration Consultants
  • Workday consultants
  • SAP Technical and Functional consultants can learn this SAP SuccessFactors Training.
  • People having knowledge on SAP SD can also learn this course.


Sap success factors Training course content

Overview of SAP SuccessFactors Training:

SAP & SuccessFactors Capabilities: 

SAP SuccessFactors Training has been acquired by SAP, SuccessFactors is a cloud-based module. This SAP SuccessFactors Training is the world market leader and providing cloud talent management solutions by past 10+ years experienced trainers, SuccessFactors had over the, 500 customers in 168 countries with fifteen million users their applications in 34 languages are supported.

  • Introduction Mastery 
  • Employee Central Mastery-Core HCM Module of SAP SuccessFactors Training
  • Position Management of SAP SuccessFactors Training
  • Time Management 
  • Goals and Performance Management 
  • Analytics and Reporting of SAP SuccessFactors Training
SAP SuccessFactors Training History:    SAP SuccessFactors Training Overview
  • SAP SuccessFactors Training has been acquired by SAP, every apple vendors startup coming with there cloud solutions in the generation the trend is on the cloud, so every apple vendors started building of the cloud solutions and  everybody came into the market with their own cloud solutions.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Training also has come up with official cloud design, cloud concept that is business my design, so business my design was entirely every return solution of your SAP SuccessFactors Training.
  • It was started in 2001 and headquartered in Francisco, California, USA. Even before SAP acquired SF, it has already acquired six companies, Inform Business Impact, Cubetree, YouCalc, Jambok, Plateau System and Jobs2Web, SAP’s own cloud ERP suits Business by Design was a failure because of its lack of cloud expertise.
  • With the acquisition of, SAP SuccessFactors Training emerged as a market leader in the field of the cloud. SAP acquired SuccessFactors Company for 3.4 billion USD in December 2011, at that time of acquisition; SuccessFactors had more than 3,500 customers in 168 countries.
On-premise Solution of SAP SuccessFactors Training:
  • HR Core – SAP ERP HCM
  • Performance & Goals  – SAP ERP HCM
  • Compensation – SAP ERP HCM
  • Succession & Development – SAP ERP HCM
  • Recruiting – SAP E-Recruiting
  • Learning – SAP Learning solution
  • Workforce Analytics – SAP Business Object for HCM Analytics
  • Mobile HCM – SAP Mobile based on Sybase Unwired Platform
Cloud Solution- SAP SuccessFactors Online course
  • HR Core – SuccessFactors Employee Central is a combination of abstract process, foundation objects and core HR Process like Employee administration. The higher in termination plans all the different types of action process. If there your Global employment, concurrent employment and your time of process, benefits process, payroll process and your employs services, manager services. So employee central is combination of all your Core Process.
  • Performance & Goals –  we have a SuccessFactors Performance & GOALS management, we have a solution on a on-premise
  • Compensation – SuccessFactors Compensation is a talent module
  • Succession & Development – Successfactor succession & Development is also a talent module
  • Recruiting – Successfactor Recruiting also a talent module
  • Learning – success factor Learning is a name of talent Module
  • Social Talent Management – Successfactor Jam Talent management is not having Module for SAP,
  • Workforce planning – SuccessFactors Workforce Planning similarly we do not have a module for in SAP
  • Workforce Analytics – SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
  • Mobile HCM – SuccessFactors Bizx Mobile
HR Business Process of Best SAP SuccessFactors Training:
HCM Process: Recruitment:

SAP SuccessFactors Training explains HR Business process, Allows you to monitor and meet the personal requirements of the company, HR Business starts Recruitment; obviously Recruiting is very important in all the companies, for example it is very popular module.

  • You post the jobs online for connecting potential employees using social media you do a lot of SEO, so people are doing keyword searching for coming to your site, you will track who applied have you selected person they entire the job description and entire first step Recruitment is very first step in the process.
  • Once the person was applied through the website; you have done the interview process, you make an offer you go through the Hiring Process, you will be in position of Creating the employee within employee central within code HAP module.
  • Once you add the employee he will have some benefits like whether he had start options, he had health benefits, bonus plan all those benefits.SAP Success Factors Trainings is actually third-party tools for benefits options.
  • Once you offered the benefits they have to report the time sick leaves and vacations and over time so the time management is done within the core SAP. 
  • They fully offer both the time as well as the payroll modules completely integrated into the cloud. Next comes the how do you develop a Person; again you change the employee records obviously you can change on-premise solution as well as a cloud solution.

Compensation management includes pay raises, bonus packages, performance-based options, sales target place stake options. Retirement and Separation- this is some typical HR space some SAP SuccessFactors Training offers some tools, SuccessFactors offers some tools and also your third-party offers some tools its mix and match.

Performance & Goals of SAP SuccessFactors Training:
Performance Reviews:      
  • Legal Check    
  • Coaching Assistants  
  • Team Rater      
  • Team Overview
Goal Dev & Management:  
  • writing Assistant  
  • Goal Library  More than 500 SMART Goals
  • Boost engagement &  Accountability        
  • Visual Comparison
  • Objectively Across All Departments
  • Impact pay/Meritocracy
  • Socialize the review process
  • Variety of sources
  • More comprehensive assessment

        Provisioning is the “backend” of SuccessFactors.

  • Enable/Activate Licensed Applications
  • Metadata Framework
  • Data models Handling
  • Provisioning is it is the main controlling factor of the whole system of Successfactor in a specific component

Instance – Instance is the Frontend of the SuccessFactors Cloud Application.

  • Customization of Successfactor System as per Customer needs.
Why did people start migrating to SAP Success Factors Training:

So the main drawback of this particular method that it on-premise solution it means that of on-premise solution we have to maintain the database, the Database has to maintain buyers. So it is the small company it should not be a problem, but consider large company they want to maintain SAP HCM to maintain the database. That is the cloud solution where we don’t maintain anything at our time, maintain it remotely some other place we capture or we get the data from them at run-time when it is required and we use them. A typical example of cloud you can take Gmail, so consider what happens with our Gmail we will be able to access our Gmail at any point at any place, we just need internet and you need login credentials.

SAP SuccessFactors Training Employee Central is next-generation core HR system in the cloud:
  • They compare the SAP On-premise and the Cloud Solution Whatever is MSS, PA/OM, ESS, Payroll is on-premise just module here for employee central, that is a lot of module in on-premise a club into the module.  
  • The Talent is SuccessFactors product and cloud Payroll also. Applications of the architecture of SAP SuccessFactors Course where you can speak the customers are less most end via browser with the help of internet there able to access to all the SuccessFactors applications, which is posted all the platforms and actual SuccessFactors are XML abstraction layer so we posted into XML.
  • At the rightmost end of the system management and security management which will take care of the security of the system.
What is SAP HCM in SAP SuccessFactors Online Training:
  • SAP HCM which was used initially and now it is getting migrated to SuccessFactors, the HCM is actually an on-premise system and the SAP SuccessFactors Training is the cloud-based solution.
  • Let us assume we are going to start the company were we had lot of data that is involved in the company, let us discuss about first Process, first SAP SuccessFactors Online Training then will be recruitment process to take employees to develop our organization.
  • Once the employees have been taken into your organization there will be a lot of actions that happen like on the employee transfer location and promotions each and every change that happens for an employee is that on the action. There is a lot of data that is involved in this process.
  • SAP HCM is like a package where all of these processes are present in the package, we can find  it according to our data, how we want the system to work on, we can do the configuration here so that a system works in a way that we need to work.   
  • Virtual job support is a team of expertised professionals which is ready to help in giving job support.We have a good team and is ready to give you support at any time and can resolve the issues faster.For more info please contact our helpdesk.
Advantage of SAAS – Software as Service of SAP SuccessFactors Online Training:
  • SAP SuccessFactors Online Training of Software as a service is as licensing the software and not the whole system of modules.
  • So you can see that some point’s software as a service has a number of features comparing the on-premise that is no hardware in maintenance by deploying.
  • Subscription base license in a model like which I told you whatever you want, you can take that and another advantage that is regular releasing SAAS.
  • No Hardware or maintenance required
  • Subscription based licensing model
  • The SAP SuccessFactors Course is Multi-tenant platform
  • Regular release, bug fixes, updates, and enhancements

Join the best SAP SuccessFactors Online Course by well experienced Trainers.We will also provide you the SAP SuccessFactors Course materials to the students after the completion of course.

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training HCM Suit Overview:

The work of the day when although more connected with devices, Less engaged than ever at results 84% of a company using aren’t using their workforce to it’s full potential, and 11 billion dollars lost annually to less engage workers employee to run over. With SAP SuccessFactors Training is used to track and develop motivate and manage entire workforce but bringing together HR with your people, IT Organization. With employee central core HR functions like organization management Global benefits.

SAP SuccessFactors Training Cloud Solution SAAS Model:
  • In SAP SuccessFactors Online Training there is Software as a service SaaS is also known as On Demand; it is the next generation enterprise software offered as service in the cloud.
  • The Software and customer data is hosted remotely and accessed on demand from any location using the unique login credentials of organizations.
Integration between SAP and Dell Boomi in SAP SuccessFactors Corporate Training:

Dell Boomi Training is used as an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises application and data. The platforms enable customers to design cloud based integration process called atom transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications. There each atom defines necessary for the integration. Dell Boomi supports more than 100 applications with help of connectors for each individual application like SAP, SuccessFactors, Hadoop, Salesforce etc.,

SAP HCI is the next advanced level of SAP SuccessFactors Training. We also provide SAP HCI Training.

Relation between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCI Training:
  • SAP HCI means SAP Hana Cloud Integration platform. It is the next level for SAP SuccessFactors Training.
  • SAP HCI Training helps in improving the business applications with more profits. Join the best SAP HCI Training at Global Online Trainings by top experienced Trainers.
  • SAP HCI with SAP SuccessFactors helps the individuals to solve the issues that takes place in Organizations. SAP HCI is also said to be as SAP CPI; that means Cloud Platform Integration. So SAP HCI/CPI plays an important role in business applications.
  • It mainly focuses on business process and modelling. And the main role of it is on configuration and integration.

In present days, companies are competing for talent like never before. It proves that attracting top talent is more challenging, complicated and costly than before.SAP SuccessFactors help simplify recruiting. So it will help you to attract, engage and secure the world’s best talent.

Conclusion of SAP SuccessFactors Online Training:

SAP SuccessFactors helps you to meet your recruiting challenges with a solution that clarifies and simplifies you to attract, engage and secure the world’s top talent. 

Global Online Trainings offer best SAP SuccessFactors Online course with real time examples at flexible timings to both the individual and corporate batches by top experienced Trainers. Register for the course to acquire the in depth knowledge about SAP SuccessFactors.


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