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SAP SUP Training

SAP SUP Training

SAP SUP Training Introduction:

SAP Mobile Platform SUP is a mobile enterprise application platform designed to simplify the task of creating applications that connect business data to mobile devices for workflow management and back-office integration.Sybase Unwired Platform Training provides a layer of middleware between heterogeneous back-end data sources, such as relational databases, enterprise applications and files, and the mobile devices that need to read and write back-end data.

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  • Familiarity with Object-Oriented and mobile device development terms and concepts
  • Intermediate level SQL programming
  • Fundamental level Java programming

SAP SYBASE UNWIRED PLATFORM 3.0 Online Training Course Content

TOPIC 1: SAP SUP 2.0 Mobile App Development Overview
  • Introduction to Sybase Unwired Platform
  • Sybase Unwired Platform Architecture
  • Installation and Prerequisites
  • Post Installation Tasks
  • Design and Development
  • Developing Application with the Unwired Workspace
  • Configuration of the Unwired Workspace
  • MBO Creation Methods
  • MBO Operations, Parameters and Attributes
  • Defining MBO Relationships
  • MBO Deployment to Unwired Server
  • Hybrid Web Container-based Workflow
  • Deploying to Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iOS Devices
  • Viewing and Testing the Generated Application
  • Troubleshooting
  • SOAP Web Service MBOs
  • REST Web Service MBOs
  • SAP and Sybase Integration with SAP SUP Training
  • Adding New Screens
  • Connecting Screens and Alerts
  • Developing Applications Using the SAP SUP Training APIs
  • Overview of SAP SUP Training Administration Functions
TOPIC 2: Overview of SAP SUP Architecture and Technicals
  • Installation of Sybase Unwired Platform 2.0
  • Introduction to SYBASE Unwired Platform 3.0
  • Overview of SAP SUP Training Architectures
  • Co-Innovation Architecture
  • Design and Development
  • Mobile Workflow Hybrid Web Container Development
  • MBO Creation and Relationships
  • MBO Deployment to Unwired Server
  • Native Application Development Methods
  • SAP and Sybase Integration
  • SAP SUP 3.0 Online Training Portability
  • SAP SUP Online Training Administration
TOPIC 3: SAP and Sybase Integration with SUP
  • Advanced Client Application Development
  • Streamlining Generated Screens
  • Adding New Screens
  • Connecting Screens and Alerts
  • Developing Applications Using the SYBASE Unwired Platform APIs
  • SAP SUP Training and Portability
  • Workflow Application Development
  • Overview of SUP Administration Functions

Key Objectives of SAP SUP Training:

  • Familiarize yourself with the SAP SUP Training
  • Understand the mobility terminology, concepts, and architectures
  • Learn how to develop and test Mobile Business Applications with the Unwired Workspace
  • Develop and deploy Mobile Business Objects using data servers, Web Services,
  • REST Web Services, etc. as enterprise data services
  • Familiarize yourself with the development of a mobile workflow application

 Overview of the SAP SUP Training:

SAP SUP Training Platform primary value proposition is in serving as an information bridge between device users and enterprise data that is secured behind the corporate firewall or hosted in a cloud infrastructure. The platform, as mobile middleware, includes a range of components that are hosted within the enterprise and on the device. These platform technologies are hosted under a common design, runtime, and management infrastructure that provides:

  • Connectivity to multiple client device types and mobile operating systems
  • Support for native client object-based APIs based on the device platform language
  • Support for mobile Web-based clients within a secure enterprise sandbox
  • Eclipse-based visual development tooling for building mobile data services and generating device-side data persistence APIs
  • Enterprise mobilization architecture that uses standard and proprietary interfaces to support a variety of enterprise data resources
  • End-to-end pluggable security that extends from the enterprise to devices
  • Support for mobile users who are either occasionally connected or those that work entirely online
  • Push notifications that alert clients to refresh their mobile view of data
  • Unified platform administration and monitoring

SAP SYBASE Unwired 3.0 Online Training Platform, one or more of these technologies come together to provide support for a few major types of mobile applications, including:

Hybrid Web container applications:

  • Simple cross-platform request
  • Mobile workflow enablement

Native applications using synchronization:

  • Result-set cache synchronization in an SAP SUP 3.0 standalone mode
  • Data consolidation and distribution with the Data Orchestration Engine

Native applications using the SUP 2.0 OData SDK:

  • Simple device-specific request/reply or lookup with rich UI