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SAP Sybase PowerBuilder Training Introduction

SAP Sybase PowerBuilder Online Training Course Content

Connected Workspaces
  • Setting Up the Workspaces, Targets, & Application Objects
  • Connecting to a Data Source Using Database Profiles
PowerBuilder Code
  • Employing Basic Programming Techniques
  • Writing Code Using Basic Coding Techniques
  • Creating & Invoking Methods
  • Creating Global Functions
  • Using the Enumerated Data Types
  • Creating Global Variables & Defining External Functions
  • Debugging an Application
Windows & Window Controls in SAP PowerBuilder
  • Creating &a Using a Framework
  • Modifying Framework Windows
  • Creating & Using Standard Visual Objects
  • Using Configuration Files
Menus in SAP PowerBuilder
  • Creating a Menu Hierarchy
  • Writing Code for the Common Menu Items
Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Applications
  • Building Application Windows
  • Opening Windows & Resizing Controls
Display of Data from the Application Database
  • Using the Application Database
  • Creating Data Window Objects & Managing Extended Attributes
Data Window Object Creation
  • Using the SQL Select DataSource
  • Modifying the Presentation of the Result Set
Data Window Controls
  • Writing Basic Database Connection & Disconnection Logic
  • Completing Application Sheets
Updates to the Database Using Data Windows
  • Inserting & Deleting Data
  • Saving Data to the Database
Non-Visual User Objects
  • Creating Custom Class User Objects
  • Creating Standard Class User Objects
Message Object Communications
  • Communicating Between Objects
  • Passing NVOs to Message Objects
PowerBuilder Application Deployment
  • Deploying an Application
Advanced Data Window Functionality
  • Enabling Data Window Functionality
  • Implementing a Master-Detail Interface
  • Implementing Client-Side Sort & Filter
  • Implementing Data Validation
  • Completing Update Functionality