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SAP Tax Revenue Management Training

SAP Tax & Revenue Management Training Introduction:

SAP Tax Revenue Management Training at Global Online Trainings – Tax and Revenue management is a basic capacity for tax authorities and other public sector organizations. SAP TRM Online Training helps your organization to realize its objectives legal obligations and cost investment funds by reducing manual efforts through automation and state-of-the-art technology.SAP TRM can adaptable adjust to changing tax rules and laws. It helps to speed up, simplify and reduce barriers to customer interaction by providing one-stop registration and account maintenance capabilities.

Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Tax & Revenue Management Online Training with real time examples by industry experts. For more details contact our help desk!


Prerequisites to learn SAP Tax and Revenue Management Training:

To learn SAP Tax and Revenue Management Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have knowledge on:

  • SAP Banking
  • Chattered Accountants
  • MBA graduates can learn SAP TRM Online Training


SAP Tax and Revenue Management Training Course content

Overview of SAP Tax Revenue Management Training:

Revenue management is about optimizing what the customer wants that is profitable to the business.

Every business must follow the Tax code or tax configuration to their local authority. So for every business it is mandatory to create tax code configuration.

Different types of Tax coding – SAP Tax Revenue Management Training

There are two types of tax coding in SAP.

  • Input tax: It is used for all purchase related transaction.
  • Output tax: It is used for all sales related transactions.

We can use input tax code at the time of purchase order creation. And the output tax code can be used at the time of sales order creation. These can be explained in brief during the SAP Tax Revenue Management Training.

The taxes that you pay when you purchase materials is said to be as Input tax.And the taxes that you charge for a customer or dealer while offering the materials is said to be as output tax.

Input taxes are those that you pay to a person or directly to the government. Whereas, Output taxes are those that you charge customers and pay to the government.SAP Tax revenue management training helps to effectively deliver tax collection and revenue management services by the agency revenue administrators.

By providing a single view of the taxpayer and supporting multiple revenue types, the software can help public sector organizations increase collections and maximize compliance while enhancing taxpayer service and satisfaction. 

SAP GST Training is provided by industry experts at Global Online Trainings. In order to provide the basic knowledge for the clients about direct and indirect taxes, SAP GST Training is useful. It is difficult for most of the new businesses and startups to understand the direct and indirect tax systems. So, it can be explained in easy manner with the real-time examples during the SAP GST Training.SAP Goods and Services Tax is a transaction based system.

SAP FICO Training includes a lot of interfaces like AP, AR, assets, TR, HCM, GL etc., all these modules can be explained during the SAP FICO Training by the best experienced trainers at Global Online Trainings.

SAP FI configuration acts as the heart of the company. For every company Financials accounting plays a major role. It will be an added advantage for everyone to have knowledge on SAP FICO. So it helps him to maintain the financial records accurately in an organization.

SAP FSCD means SAP Financial Collections/Disbursements for Insurance. It is related to SAP FICA Training.SAP Collection management, SAP Credit Management, SAP Dispute management etc., can be explained by the best experienced trainers at Global Online Trainings during the SAP FSCD Training. Having knowledge on SAP FSCD Training helps you to explore more on SAP TRM Training and SAP GST Training.


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SAP Tax & Revenue Management Training