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Sap TM Training

SAP TM Training

SAP TM Training Introduction:

SAP TM Training makes it possible to plan and  execute the flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain network linking producers and consumers through multiple transportation modes including air, rail, sea and road transport whether domestic or international.

With Global Online Trainings the SAP TM training is coordinated by best industry experts and the SAP Transport Management Online Training tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules.

The best SAP TM Online Training is provided by professionals from various states. You will acquire good knowledge from the trainers and they also help you in clarifying doubts. SAP Transport Management Online Training helps you in many ways. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online SAP TM training course contact our help desk.

Mode of Training: SAP TM Online training/SAP TM corporate training/SAP TM Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP TM online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

SAP Transport Management Online training prerequisites:

  • Attendees should have basic Knowledge of transportation business processes from a shipper or logistics service provider perspective.

SAP TM Online Training Course Content

SAP TM Training Course Content Part1SAP TM Training Course Content Part2

Importance of SAP TM Training:

  • SAP TM Training is a comprehensive solution offered by SAP to handle the physical transportation activities of a business. It is an application slowly developed with an aim to target the LSP Logistics service providers market.
  • Though the application is an LSP centric solution it equally favours the existing ERP customers, fire shippers to handle the transportation activities in a much more flexible and sophisticated manner then what an R3 application could offer through its LETRA component.
  • SAP Team can be integrated with an ERP application or any legacy system using XI platform and is an-all inclusive solution that can handle both buying and selling aspects of a business simultaneously.
  • It is a complete stand alone system be coupled from its ERP solution and is based on service-oriented architecture that support all logistic activities such as freight management, planning and execution, subcontracting and tend rent, transportation charge management, carrier and customers settlements.
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Overview of  SAP TM Training:                                      SAP TM Training Key Areas
  • Commercial transportation is not just the flow of goods from origin to destination, it is the planning ,orchestration , execution and tracking of the physical moving of materials in an enormously composite process involving worldwide networks of shippers and freight forwarders portions , raw materials, and completed goods along global supply chains.
  • This united with ever growing demands from customers for bigger transportation competence requires greater correctness speed and plasticity to manage all the moving parts.
  • To move goods efficiently and ensure coordinated goods movement from origin to end-user, multinational and domestic firms alike require a comprehensive transportation management solution that enables not just the physical supply chain ie.,the movement of physical goods but also the information supply chain that is the movement of data within an organisation and its partners.
  • SAP Transportation management helps administrations attain larger client satisfaction levels by sending the perfect order ,falling transportation costs ,and refining Logistics Readiness suppleness and competence.
  • The entire value chain is covered addressing both shipper and the freight forwarder processes of logistic service providers.
  • With SAP TM Training shippers and freight forwarders alike can meet their  customers delivery requirements while still achieving profitability.
  • The solution supports integrated storage fulfillment and transport procedures with no data severance and condensed combination risk while also providing trace ability and visibility of orders ,shipments ,items and logistics processes. Virtual job support trainers will skilled you on the SAP Transportation management project support at flexible hours.

The solution streamlines transportation management  in key areas such as request management, planning , execution, subcontracting and tendering, freight charge management and much more. Predefined scenarios based on best practices and transportation are available providing simplified implementation steps to reduce time, effort, and cost of implementation.Global Online Trainings is the best place to learn SAP TM Training.

In Summary, SAP TM Training provides organisations with the ability to offer superior service levels to their customers while reducing transportation costs and improving the readiness, flexibility and efficiency

Advantages of SAP Transportation management Online Course :
  • SAP TM  Training is an end-to-end transportation solution built on a future proof platform.
  • SAP TM extends existing functionalities and it is geared towards the shipper and LSP industries.
  • SAP TM is highly usable, has a solid architecture , and can manage multiple transportation process variations.
  • SAP TM training focuses on end-to-end business scenarios such as domestic and international inbound and outbound logistics
  • SAP TM training enables customers to continue to leverage their existing SAP investment.
  • SAP TM training enables cross-enterprise collaboration with customers , suppliers and business partners via enterprise services.
Party’s Integration in a LSP scenario in SAP Transport Management Online Training:

We have two major transportation scenarios in SAP TM. LSP scenarios and shipper scenarios. We have a third party logistics service provider to manage and organize our shipments ,everything starts with a customer are placing an order then the shipper does order acceptance, shipment proposal and shipment placement through the SAP ERP System then the  logistics operations need to  be done in SAP TM.

  • LSP does all logistic operations which are order management, threat planning, planning tendering a subcontracting execution and monitoring and settlement, at the end we can see the carrier which has its own sets of activities after performing tender in a subcontracting  by LSP the carrier starts his tasks by doing booking management ,capacity planning ,execution and monitoring and settlement. The third party logistics service provider organize and manage the transportation.
  • Shipper has to do all of the logistics operations. The Logistics operations  network can be divided into 3 major steps. The first step is order management, here the company captures and receives logistical requirements. VJS provide online mode for SAP Transportation management job support.
Freight Planning:

Company assigned goods to containers or trailers they select the best mode schedule and optimal density of loads then the company has to do tendering and subcontracting, they select best choice  carriers and they collaborate  with the subcontractors.Global online trainings is rich at providing the SAP TM online training as well as corporate trainings by the most experienced professionals.

Execution & Monitoring:

This is closely dependent to  another  recipe module called SAP EM or event management.In this step the company check if freight orders are ready for execution, they also track the status of execution.


The company calculates the rate and price for carrier service and also they distribute cost allocation to items and shipments.

Conclusion of SAP TM Training:

SAP Transport Management Online Training at Global Online Trainings offer best training by industry experts at flexible timings. They provide you the in depth knowledge regarding the course. Every module in SAP TM Training will be covered by the trainer during the SAP TM Training. For more details on SAP TM Training contact our help desk.


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Sap TM Training