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Sap Travel Management Training Introduction

SAP Travel Management  training directs an overview of Travel management.SAP Travel Management  training at Global Online Trainings is rich at providing the online training as well as corporate trainings on this vast and upcoming IBM tool. The entire training is done with latest business updates and development hence the participants can expect grand exposure in the field of Information Technology.

Sap Travel Management Online Training Course Content

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SAP Travel Management Request Process:

Creates the request ,using the employee self service portal ,the request goes for a certification and then go for an approval process.Based on the internal controller framework this transaction has to go through two levels of approval and since the travel management do not originate from the funds management the process by itself will have to approve.

Here the Travel request is of entitlement type then an additional approval of a HR Partner is inserted in between the Travel request and the certification. And if the entitlement travel request constitute shipping part then the shipment also can be created based on approved travel request or during the travel request submission process it will create the shipment request and it will go to the shipment unit for all the verification and it goes to the certification for subsequent funds commission and disbursement. Once the trip is approved the travel can take place and the staff member can proceed to the Expense report after the trip is completed.

The SAP Process commits the fund only after the certification process when the staff member creates the travel request then totally the system do not do the actual funds commitment. However it marks the better statistical commitment for reporting purposes. After learning this course, you get job in any company related to SAP TRAVEL MANAGEMENT. In that job, your facing any technical issues regarding to SAP TRAVEL MANAGEMENT project. Our virtual job support team helps to you for solving those problems.

The enterprise roll which predominantly covers the travel management are these

  • Travel and Shipment Administrator
  • Travel and Shipment Certifying Officer
  • Travel and Shipment Processor
  • Travel Processing officer
  • Travel Claims Processor

Apart from these we also have

  • Employee self service
  • HR Partner
  • AP User/Approver

Overview of  SAP Travel Management:

  • On the travel management Expense side the staff member after completing the trip comes back and creates the travel expense report based on the approved travel request.If the travel expenses areof no change to that of  approved travel system,the system assumes that as an express client and it automatically goes and do the FI Postin and clearing part.
  • There is no additional certification,If the expense report is different than that of the approved travel request it goes for the certification and in certain cases it even go for second level of approval to the travel processing office.
  • And after these two things are done it goes to the travel claims processor who will do the manual recouncellation of the request and the expense claim and do the settlement and then proceed to the Fi postin & clearing which is the manual step.
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