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SAP TRM Training

SAP TRM training

SAP TRM Training Introduction:

SAP TRM Training (Treasury and Risk Management) are positioned within SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management).SAP TRM is series of solutions that are geared towards analyzing and optimizing business processes in the finance area of a company.SAP Treasury and Risk Management is an Integrated Solution, in which the various components are closely linked.

The SAP TRM Online Course module from Global Online Trainings offers excellent flexibility to all participants with their virtual interactive platform and comfort of flexi hour classes. The training is arranged and rendered by best subject matter experts and SAP Treasury and risk Management tutorial is prepared by them by using the latest industry updates for the benefits of the participants.

Prerequisites for SAP TRM Training : 

  • Understand of TRM Solution Consultants

SAP Treasury and Risk Management Training COURSE CONTENT

  • Concept of Money Market
  • Transaction manager
  • Product types, transaction type, Flow types, Condition type and Update type
  • Treasury System Configuration
  • Define Company Code Setting
  • Assign Company Code to Valuation Area
  • Treasury Portfolio
  • Define Accounting Code
  • Define Amortization Procedure
  • Define One-Step Price Valuation Procedure
  • Define Security Valuation Procedure
  • Define Foreign Currency Valuation Procedure
  • Define Price Valuation Procedure for Forward Exchange Transactions
  • Define Position Management Procedure
  • Define Securities Account Group
  • Assign Update Types for Valuation
  • Define Account Assignment Reference
  • Define Account Assignment Reference Determination
  • Define Account Determination
  • Define Product Type for Money Market
  • Define Transaction Type& Define Number Ranges
  • Define Flow Type & Assign to Transaction type
  • Assign Flow Types to Update Types
  • Define Correspondence Activities
  • Assign General Valuation Class
  • Define Product Type in Foreign Exchange
  • Define Transaction Type of Forwards
  • Assign Forex Attributes
  • Define Flow Types & Assign to Transaction type
  • Assign Update type to Flow Type
  • Assign General Valuation Class to Forwards
  • Company Code Setting for Securities
  • Settling Fixed Deposit
  • Correspondence Monitor
  • Counter Confirmation
  • Reversal of Documents related to FDs
  • Reversal of FD
  • General Securities Classification
  • Release
  • Post Flows
  • Month End Activities
  • Accounting of Accrued Interest
  • Maturity of Fixed Deposits
  • Adjust for Difference in Interest/ TDS
  • Release
  • Pre-Mature settlement of FDs
  • Renewal of FDs
  • Create Forwards Contracts
  • Settling of Forwards Contracts
  • Cash settlement on Maturity
  • Releasing of the Flows
  • Post the released Flows
  • Creation of classes
  • Create Securities
  • Settle the Contract
  • Transaction
  • Sale of Security
  • Generate Derived Flows
  • Fixed Term Deposits
  • Post Flows
  • Interest Calculation
  • Netting of Principal and Interest
  • Final Post of Investment
  • Month End Activities
  • Year End activities


What Is SAP TRM?

SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) provide corporate treasury tools that work for regulatory compliance, financial risk management, and liquidity monitoring and cash flow. SAP TRM is support using the core processes including the core processes of market risk analyzer, transaction manager, and credit risk analyzer. The Cash Management involves learning the functions of short-term & medium-term financial budgeting, as well as the application and manual bank statement and customizing of the electronic.

Overview for SAP TRM Training:

  • SAP TRM Training is series of solutions that are geared towards analyzing and optimizing business processes in the finance area of a company.
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management perform the core functions of SAP In-House Cash and business processes. Transaction manager involves back office, trading, and the connection to financial accounting.
  • Portfolio Analyzer is designed to provide the answers to this question. The basis for these evaluations is the portfolio structure, which lets you group investments into different categories.
  • SAP TRS Training is derivative finance instruments relating to currently and interest can be divided roughly into exchange transaction and optional transaction. The letter can also be further sub-divided into listed and OTC (Over the Counter) options.  After learning this course, you get job in any company related to SAP TRM. In that job, your facing any technical issues regarding to SAP TRM project. Our virtual job support team helps to you for solving those problems.

SAP for revenue management processes & Public Sector supports tax including:

Taxpayer management:
Interaction with taxpayers, creation of new taxpayers or new accounts, supporting multi channel filing & setting up filing frequencies, such as paper-based forms & electronic filing. Plus, the solution enables the automation of the validation of tax returns,  trigger further actions & calculate tax liability, such as penalty calculations & reminder letters.

Collection and disbursement:
SAP manual processing of payments that cannot be assigned or settled automatically, including solutions enable you to process payments using a variety of payment methods.

Case management:
SAP TRM Training using a centralized information repository for managing events that are triggered from multiple sources and channels. SAP for Public Sector allows to manage a variety of case types, such as bankruptcy cases &s Tax authorities, audit cases can also recover outstanding receivables using internal collection departments.

Financial customer care and dispute management:
SAP for Public Sector gives the ability to conduct all financial-related communications with customers through multiple communication channels. The solutions include integrated receivables and collections management capabilities that ensure your service agents have the information they need to provide accurate answers and take immediate action – ensuring that disputes are handled effectively and rapidly.

  • SAP TRM Training is a optimizing business processes in the finance area of a company & a series of solution that are geared towards analyzing .
  • SAP TRM Training is an integrated solution, in which the various components are closely linked.
  • The Financial Transaction managed in the transaction manager can be Business partners.
  • SAP TRM Training provides the basic website features of SAP NetWeaver & provides more flexibility when applying a portal where the full enterprise portal functions aren’t required.
  •  The basis of it & interrelate to control this knowledge it & they also provide the equipment to evaluate & also to share and collaborate

Concepts of SAP TRM Training:

SAP TRM Training – Transaction manager

The Transaction manager is powerful instrument that executes efficient liquidity, portfolio and risk management. Transaction manager based on these analyses and the current condition on the financial markets, you can make decisions about future investments and borrowings. The Transaction Manager provides the instruments for processing the related financial transactions, from deal capture through to transferring the relevant data to Financial Accounting. The company policy depending on finance planned investment, or hedge existing risks, emphasis can either be on providing an internal service for the affiliated group companies, or participating actively in the financial markets in order to invest liquid assets. We also provide job support for this SAP TRM training, if you want to join in SAP TRM job support, just go through with my help desk.

  • Transaction manager – Money Market Trading: Money market area is a sub component of the transaction manager and is closely integrated with other components. These transactions are used for short to medium term investment and borrowing liquid funds.
  • Transaction manager – Foreign Exchange Trading: Name the product types in foreign exchange trading and the most important business operations and functions in trading, Bank, Office, and Accounting. Perform front-office processing for a spot or forward transaction and foreign exchange swapProcess delta view in connection to money market.
  • Transaction manager – Derivative Trading: Provide an overview of the derivative financial instruments supported by Transaction Manager. Explain the various instruments for hedging against risks derived from currency fluctuation. Map these instruments in Transaction Management.
  • Transaction manager – Commodity Trading: Trading Commodity forwards, futures and swaps transactions in the Transactions in the Transaction Manager module. Use the Financial product for selling or purchase of commodity positions.
  • Transaction manager – Hedge Management: Using SAP Hedge Management for mapping Exposure and Hedge Item together base of the hedge relationship you would be, carried out hedge effective test and post OCI valuation result into SAP-FI.

SAP TRM Training – Market Risk Analyzer

  • Alongside traditional finance management tasks, such as effective market risk management is a decisive factor in securing your company’s competitive position, cash management & liquidity assurance.
  • In this field, the Market Risk Analyzer offers extensive position evaluations, such as mark-to-market valuations of financial transactions.
  • SAP Treasury Training also includes tools for calculating risk and return figures, including future values, exposure,  sensitivities & value at risk.
  • When you run these reports, you can incorporate both contracted positions and fictitious financial transactions in the calculations.
  • The valuations can be based on both simulated market prices & real.
  • Together with the Market Risk Analyzer provides a reliable evaluation basis for market risk controlling & with a high degree of flexibility for creating reports, .

SAP TRM Training – Financial risk 

  • Financial risk analytics help treasury personnel manage market-based risks with greater accuracy.
  • They can conduct real-time reviews of currency conversion rates,  cash positions, risks, & commodity price changes, .
  • And with other visualizations & dashboards, decision makers can quickly calculate exposures & identify risks.
  • Risk mitigation strategies improve the quality of hedge transactions & structure deals.
  • This approach enables the acceleration of transactions and notifications to the business.
  • In addition, creation of an audit trail helps ensure that every hedging transaction is accurately reported & recorded.

SAP TRM Training – Credit Risk Analyzer

Credit Risk Analyzer focuses on measuring, analyzing and controlling counterparty default risk. Credit Risk Analyzer enables to control risks actively by setting limits. The CRA is supported by flexible limit management functions with online monitoring, as well as extensive reporting options. The first phase aims to cover the specific risks associated with financial transactions in a company. The result is managers are in a position to identify credit risks as they occur and act accordingly.

  • Attributable Amount Determination: The system that calculates attribute amounts for each single transaction entered, showing the risk content of the respective transaction. Credit & settlement risks from trading book transactions & classic credit transactions are taken into account when quantifying default risk. Default risk will be determined based on correlatives & issuers.
  • Limit Management – Managing Risk by Setting up & Monitoring Limits: Different limits are stored in central limit management. These can relate to one or more Limits that reflect the organization’s allocations.
  • Updating Limits & Comparing Attributable Amounts with Limits: The unified default risk limit check assesses the risk of each single transaction at the time of the transaction is created in treasury and risk management -Transaction Manager. It can also let the system update limited utilization by decrease all items in end of the day processing.

SAP TRM Training – Portfolio Analyzer:

The economic success of an investment is therefore a critical factor when it comes to making investment policy decisions. Given that the funds available for investment are usually limited, and that there are numerous investment options to choose from, the crucial question for investment policy decisions is how well the investments have actually performed. Portfolio Analyzer is measures the exact return on investments, compares the results to prescribed targets, and breaks down the overall performance into its component parts by attributing the individual portfolio positions to the total result.

Benefits of learning SAP TRM Training:

  • SAP TRM Training is a superior financial suite that helps organisation mitigate risks, & payment ,better manage cash, & liquidity.
  • An intelligent system it integrates well with other suite of SAP & helps treasury managers take informed decisions.
  • A good to learn toll from a company’s as well as individual’s growth prospective.
  • SAP TRM Training is already an integral part of the financial system of many organisations across organisation across the globe. 
  • We provide SAP TRM job support by professionals, for resolving all the technical queries in SAP TRM project. Not only online training, we also provide job support for SAP TRM by highly skilled trainers. We also gives job support by virtual job support site team, if have any doubts just contact to my team.