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SAP TSW Training

SAP TSW Training

SAP TSW Course Introduction:

The SAP Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench in short called SAP TSW. It allows to analyze your inventories & to plan and schedule bulk transportation of materials based on the nominations. The SAP TSW contains master data which helps  to model the logistics chain. The functions for inventory analysis, planning & the processing of nominations allow you to plan the bulk transportation of materials while taking it into account demand, inventory levels & available transportation capacities. Join for SAP TSW Training and learn how the SAP Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench supports entire process  right from deal to cash , from planning & scheduling to execution & monitoring. It also ensure that you can use all functions, optimized to suit your processes. Register at Global Online Trainings now for more details on SAP TSW Training.

SAP TSW Training Prerequisites:

  • SAP Oil & Gas
SAP TSW Training - Unit 1:
  • Introduction to SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) for the Oil & Gas Industry focusing on the Trader´s &  Scheduler´s roles & tasks
  • Concepts of TSW master data – SAP TSW Training
  • Nomination & the Ticket concept & use of the Nomination & Ticketing functionality
  • TSW Planning & reporting tools: SPW (Stock Projection Worksheet), Three-Way Pegging, Dynamic Scheduling as well as the Worklist process and functionality
  • Overview on TSW integration with SAP APO & Triple Point Commodity SL
SAP TSW Training - Unit 2:
  • Concepts of Oil Pipeline Scenarios in the system using the functionality
  • Concepts of Rail Car business processes managed using TSW
  • The Oil Marine Scenarios using the functionalities
  • Set-up the system (Customizing) so that the corresponding Scenarios both the Pipeline & Marine run the way you want
  • Overview on TSW integration with other SAP Applications
  • Concepts of Gas Transportation Process – SAP TSW Training
  • The TSW enhancement with a Scheduling Cockpit- & Pipeline Visualization Tool (Services provided by SAP consulting)

Overview on SAP TSW:

Following section provides you the brief overview on TSW, more will explore as a part of SAP TSW Training,

The Seamless integration with SAP for Oil & Gas industry solution is assured: the SAP TSW user schedules an movement of materials & thereby triggers the document flow that underlies with this process. With the functions of the  Transport and Distribution component, the system automatically generates transports & there by creates all TD-related documents & subsequent material movements. The functionality for the oil quantity conversion from the SAP Oil & Gas industry solution is integrated in the SAP TSW component as well. You will come across following topics in detail as a part of SAP TSW Training.

Functionality  Of The TSW:

The TSW is based on following master data objects:

The Transport system (TS)

The Location (i.e operating site) &  material

The Partner function, more will learn in SAP TSW Training

Processes and Functions

The TSW application includes the following planning tools:

Planning ( i.e. replenishment proposals and calculation of safety/nominal stock levels)

The  Interactive inventory forecast

The Location balance sheet and

Work _lists in detail will come across in SAP TSW Training

Concepts of Requirements planning

It is supported by the following documents:

Three-way pegging (also called as 3WP)

The Mooring planning board

The Transport planning nomination

The  Ticket processing

Work _lists

Introduction To Marine transport planning functions

About Mooring planning

Fleet _administration

Loading  the quantity checks

Calculation of lay time & demurrage  

Work _lists

About SAP Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench :

  • By joining for SAP TSW Training you will learn how the TSW component, can also use the Transportation and Distribution (TD) component tailored to meet  all the specific requirements of your industry
  • The SAP Oil & Gas Transportation and Distribution is mainly intended for the  processing the bulk transportation of downstream materials (for example  deliveries to gas stations). Particularly, it takes into account meter readings, temperature-dependent volume fluctuations of the materials being transported &  the compatibility of previous  & the new loads in the tanks.
  • By joining SAP TSW Training you learn how can view TSW Details at item level of sales & purchase orders, sales & purchase contracts, & also the  returns.
The  TSW  Details on following tab pages:
  • Scheduling
  • Nomination
  • Lay_time
  • Lay_time Terms
  • In detail concepts will be taught as apart of SAP TSW Training.

AS a part of SAP TSW Training you will be given an overview on The SAP Supply Chain Management for the Oil & Gas Industry focusing on the Trader’s & Scheduler’s roles &tasks, TSW master data, Nomination & Ticket concept & use of the Nomination & Ticketing functionality, TSW Planning & reporting tools: Stock Projection Worksheet (SPW), Three-Way Pegging, The Dynamic Scheduling as well as the Work-list process and functionality and TSW integration with SAP APO &Triple Point Commodity SL . Enroll now for SAP TSW Training.