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SAP VC Training

SAP VC Training

SAP VC Training Introduction:

SAP VC Training at Global Online Trainings is helpful to have a chance that you have extensive number to combine of parts that go into a product. SAP Variant Configuration is also called as SAP VC. Straightforward it implies diverse stages and mixes of the parts of a similar material. The SAP VC Training (Variant Configuration) is an instrument which enhances the data trade between the business, engineering & the production.

Global Online Trainings provides best SAP Variant Configuration Online Course by top industry experts at user flexible timings.

The Variant Configuration is for assembling the unpredictable product which contains different attributes & variations. The SAP VC Training is work out centered & refines the officially agreeable modeler. Our expert consultants will guide you through the displaying for ideal solutions. Variant Configuration encourages the salesman to assemble the particular for the product, with the goal that the product can be created from these determinations.

Mode of Training: SAP VC Online training/SAP VC corporate training/SAP VC Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP VC online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Prerequisites for SAP VC Training:

Having knowledge in the particular field can enlist in SAP VC training,

  • SAP knowledge,
  • SAP functional consultants,
  • SAP SD consultants

SAP Variant Configuration Online Training Course Content


Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

SAP VC Training Demo video:

Overview of  SAP VC Training (Variation Configuration) and types:

  • SAP VC Training (Variation Configuration) is helpful if you’ve got sizable amount of combination of components that enter a product. Easy it means that completely different mixtures of the components of identical material.
  • For example: In the market frequently there will be sending particular products, to consume time what they will do is they will build a product and keep it in a stock. So, whenever we receive customer’s order, then check with the stock whether the product is available. Once it is available we will be creating a sales order and they will be doing later part of scheduling delivering and everything.
  • It is material variant also. It is also a concept in material configuration like stock strategies. It is a tool which helps to simplify the complex manufacturing of final product with more varieties and variations of the input material.
  • In these days, the technology is growing rapidly and to survive in this situation you need to have the knowledge of various technical kinds of stuff. Trainers in Virtual Job Support will improve your technical skills. Virtual Job Support provides best SAP VC job support by experts. Not only job support also gives project support. Our trainers have 10+ years experience.
Learn What is the most integral part of Variant configuration during SAP VC Training:


  • Dependency is must for Variation configuration. There are different types in Variation Configuration that are explained in this SAP VC training.
  • The IT configure workbench organizes this dependencies centrally replacing the SAP editor.
    The principle of how the workbench functions is as follows.
  • The workbench maintains rules which replace the classical dependencies. Standard characteristics or combinations of characteristics are linked to keys.
  • These keys are related to conditions describing the “if” part of a rule the evaluation takes place in the “then” part and through this principle all dependencies are defined in the workbench. 
Learn about Production Order in SAP VC Online Training:
  • We are not going to create any production order but the thing is we will be working with the production order when we are having some issues.
  • So usually the shop flow people will be handling with the production order.
  • The first thing in variant configuration is Material. We always use KMAT material.
  • If we create a material in VC we use KMAT material, then it is the indication that, it is in the variant configuration.
  • We can also create an ordinary material and we can use that material as a VC material this can be done by operational settings. 
Steps to work on the SAP VC training (SAP Variant Configuration Online Course):

1. First we need to set up the material master.
2. And create a characteristic
3. Then create a characteristics value of the previous one.
4. You need to create a class.
5. A configuration profile should be created.
6. at last to Create a dependency.

Dependency is a web part you need to concentrate and more like we need to write constraints so, the entire model will be controlled through a controls. In this way we can build a model.

About a class:

Normally when we create a material, you are maintaining a class of 001 so here variation configuration have 400 or 500 so if you create 300 or 400 then only that material can be used as a VC.

Setup Master Data: 

sap-vc-training-infographicsSetup KMAT material and database table without any programming. So, this KMAT of this organization having a lot of information that is need to the sales department, that information you filled up in the sales views.

Classification mechanism in SAP VC Online course:

Classification Mechanism is a cross functional and cross complication.

  • Classification system > master data > set up a class.
    Configurable material BOM contains all the parts that are needed to manufacture the fabric.
  • The BOM contains parts that are solely utilized in specific variants likewise as parts that are utilized in all variants (i.e. non variable parts).

SAP SD may help you, SAP SD Training stands for Sales and Distribution. The SAP Sales and Distribution Training module is solitary of the interior and mainly used element in SAP ERP software, the progression are intuition material organization finance the whole thing will be integrated.

Class in SAP VC (SAP Variant Configuration Online Course):

Variant configuration is used when we create make to order and when we use base models and we use options to that, so to select options in order the options have to be categorized. The variants have to be categorized into the class, so we create different class to have different category of variants assigned.

Learn about What is class type in SAP VC Training? 

In SAP class are categorized by class type number and for the variant we use class type 300 that is the most common one to create variants to be categorized in class 300, and there are more classes, badge classes 0 to 3 and material class those are used for different purposes, but we focus on class 300 which is used for SAP variant configuration Online Course.

BOM and Group BOM:
  • If the company has many more models it could become tedious to find which bills of materials have a specific component in order to change it. This might be a simple business scenario but should mind that companies have a lot of material variants and bill of materials to maintain and this is exactly where the variant BOM really shows us usefulness.
  • The reason for that is variant BOM is most useful for producing several similar products that share a lot of common components. In SAP VC Training the variant BOM you can quickly see where the components are being used. Virtual Job Support offers SAP VC job/project support at reasonable price.
  • Some of the components could be shared by all variants in the BOM, while others could be specific to some of them.
  • Therefore a variant BOM which is also called as a one group is shared by many materials.
  • Advantage SAP VC Training of using variant BOM is that, all the information about your variants is stored in one BOM group. That makes maintenance much easier.

SAP GTS Training at Global Online Trainings which helps in trading, SAP GTS is individual of the SAP elements which are capable to restore equally SAP ECC Foreign trade and besides SAP ECC export distant trade and introduce foreign trade.

About SAP Variant Configuration Capabilities in S4 HANA :

The key methods of variant configuration allow VC as its been known in the past, functions are available nearly identical to previous versions to support a Mac in other words Maximum compatibility. There are some things that have changed so changes optimizations and enhancements in the current release. VC has a low level MRP processing and in the past that was a challenge from a performance standpoint for certain customers we obviously with S4 HANA database, we have ripe fields to capture performance improvement. So, MRP optimization has actually been around for HANA.
With SAP S4 HANA for the cloud 1708 the advanced variant configuration will be on the market for the first time in the cloud. The question is,

What SAP VC is about & what is the value for the customer- SAP VC Training

It is the new state of art view of looking at product lifecycle management PLM which enables our customers of course to do configuration in a nonlinear way as today. Instead all processes from product design to disposal will be integrated, making of the life of engineering real.

SAP Simple Logistics Training the similar as SAP S/4 HANA, is the advance generation platform that is transfigure business concert for SAP customers, the proposal is support on the innovative type of data base which is put up on in memory technology. SAP Simple Logistics Training is a best way out for new-age material management and for medium to large infrastructures.

Highlights of advanced variant configuration in SAP VC Training:

The great new feature of the solution will be the simulation environment which is based on the design thinking approach.
The ability to have a process oriented configuration but also to allow a new constraint solving engine which delivers the value. It allows the real time analysis and configuration and also a classification of data.Virtual Job Support gives online SAP VC Job Support.

Variant Configurations in SAP is very powerful, and used in many businesses. The rules of configuration as they are usually applied often create long and confusing list with many dependencies. This dependency must be applied to many objects and described in the SAP editor. 

Conclusion for SAP VC Training:

We have best trainers to guide you for this SAP VC Training and many other courses, in our Global online trainings and as well as, for both individual and for corporate batches also. Register for best SAP Variant Configuration Online Course to gain in depth knowledge regarding SAP VC.


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