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SAP Vertex Training

SAP Vertex Course Introduction:

Sap vertex training for the consultants who are willing to know about the taxation procedure for the large organization that have out grown the native tax calculation function within the SAP ERP System.Vertex has an about 30 years is tax technology experience and distinct parts of honor of being an integral sap partners from decades. The vertex integration is a third party tax solution for SAP FICO and it uses RFC (remote function cell ).which is in turn solution for income tax consumer use tax, value added tax payroll and many more.

SAP Vertex Training Course Content:

Topic 1: Overview of the document
  • introduction
  • sap tax interface system and external tax system
  • intended audience
  • released information
  • certification
  • prerequisites
  • importance notes related to Vertex Integration
  • user exists
Topic 2: Tax Calculation process in SD
  • Tax Calculation process in SAP MM and SAP FI
  • General information on Tax accounts
Topic 3: Required configuration Steps
Topic 4: configuring the communication
  • Defining the physical destination
  • Test connections in vertex systems
Topic 5: Testing the External System tax data retrieval
  • Test jurisdiction code and its determination
  • Tax calculation test
  • tax updating test
  • Forced update tax test
Topic 6: Activation of the Tax Interface System
  • Define a tax procedure to a country
  • activate external tax calculation
Topic 7: configuring the external tax documents
  • activate external tax calculation
Topic 8: Defining the tax jurisdiction code structure
Topic 9: Custumizing master data Tax indicators for SAP SD AND SAP MM
Topic 10: Maintaining master data for SAP SD AND SAP MM
Topic 11: Pricing Procedures and condition techniques
Topic 12: Setting up tax codes
Topic 13: Setting up SD condition records
Topic 14: User exists, and condition record maintenance
Topic 15: General Ledure and Tax Accounts maintenance
Topic 16: Calculate taxes on Net amount from cash discounts
Topic 17: Tax only adjustments