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SAP VIM Training

SAP VIM Training

Introduction to SAP VIM Training

SAP VIM (SAP vendor invoice management) facing the legacy invoice processing, it is designed to resolve issues. They complicate the Purchase life cycle and invoice management with time-tested features that will help Optimize and the application comes through bundled. SAP VIM Training helps to overcome the problems with Manual invoice processing. Manual invoice processing is inefficient and a serious risk to an organization’s business. SAP Vendor Invoice Management eliminates this risk, optimizing and automating invoice processing. To know more about SAP VIM Online Course Register for Demo at Global Online Trainings.

Prerequisite of SAP VIM Training :

  •  Intermediate SAP Technical Knowledge
  •  SAP AP knowledge will be helpful
  •  SAP Basis experience a plus 

SAP VIM online Course Content

Highlights: in SAP VIM Training
  •  Performing new level-based approvals 
  •  Installation of a SAP VIM Training v7.0 SP1 system 
  •  Highlights of Invoice Capture Center v7.0 
  •  Using the new SAP VIM Training Workplace and Indexing Screen 
  •  Mobile and Portal Interface installation
SAP Open Text VIM Course Content :
  •  Install the VIM Approval Portal and Mobile Approval Portal 
  • Approve and Reject Invoices 
  •  Configure PO and Non PO Invoice Exception handling 
SAP Open Text VIM Course Content :
  •  Configure the new level-based approval scenario 
  •  Code invoices 
  •  Use the new VIM Workplace 
  •  Troubleshoot the VIM Implementation 
  •  Explain the integration of ICC and VIM and recognize the benefits of integration 
  •  Identify spots in the new development platform for customizations 
  •  Index Invoices manually 
  •  Explain the phases and key deliverables of a typical VIM installation project 
  •  Use key VIM reports 

Duration of the course SAP VIM Training:

  • The sap VIM course would take about 40 hours to complete the entire schedule.
  • Depending upon the trainee and the consultant feasibility, we can schedule up the sessions accordingly
  • All the consultant working at global online trainings are real time and subject matter experts

Overview of the SAP VIM Training Course:

Vendor invoice management the word typical barriers to efficient account payable (AP) operation itself says that it’s a barriers in the existing account payable and operations. The existing operations are not so clean. It does have lot of gaps in the processes it allows the account to operate but it has lot of gaps in the process so the reason why SAP comes up with the tool called vendor invoice management few more associated reasons are

Poor vendor relations: it means that it raise an invoice to you but you don’t get paid, they don’t know what happening with the invoice they don’t know when they goanna get paid, even if they get paid they get paid less.

Excessive cost per invoice: it is the most key, critical part of the invoice accounting, in the sense the vendor are from very high tech to very low tech you can have the p2p, pear to pear, xml based is sharing between two organizations.

Difficulty in preparing accruals: it is also have a very low tech vendor who is still selling you the paper based invoice. it takes the lot to receive the invoice and open the invoice scan the invoice enter the invoice into the system put a time stepping, and performing accruals.

After learning this course, you get job in any company related to SAP VIM. In that job, your facing any technical issues regarding to SAP VIM project. We also provide job support for this SAP VIM training, if you want to join in SAP VIM online on job support, just go through with my help desk.

These 3 problems organizationally considered by the people are the serious the account payable problems. For material management people is th logistics invoice verifications. The process works very well but they are a problem in the process like lot of gaps between the organizations. We also gives job support by virtual job support site team, if have any doubts just contact to my team.


  • The process is very fragmented and inefficient.
  • It processes are paper based and labor intensive
  • Lack of standardization.

Insight and control

  • Inadequate AP process control lot of risk involved in this procedures
  • Limited visibility of liabilities
  • No insight into the process which is totally bottle necked.

IT systems

  • Fragmented stand alone systems
  • No workflow or the data management system is aligned
  • No integration with the general ledger or the account receivable system is allocated.

We provide SAP VIM online on job support by professionals, for resolving all the technical queries in SAP VIM project.

SAP VIM Training by Open Text

Optimizing and streamlining your end to end accounts payable process

  • Handle large volumes of invoice
  • Process exceptions efficiently
  • Approve invoice remotely
  • Respond instantly to vendor inquiries
  • Minimize invoice processing time
  • Avoid risk and facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Improve vendor relationship
  • Optimize cash flow management

How SAP VIM helps

Time: Reducing the time required for invoice processing

Cost: Reducing the cost of processing per invoice

Productivity: Increasing productivity by reducing manual process

 Recommendations for SAP VIM Training

  • Design your template and implement baseline configuration with your company’s localization requirements
  • Visible efficiency on invoice handling and payment of invoice
  • Promoted harmonized and standardized invoice processing within the organization
  • Central processing and storage of invoice data traceable digital approval flows, no more invoice floating around in your company (automated and digital signature process via the WE approval). Not only online training, we also provide job support for SAP VIM by highly skilled trainers. 

Benefits of SAP VIM 

  • Performing new level based approvals
  • Installation of a VIM v7.0 SPI system
  • Highlights of invoice capture center v7.0
  • Using the new VIM workplace and indexing screen
  • Mobile and portal interface installation