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SAP vistex training

SAP VISTEX Training Introduction:

SAP Vistex Training is provided by Global online training which is the fastest growing online training provider. We are providing the best SAP vistex training with the best trainers. Before going to SAP vistex training, let’s have a look at the basics. SAP Vistex enables organizations to maintain sales incentive, sales and purchase rebates, contract and pricing solutions. The SAP Vistex module is capable of managing transaction based projects that with complex growth type projects that need to calculate formulas based on data over some undefined time frame. The Vistex is available for use with SAP business suite powered by the SAP HANA platform. Global Online Training offers best quality training on SAP Vistex online course to groom all its participants’ at most flexible hours under the industry aware best subject experts. Sessions are arranged for the individuals as well as for corporate batches under most reasonable fee for SAP Vistex training.


Prerequisites of SAP Vistex Training:

Required Knowledge for SAP Vistex training:

  • This course requires knowledge of the SAP SD, MM and FI Modules.
  • Common Experience of the SAP ERP system.

Recommended Knowledge for SAP Vistex training:

  • Experience of SAP BW/CRM systems.
  • Knowledge of Consumer Products industry. 

SAP VISTEX Online Course Content


Online training is now days very much convenient for the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself on the website.

SAP Vistex training enables organizations to maintain sales incentive, sales and purchase rebates, contract and pricing solutions. Global online trainings provides best online training and also provide job support from virtual job support team. These job support team helps to you, if you got job regarding to SAP Vistex. You are struggling with any technical issues, we are helps to you for SAP vistex project.

Learn History of SAP Vistex in Our SAP Vistex training:

  • SAP Vistex was introduced in the year 1999, by a former Consultant of the SAP Platinum SD.
  • SAP Vistex applications are actually classified as SAP Solution Extensions.
  • Core solutions were developed to support complex Rebate, Incentive, and Payback solutions, closing a functionality gap in the core SAP ECC software.
  • Complimentary Solutions are offered in the area of Master Data Maintenance (Customer, Vendor, Materials) and Pricing Data (Administration, Execution, and Analytics).
Vistex Background:
  • SAP solution extension Global Software Partner.
  • SAP Development Partner: Embedded Solution, Branded, Licensed, Supported, Validated by SAP and June 2007 SAP Invests in Vistex to Accelerate and Deliver in Key Global Markets.
  • Flagship Products Incentives Administration and Paybacks & Chargeback SAP IP (this is the bigger name of the IP modules sales incentive and payback solution).

Learn Definition of SAP Vistex in our SAP Vistex training:

SAP Vistex is a third party model or tool, fully integrated with SAP ECC. It helps companies define measure and pay/receive incentives and rebates. Vistex is most proper to deal with complex estimation like sales commission, bill organization, processing rebates that work in one of the additional areas. We are going to give job support for SAP vistex by highly skilled consultants.

Learn more about SAP Vistex in SAP Vistex Training:

  • The IP module provided by Vistex enable upstream deal control in the form of workflow approval expected deal performance, and budget checking.
  • The incentives and paybacks module is an embedded SAP add-on application that identifies computers. It also enables to set allowance and objective and examine the actual result against your budget.
  • SAP Vistex Training serves data incentive activities like increases speed of data processing for incentive calculation, computational and analytics tasks, reporting, pricing determination and real-time analytics.
  • Administration of Vistex Price is nothing but an end-to-end solution that actually covers price execution, deal management, and analytics.
  • SAP Vistex Training is integrated carefully with SAP software to enable analysis, reporting capabilities and robust administration. That enables to efficiently handle incentive and commission programs.
  • You can likewise catch information for contract investigation, give enterprise pricing abilities, and impart in different organizations, including an institutionalized connect to electronic data interchange (EDI) exchanges for outbound bid- award notices. We provide best SAP Vistex online course will be shared by our trainers.

Learn Agreement Concepts in Our SAP Vistex Training:

An Agreement is a business contract overseeing the terms of business exchanges built up between retailers, providers, and clients. Agreement types refer to the different types of contracts that are utilized to deal with these connections (Example: Purchase Based Agreement, Chargeback Agreement, Customer Rebate Agreement, and so forth).

  • Supplier Agreement is a contractual agreement between the retailer and a supplier, this agreement includes both purchase based and charge bank agreements.
  • Chargeback Agreement is a contractual agreement in which the provider ensures a cost or discount to the client.
  • A purchase agreement is a contractual agreement in which the supplier agrees to provide rebates to give discounts to the retailed if certain execution criteria are met.
  • Customer agreement is contractual agreement purchasing arrangement between the retailer and a client.

An Agreement manage decides the qualification of an agreement and the estimation points of interest of the understanding. The SAP Vistex Training based Agreements are following:

  • Sales Based or Purchase
  • Flat Fee or Lumpsum
  • Promotion
  • Volume
  • Growth

Agreements can be updated in the following two ways:

  • An agreement is like manually roll to the given workbench and the agreement is updated directly in Vistex if there is an error in the initial setup of the agreement or updates are needed.
  • The SAP Vistex Training agreement using Vistex agreement request type and also we used for standard updates to the agreement by the supplier or customer.

Learn SAP Vistex Solution in our SAP Vistex training:

Amidst this disturbance, some companies investing in an integrated Trade Promotion Management TPM capability are finding that a common processing engine allows for upfront deal control, as well as comprehensive downstream reporting. The incentives and payback IP solution provided by Vistex, the recognized leader for SAP customers, is helping companies overcome these challenges. 

Learn Modules  SAP Vistex in SAP Vistex Training:

  • Sales Incentives (SI)
  • Sales Rebates (Customer Rebates CR)
  • Purchasing Rebates (PR)
  • Charge Banks (CB)
  • Bill Banks (BB)
  • Composite Plans

Sales Incentives (SI):

Sales Incentive organization reconciliation application by Vistex serves interesting projects and motivating force assertions extending from easy to complex. Sales Commission paid to sales employee, commission operators, wholesalers, whose are specifically or in a roundabout way in charge of the offer of the organization’s item or administrations.

Charge Back (CB ):

Chargeback is a declared aggregate that a maker pays a trader for stock or organizations sold by him according to a typical comprehension between them. The module outfits dealers with mechanical assemblies required to control, track and suit the cases recorded with the creators. Chargeback makes the senior managers concentrate on accomplishing business targets rather than utilize their shot on cumbersome processes.

Bill Banks (BB):

Bill bank is the process of a manufacturer validating claims for compensation from one of the channel partners. The Bill back application provides manufacturers with necessary tools to administer, calculate, determine, track, reconcile. The manufacturer audits the claim and sends a payment to the channel partner.

Functionalities of SAP Vistex in SAP Vistex Training:

  • Vistex is nothing but an embedded solution within SAP and has the look and feel as SAP.
  • Generally, Vistex most probably uses the same master data as well as G/L accounts as SAP.
  • Sap Vistex online course helps customers in identifying, computing and settling all types of incentives, rebates, paybacks, and chargeback.
  • Workbench: There is something called a workbench in mistakes, that is not there in SAP. Workbench is that like no it’s a single transaction where you can display changes create the existing transaction. Particular document type transactions will be appearing in let’s say and each you can display, change, delete, and do a lot of activity in the same window.

Learn Business Challenge in SAP Vistex Training:

  • Manufacturing and distribution companies managing trade promotion or earned income programs struggle with the complexity of the various programs and the ability to understand the profitability.
  • These programs are often managed with disparate or non-integrated systems. The Key stakeholders find themselves unable to make an informed decision on new deals or even measure existing deal performance.
  • SAP Vistex Training is establishing a full audit trail from initiation to payment to support accounting and compliance efforts is an absolute necessity and no longer a luxury.
  • The large volume of transactions, especially with managed care organizations overwhelms stand alone and departmental systems.

Learn Contract types in SAP Vistex Training:

SAP Vistex Contract has three types:

  • Tier Contract
  • Individual Contract
  • Base Contract
Tier Contract:

Pharmacy enterprises or client sections may have a typical arrangement of terms and conditions that are suitable for all agreements that are made for clients in those industries or segments. A contract that contains this normal arrangement of terms and conditions, this makes an agreement that has Group Policy Object (GPO) connected to it with all terms and condition.

Individual Contract:

Individual Contract implies the agreement which is done amongst Customer and the make/provider of the item, no other gathering in associated with the same.

Base Contract:

Base Contract is the one which is related to set of a client who is individual from a purchasing bunch whereas Tier contract is connected with purchasing bunches association. We will discuss more these contracts in our SAP Vistex training. 

Learn Vistex IP Module of Transaction Data in SAP Vistex training:

SAP Vistex Training is mostly subject to transactional data for computing rebate or commission or incentive. Transactional data utilized by Vistex are made as a major aspect of Order to Cash, Procure to Pay Processes. As well as SD/MM related transactional data, Vistex has committed transactional data to catch outer information utilizing Claim and Transaction Registers which can be made utilizing following choices:

  • Manually
  • Excel upload
  • Interfaces

SAP MM Training:

SAP MM Training is a submodule of the SAP Modules and SAP MM stands for (Materials Management) Training In SAP ERP Enterprise Resources Planner Some other Vendors: Sap, Oracle, Baan, people soft, Jd Edwards Marshall etc…

  • SAP Technical Models
  •  Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)
  • Advanced Business Application Program (SAP ABAP)
  • Information Systems Management (SAP IS)
  • High-Performance Analytics Application (SAP HANA)

Represents purchase orders, goods receipts, accounts payable, inventory management, BOM’s, master raw materials, finished goods and etc.

Purchase To Pay (P2P) & all Inventory Management (SAP IM) processes in any type of industries. SAP MM includes requisitions.

Sap sd training:

Sap sd training overview of sap SD organization structure in the sales and distribution on the top level we have a company code and we have a sales area since the area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and division so all three will become a sales area then. We have a plant then we have a storage location then we have a shipping point

Sap sd organization structure:

One of the sample Org Structure we will discuss one by one theoretically in detail so …

For example:

on the top we have company code i.e some ides and under the company code 1006 we have different sales Organizations that is Frankfurt as a sales organization and another one as Berlin and under each sales organization you have a distribution channel so in the Frankfurt under you got Reseller distribution channel and another one we have a service as distribution channel and under each distribution channel you have a Division so in this division under motorbikes and another one as services. as a division.

Company code:
The company code is a legal entity and independent accounting unit at company code Level you create a balance sheet required sheet required by law profit and loss statement.

Sales organization:
So we seen company code basically that we have seen just now it’s a common org structure in S.D finance, PP module, and NMM module whereas sales organization is purely SD specific as the module specifics so what sales organization so it’s a responsibility for distributing goods and services negotiating that sales conditions product liability and rights of Rico’s there so sales organization.
Distribution channel:
The distribution channel means it’s a sales martial reach the means when you want to buy a laptop…You have two ways one is online and other one local area dealer shop.
The Division is nothing but it’s a product line for can be a service. And the sales organization you can create more than one division


SAP ERP is most widely used business software offerings by SAP. It is having the Modular structure to have a unique blend of Specialized Processes controls in respective Modules
SAP Functional modules

  • Controlling
  • Financial Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Materials Management
  • Human Resources

 SAP Vistex Training by Global Online Trainings has experienced faculty with a proven track record to provide the best training programsSAP Vistex online course training is an SAP-certified solution which provides solutions for sales/customer rebates, vendor/purchase rebates, chargeback, bill back, royalty, sales incentives/commissions and many more solutions.  We do the best to help your SAP VISTEX project, provide best SAP VISTEX online course job support by experienced trainer they were supporting to solve all the queries in your project. If you want to join in SAP VISTEX online course job support, just register to my help desk.

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