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SAP WM Training

SAP WM Training

SAP WM Training Introduction:

SAP WM Training offers flexible programmed support for processing movement for all types of goods and in managing inventory within the warehouse complex in the organization you are working with Global Online Trainings offers the  best virtual training on SAP Warehouse Management online training to earn the certification on this SAP module as well as specific skill set for managing and coordinating pre-set and efficient processing of all logistics methods in the related warehouse premise.We have a team called virtual job support to help you in job/project support as well by the best industry experts.

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, job support.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be customized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP WM online training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.

SAP Warehouse Management online training Course Content:



Overview of SAP WM Training:

What is SAP WM?

SAP WM training plays an integral role in your supply chain run smoothly, it helps with tracking movement, location and status of inventory within warehouses updating your ERP in a real time relationship as well as assisting with the management of staff. So that we will be able to keep better track of staff required to help control movement and replenishment and in turn, SAP WM training can help to reduce inventory while creating more space in your warehouse.

So, we have able to increase visibility and easily monitor customer concerns such as obtaining order status in real time. And also, we have able to ship the right goods on every time, all this while reducing your costs. A warehouse management system (WMS) is programming and procedures that enable associations to control and direct stockroom tasks from the time products or materials enter a distribution center until the point when they move out. Tasks in a warehouse include inventory management, picking processes and reviewing. We provide best SAP WM online training by corporate trainer, and we cover all the related topics of SAP WM training.

Many of us might be facing challenges in the project. Virtual job support is here to help you in resolving all the issues which you are facing in your project.We have a good team for project/job support which is always ready to help you out at anytime.

Why SAP WM Training?

  • At high level companies adopt warehouse management systems to achieve greater efficiencies, these increased efficiencies will lead to cost reductions and greater customer wm online training
  • Efficiency is attained through the adoption of warehouse management systems, can generally be broken down into more efficient inventory more efficient workers and more efficient equipment.
  • SAP WM training help make company’s inventory more efficient, this can contribute to reduced inventory.
  • There are actually several factors which control the size of company inventory, all of which are directly affected by inventory efficiency.
  • Reduced inventory results in a onetime positive effect on cash flow and an ongoing reduction in inventory carrying cost.
  • SAP WM training it also contribute to better production planning for manufacturers, and also it can contribute to a more efficient purchasing process as well.
  • Advantage of quantity purchasing discounts and reduce a number of inbound shipments.
  • SAP Warehouse management online training can reduce the amount of time wasted due to inefficient routing of workers through the warehouse.
  • It can also reduce manual data entry, automatically transfer data from existing systems such as ERP or accounting systems, you don’t need to enter the data.
  • Just select purchase order and sales order data from lists on the screen, all these efficiencies can contribute the lower labor cost and increase data accuracy.
Learn about SAP WM structural Elements in SAP WM Training:

The structural elements of SAP WM are:

  • Warehouse number
  • Storage type
  • Storage section
  • Picking area
  • Storage unit
  • Storage bin
  • Quant etc.
Warehouse Number:

Warehouse in sap wm training is storage unit managed then the storage unit would come just below the storage bin and above the Quant. The warehouse number is the warehouse management in SAP R/3 and it is the highest rank in the organizational unit. The warehouse number is used in warehouse management for to represent warehouse complex. Each and every warehouse number has a substructure, so you define warehouse complex in numerate three-digit key in SAP, which is linked to a storage location and plant. 

In warehouse, you have to define a spatial arrangement of how you are stocking material, so you may be keeping one type of material at one place a particular type of material at a different place and you want to be able to segregate these materials by using the storage type.

Storage type:

The storage type is warehouse complex subdivision, storage type is the most fundamental design element in the warehouse. For define picking and the put away strategy at a storage type level, and everything that is kept in that particular storage type has the same picking or the put away strategy. We have a material that would want to pick as per first in first out strategy, then you would keep all that material in one particular storage type. So that is the reason, the storage type is the highest level in warehouse hierarchy.

Storage section, picking area and storage bin:

Storage section is the storage type subdivision, it has similar features of storage bin. The most important features of the storage section are it can put away stock, the stock may be heavy parts or bulky products. In particular storage type, if we want to subdivide the spatial arrangement and would want to group together materials that you have to put in the group of bins. Which would have the common characteristics then you can subdivide a storage type into storage section.

So, a material that is coming into the warehouse would always go into that particular section of storage type. Picking area is another subdivision within a storage section, the storage bin is for stocking your materials, the storage bins could further be subdivided using an element called storage bin type.


Whenever you post a goods receipt had an IM level or at WM level, a quant is generated. Quant is the numeric identification from that stock of material and it would be there till the material is in the warehouse. The interim storage type acts as intermediate between IM and WM, in these interim storage type, it forms a link between IM and WM, so whenever a posting is done in IM the connected posting happens in the interim storage type first and from there it moves ahead into the WM.SAP WM training structural Elements

Similarly, whenever a posting or a change happens at a WM level it is first going to the interim storage type and then it reflected at an IM level. Warehouse number, storage type, storage section is a customizing part and where as storage bin is the master data. Along with the storage bin, then you also change the material master and WM views to it to fully complete the WM integration. Above we are explaining about structural elements of SAP WM system, if you want to learn SAP WM training just go through my help desk.

Warehouse management system in SAP EWM:

SAP EWM is like warehouse management; however, it gives more highlights like picking, put away, RF system, Warehouse structure and more adaptable alternatives to deal with the warehouse function. SAP EWM Training is one of the part of SAP supply chain management like SAP WM Training however gives more powerful and highlights to oversee enter exercises in the distribution center.

SAP WM training is inverse to stock administration; inventory management tells the include of products the capacity area and its physical area is unknown. SAP WM training manages products development and observing the physical area of the goods recorded with particular reports.

The interface between inventory management and warehouse management:

Inventory management should be able to capture, the key movements of stock in your business as transactions to ensure an accurate audit trail and process flow. Facilitating purchases, returns, sales and credits should be given as these are the core transactions to manage stock in any business. Additional features like assembly, forecasting, quoting and scheduling may also be available if required to facilitate how you move your stock transitionally.

SAP WM training will have a different set of features, outside of inventory transactions to ensure the day to day running of a warehouse as possible options like location tracking and transfers to know where your stock is in the warehouse. Pick and shipping options to ensure that the warehouse team always have easy access to stock required for picking. Optimal receipt reporting to ensure that stock has always kept together when put away. The inventory management can do all the things inventory and warehouse management is just one potential part of inventory management. Enroll for best SAP Warehouse management system online training by SME trainer with your flexible timings at low cost.

Advantages of SAP WM Training:
  • The first and most important advantage of SAP WM training is seamlessly integrated with other SAP modules like PP, QM, MM and SD. The any change that is initiated in these modules has an implication in real time WM as well.
  • Simple Explanation of SAP MM is, SAP MM is a standout amongest the most critical modules in SAP ERP software program. SAP MM software module supports the acquisition and stock capacities going ahead in every day association tasks.
  • This SAP MM Training module consolidates numerous components comprising of transportation, products getting, material storage, utilization-based plants, and stock. it handles all levels of materials control, products planning and control, acquiring, goods receiving, stock control and invoice verification.
  • SAP WM training offers functionality to use RF scanning, the RF scanner used to scan something called as a bar code label.
  • Now this label has the entire information about the material and is pasted on the package, one scan all the information is transferred into system.
  • The operator does not need to read or count any material, this reduces the human error.
  • SAP WM training system reduces the inventory loss, because the material is now managed at bin level you can actually keep a track of the inventory at a bin level.
  • Due to the functionalities of warehouse management online training like RF scanner and Warehouse activity monitor, it can improve the operational efficiency.
  • In SAP WM training it has the functionality cross docking, it allows to match outbound transfer orders for a material with incoming transfer orders. This means if you have a delivery for a material pending and also have incoming receipt of material.
  • So, you can match at the transfer orders and avoid unnecessary put away of the material into the warehouse.Our consultants are highly skilled in giving project/job support extensively.
Conclusion of SAP WM Training:

The most fundamental advantage of SAP Warehouse management online training implemented is that allows you to have a visibility of the available stock at a bin level. In real time you can see whether the stock is available, whether it is being put away or it is being picked and this kind of visibility gives the warehouse manager or the management ability to make informed decisions. Global online trainings provide best SAP WM training by our highly skilled consultants. We also provide the classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.

Global Online Trainings offers best quality training on SAP WM training to groom all its participants at most flexible hour class modules, virtual interactive board and under the industry aware best subject experts. Sessions are arranged for the individuals as well as for corporate batches under most reasonable fee.


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