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Global Online Training provides the best SAP Workflow Training Institute in Hyderabad India. Our faculty has 10 years of real time experience in SAP Workflow Online Training. Global Online Trainings is expert in providing the SAP Workflow Corporate training, Global Online Trainings has proven track record in delivering the SAP WORKFLOW corporate trainings allover the India and abroad.

 Global Online Trainings has designed the SAP Workflow Training course basically suitable for SAP ABAP freshers and experienced abapers who can easily and learn work on the SAP Workflow Projects.

Perquisites for SAP Workflow Training:

This training program is most suitable for:

  • SAP ABAP Consutants  
  • SAP Technical Consulants 
  • SAP HR ABAP and SAP Adobe Forms consultants 


SAP Workflow Training Course Content part-2 SAP Workflow Training Course Content part-5


Global Online Trainings can provide the customized SAP Workflow Training course for the consultants and SAP End users as per their requirement. Global Online Trainings provides the SAP Workflow Training as per candidate’s flexible timings and we provide the 24/7 support to the SAP WORKFLOW consultants who are working in SAP WORKFLOW real time projects. Best SAP FICO Training online Training from India. 

  • Global Online Trainings is the best online training institute in Hyderabad to provide the sap online training courses on various modules which will help for the candidates who are located USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai.
  • Global Online Trainings provide the dedicated system to practice the SAP Workflow Training. Best senior consultant for sap workflow online training with real-time projects.
  • As part of SAP Training course will cover the BIT600-SAP Workflow Concept book .SAP workflow Online trainer will mainly focus on introduction to SAP ABAP workflow engine and sap ABAP workflow terminology.
  • SAP Workflow Training will provide the detailed explanation on SAP abap workflow oriented organizational structures and workflow customization. 
  • Once you get trained with SAP Workflow training then you will be familiar with SAP Workflow business workplace, how to use the sap workflow standard tools and SAP Workflow run time monitoring activities.

What is mean by Workflow?

Workflow is nothing but a sequence of process where task or information, documents are passed between the persons or between in the departments in defined manner called workflow in SAP Workflow Training. Best SAP HR Training with real time projects.

What is SAP Workflow?

SAP WORKFLOW comes into the picture in a organization where the business process requires large number of approval required in a sequence of manner. In SAP, Automation of the business process like documents, notification mails are passed from agent to another agent for an action according to the set of procedure rules in SAP. SAP Basis Training provided by global online Trainings.

Sap Workflow helps you get data quickly reach to the right person even if the person in geo graphical location .SAP Workflow makes easy for agents to deal with transactions and send the process to next level Approval. in SAP Workflow , SAP Business workflow , SAP Workflow , SAP Web flow all will be the same used interchangeably.

The key term here is ‘workflow’: the right agent doing the right work at the right time.SAP Workflow has 3 layers in SAP Workflow Architecture

  • SAP Organizational Model
  • SAP Business Process Model
  • SAP Business Object Model

SAP Organizational Model:  Who is executing the process steps in SAP Workflow?  To Implement the SAP Workflow basically we need to get the approval agents from the HR Org Structure so Organization structure plays major role to implement the SAP Workflows in SAP Workflow Training.

SAP Business Process Model: Which step does the process contain? Based the requirement consultant will develop the process level by using various steps using in the workflow and it is also called workflow builder. Workflow consultant can develop it by using transaction codes PFTC, SWDD

SAP Business Object Model:  Whatever you want to execute with in a SAP Workflow. That work must be implemented as a method of a business object type in the Business Object Repository. Methods can be implemented as BAPIs. You can then call them from outside the system. BAPIs have an established static interface. The tool for maintaining business object types is the BOR (Business Object Repository).

Why do you need SAP Workflow Training?

SAP business Workflow can be defined as a flow of task going from one person to another person and it is a sequence of connected steps or activities which comes into the picture if there are any approval process required in a company. The manual approval process will take long time because it can be guarantee that how long it will take to approve the request. SAP Basis Training provided by global online Trainings along with SAP Workflow Training.

  • In business there are number of requests such as for billing, leave and so on and if this approval process takes long time then the business could get stopped as well as you can complete the whole process on a time.
  • To overcome this situation, SAP has come up with the very powerful tool called SAP business workflow which is an automated tool for automating these manual processes. So everything what we are doing manually, it is actually integrated in a system.
  • So everything will be defined in a system with a specific time, pre-planned time with pre-planned steps and the system will take care of it.
  • The time is a major factor in any business so for this the workflow has come into the picture which helps to reduce the time spending on the work.
  • The lack of transparency is major reason of using workflow system because in traditional paper-based workflow you could not know that where the process is stopped.
  • As the paper-based approach it is manual approval process which is a time consuming process and there is a lack of deadline monitoring means there is no pre-planned time or any deadline through which the person would come know about the request.
  • In traditional way, SAP Workflow Training was difficult to know where is the task, which person is executed it or executing it etc. It means you cannot come to know that who has taken the action and who is going to take the action next.
  • Whereas in the automated tool, we define the timeline within which the approver will have to take the action on that particular request.

Advantages of SAP Workflow Training:

The SAP workflow is basically a process that actually ensures the right work will be assigned in a correct sequence in order to provide it to the authorized users in a specified time or deadline. It is a solution developed to provide facility by automating the required business processes that need to be performed by the people who are assigned ideally. We also offer SAP GRC Training with reasonable cost and feasible timing.

  • It is easy and useful for both the SAP and non-SAP users because all the tasks are performed without the SAP by just communicating with the email.
  • Global Online Trainings has best trainers for SAP Workflow Training and they will train you on your project/subject also.  
  • For example you have a mail to be responded like approve or reject a request then in order to do those kinds of tasks you can simply click on a button on the mail without even entering into the SAP system.
  • It provides a centralized system to monitor across the organizational architecture as well as the network infrastructure for managing the network related tasks.
  • It is helpful to fill the gap of a communication inside the company and provide right information to a person for increasing the end-to-end process transparency.
  • As the business is changing then the processes are also changing so for this workflow provides ability to have some kind of flexible process design and adapt the processes wherever needed.
  • With the SAP cloud platform workflow in SAP Workflow Training, you can easily customize the tasks that can spread across peoples, applications and organizations.
  • SAP Workflow comes with workflow editor in an web-based environment so based on the standard Business process modeling notation you can design and define here directly in the web.

Why companies implement the SAP Workflow?

• To improve the SPEED of a business process
• To improve the CONSISTENCY of the business process
• To improve the QUALITY of a business process
• To increase the TRANSPARENCY of business process
• To improve process Monitoring activities
• What drives the business process?
• How do we know where the process it at?
• How do we track if someone taken action on task in time or not?
• Does the user have information to complete the task?

Why are the features of the SAP Workflow ?

• SAP Workflow is a tool for the atomize the of the business process in SAP systems
• SAP workflow is comes under cross application component and not tied to any particular application or module
• SAP Workflow operates uniformly across all the application or modules in the system
• SAP Workflow co ordinates all participating tasks who are involved in that business process
• Sap Workflow provides the active user support

SAP Workflow uses the existing transactions and functions of the R/3 systems and enable the new business process and SAP Workflow system takes control over the new business process

Where do we use the SAP Workflow?

  • Email Notification: to send the information mails 
  • Approval process : where the user required to take action
  • Association co ordination of the departments are involved
  • Where the situations with repeated work processes
  • Where the situations involving a large number of agents in a department
  • Sequence for a business process Involved
  • Exception processes Involved
  • Dead line monitoring – escalation procedure from one agent to another agent
  • Reminder mails till the action need to be taken by agent.

Target Audience for SAP Workflow Training:

  • SAP Technical Consultants – ABAPers.
  • SAP Functional consultants who has good knowledge in sap modules. 
  • Suitable for the function consultant if you are good in your respective primary skills of the SAP Module.
  • Suitable for the business owner , super users and end user to design a new business process or to use the existing business process.
  • Consultants who are going to involve in the sap implementation projects from beginning.
  • ABAPers who are already working on the supporting projects on SAP workflow objects.
  • Basically SAP Workflow suitable for the SAP ABAPers freshers and SAP ABAP experienced consultants.
  • SAP Project implementation / support team members who are interested work with SAP abap workflow  in real time project
  • Mostly suitable for the SAP technical consultant like SAP ABAP freshers and SAP ABAP experienced  consultants.

SAP Workflow Training course Objectives:

  • What are the benefits learning the SAP Workflow Online Training
  • How to identify the SAP Workflow standard components in various modules on SAP
  • How to use the Organization structure in SAP Workflows to get the agents
  • How to design the custom SAP Workflows from the scratch level
  • What are the standard reports or run tools available in SAP Workflows
  • How to customize the SAP Workflows in SAP Workflow Training.
  • What are the run time workflow reports?

SAP Workflow Training Approach:  

  • SAP Workflow Design Tool : 10 hours
  • SAP Workflow Programming : 10 hours
  • Workflow administrative activities : 5 Hours
  • Requirement analysis and Real Time Scenarios : 5 Hours

SAP ABAP Training:

Best senior consultant for SAP ABAP Training from Hyderabad, India. SAP ABAP is to manage and run the business system it is an enterprise programming language and business process will be understand easily with this training. Global Online Trainings will give the SAP ABAP Training with the reasonable price.


Global Online Trainings also provide SAP ADOBE FORMS Training by top consultants. SAP ADOBE FORMS is also known as the pdf depends on print form are of the simple forms based on the adobe software solution and this is used for the massive printing in sap system with SAP Workflow Training.

SAP  UI5 Training:

 We also provide SAP UI5 Training with best trainers. SAP UI5 is an free open source application and it will make very easy for developer jobs to do work fast and it is used for the internal request. SAP UI5 training is also needed to be learn we will provide this course with the available materials also.

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