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SAS Activity Based Management Training

Introduction To SAS Activity Based Management Training Course:

The SAS Activity-based management in short called sa ABM. It is an discipline that allows companies to manage activities & processes as a means of improving organizational performance & the value received by its customer. By applying direct & the indirect business costs to activities, the SAS Activity-Based Management solution enables managers to get an true understanding of the costs & profits that are associated with an product, customer, service, or the business process. It supports on-going profitability analysis, cost-management initiatives, shared services management, planning & also budgeting efforts, &the capacity optimization. Join for SAS Activity Based Management Training and learn the basic tool of ABM is activity-based costing (ABC), which more accurately tracks costs than traditional methods and much more in detail.

SAS Activity Based Management Online Training Course Content

Overview of SAP Waste and Recycling
Political & Postal regional structure
Commercial master data
Technical master data
Disposal specific business processes
Specific disposal contracts
Disposal plant / system internal operations / bridle
Customer Interaction Center (CIC)
Controlling & Reporting