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Sas Admin-online-training

Sas Admin Course Content

  • overview and logistics
  • security risks and how to avoid them
Controlling Access to Data Using SAS Tools
  • using passwords with SAS files
  • restricting access to a subset of data
  • using passwords with SAS views
Controlling Access to Data Using Host Security
  • host security and SAS passwords
  • using host security on Windows
  • host security on other operating systems (self-study)
Encryption and Encoding of Data Sets on Disk
  • using the encrypt=YES option to encrypt entire data sets
  • manually encrypting selected variables with SAS functions
Securing Your SAS Programs and Passwords
  • securing compiled DATA steps
  • securing macros
  • keeping SAS passwords secure
  • keeping database connection information secure
Encryption of PDF Documents Produced by SAS
  • encryption of documents
Summary and Conclusions
  • comparison of security technologies
Introducing SAS Enterprise Guide Administration
  • exploring SAS Enterprise Guide
  • reviewing the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • exploring SAS Enterprise Guide’s interaction with metadata
  • SAS Enterprise Guide and stored processes
  • defining the SAS Enterprise Guide administrator role
Setting Up SAS Enterprise Guide
  • installing and configuring SAS Enterprise Guide
  • customizing SAS Enterprise Guide options
  • setting up and managing profiles
  • administering role-based settings
Working with SAS Libraries
  • reviewing SAS library concepts
  • using SAS Enterprise Guide as the Assign Library type
  • using the Metadata Library Engine
  • pre-assigning libraries
  • choosing the type of library assignment
Migrating to SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1
  • migrating SAS Enterprise Guide projects
  • migrating SAS Enterprise Guide projects using the Migration Wizard (self-study)
Learning More
  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course
Additional Information
  • example of using the SAS Deployment Wizard to install SAS Enterprise Guide
Review of Platform Administration Topics
  • managing users and groups
  • enabling workspace server logging
  • securing content in the SAS Folder tree
  • securing servers and files
  • managing user-defined formats
  • moving metadata
Reviewing the Platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • the platform for SAS Business Analytics overview
  • SAS intelligence architecture overview
  • defining the SAS platform administrator role
Administering the SAS Environment
  • exploring the platform administrator tasks
  • checking the state of the SAS servers
Monitoring, Logging, and Troubleshooting SAS Servers
  • exploring the metadata server and repositories
  • identifying SAS server types
  • monitoring SAS servers and spawners
  • logging SAS servers and spawners
  • troubleshooting SAS servers
Backing Up the SAS Environment
  • backing up metadata with the Backup Wizard
  • exploring OMABAKUP
  • Scheduling backups
  • backing up physical files
Administering Data Access
  • registering libraries and tables in the metadata
  • updating table metadata
  • pre-assigning libraries
  • troubleshooting data access
Administering Users
  • registering users
  • exploring authentication
  • creating groups
Administering Client Applications
  • exploring connection profiles
  • using roles to control access to application functionality
  • exploring SAS folders
Securing Metadata
  • introducing metadata security
  • securing content in the folder tree
  • exploring the authorization decision process
Moving Metadata
  • promoting selected content
Leaning More
  • identifying next steps
  • using the SAS documentation