SAS Administration Training:

SAS Administration Training


Introduction to SAS Administration Training:

SAS Administration training at Global Online Trainings :-  Our training helps you learn practical and real time skills of sas admin roles and contents , you will be guided from all the software to hardware installations,data managements and most importantly how user access configurations are maintained and administered.We at Global Online Trainings have best knowledgeable and experienced SAS trainers ,be it for SAS programing , SAS Administration roles , or in particulars like SAS Clinical and SAS Financial concepts and functions. The trainers are well experienced in better ways of teaching and they take care of each individual in particular and teach them as required. To register for the SAS Administration Online training please submit your details in our  ‘contact us’  page or simply drop a message below so that our agents could assist you soon.


Prerequisites to join our SAS Administration Online Training:

  • It is suggested that one needs to be well experienced in SAS programing and also skilled in server &  PC hardware configurations for a minimum time to get a good grip on SAS Administrator roles
  • However the basc requirements or qualifications to start on SAS is to be a graduate ,be it in  B pharmacy, Mtech,Btech,MSC,nursing all can learn SAS

SAS Administration Training Course Outline :

      Course Name: SAS Administration Online Training / SAS Administrator Online Training 

      Mode of training:  online training, corporate training, classroom training.

      Duration of course: 30 hrs

      Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

      Course fee:  After registering with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

      Trainer experience: 15 years+

      Batch Type: We provide Regular, weekends and fast track batches.


SAS Administration Online Training Course Content

SAS Administration trainingSAS Administration training

Overview of SAS Administration Training:

SAS Stands for statistical analysis software .It is a most implemented software in  working sectors like Pharmaceutical,financial and even in agriculture . With the help of SAS we can generate many analytical reports , graphs and listings and many other statistical calculations . And it has a great Scope for Jobs as many companies implement SAS from ever since. Most of the Fortune global 500 companies implement SAS and functions for their managements and decisions ,

Many clinical reserch companies and also insurance companies use SAS,even companies like google, twitter, IMS health ,Accenture incorporate SAS concepts in their functionalities.


JOB Scope you get through SAS Administration Training and Certification:

Its been over 50 years past that SAS has been introduced in the world and still many companies use it as mentioned above . Not only SAS Administration Trainingthe US companies but also in many countries it has a huge demand for work positions. And if one has a verified certification on SAS his or her credibility increases for superiority .SAS Administration Online Training will help you in strengthening your analytical skills  or your SAS will be guided in different roles and responsibilities as a typical  SAS Administrator or SAS Architect in the support systems and maintenance, More over there are advanced analytical platforms to work for, as demanded SAS Architect ,you will be guided in all these techniques and managiral skills in our SAS Administration Online Training.

A demanded SAS Architect or Admin is often responsible for support and maintenance of SAS GRID environment and security management and hardware installations. Also our guides teach you on topics of SAS Model risk management, and multi-tier environment setup


Key Roles of an SAS Architect that you can learn in our SAS Administration training Program:
  • There will be different kinds of servers one needs to handle at work like SAS BI which are used by users also 
  • It includes fixing the daily issues in the server,tuning it and troubleshooting
  • One need to know the mechanics of installing the up gradations in servers and software updates
  • To do quality checkups and ensure to fix the service packs
  • SAS admin needs to test and assure quality on leftest suppuration and fixes
  • He need to plan the outages and and monitor the software testing and developments with the help of the SAS Programmer
  • In emergency reboots the users should be intimated quickly on risk of managements in outages
  • He need to choose and fix the relevant SAS software by analysis and evaluations
  •  One needs to maintain scheduled backups of meta databases and user defined controls and access
  • Risk managements and desk space plannings are also done for good user support
  • The adminstration also takes charge of consultation of users on problems like malfunctions and also arrange meetings for guidences 
  • The SAS Administrator also need to perform the required guiding classes and coaching to other coordinating departments
  • To develop tolls and up-gradation s per the best need and ease of usage of the users
  • Admistrators use SAS Deployment Wizards to install SAS Enterprise guides
  • He takes care of the security risks and ensures the safety factors to avoide them as the least posssible
  • Using the functions one should manually or with software options encrypt data sets
  • The metadata backups are taken care through backup wizards and ensures a scheduled times for backups of physical files, and also promotes particular or selected content as required
  • Administering users by registering users ,exploring authentications and also creating groups are maintained in the admin team.
  • The client applications are taken responsibility by the admin, ensuring their registrations and authentications and even in grouping the similar users
  •  It is very important for and SAS architect to be able to  foresee the next steps through SAS documents
  • The access to the data is secured by the admins it involves registering libraries and tables in the metadata , updating table metadata and trouble shooting the data acess.

All these roles and responsibilities are well guided by our trainers in our SAS Administration Training course  


For Specialized skilled try Our SAS Clinical Online Training:

At Global Online Training we also take up training for SAS Clinical as its most demanded and has many job opportunities in the clinical or the Pharmaceutical industry. Many young and talented job aspirants are able to come up with superior jobs through our training. For detailed information on SAS Clinical and its Training check the page at SAS Clinical Training .

Get Trained in SAS Full fledged Concepts :

At GOT we also provide best training for full fledged SAS components and contents from our most knowledgeable  SAS trainers, this will help you get more talented and successful in your career .  check our page on SAS Training for more info.


Platform Administration Topics in SAS Administration Training:

Platform administration in SAS involves the below functions:

  • You will be trained in Managing users and groups and enable work space server logging and securing the content in the folders 
  • Moving the meta data securely is been a big task and also the admin takes care of securing servers and files even managing user defined formats for better ease of use with the help of SAS programmers ordination
  • you will also be reviewed on SAS Business analytics platform and will have an overview of SAS intelligence architecture 
  • As an administrator you will be checking the state of servers and explore the platform administrator tasks and functions


Conclusion to SAS Administration Training:

Our SAS Administration Training is well designed to train and schedule classes keeping all the above topics and concepts of SAS Admin in view.We carry the best coaches to train SAS related topics , SAS Administrator roles are very demanding and high paid and having a certification on it puts a great value to your career and  job preferences. We arrange not only online live classes but also classroom trainings in case of bulk corporate platforms.Learn to master the Admin roles in SAS through our real time based training strategies and analysis .To register for the training  classes please fill up the form in the “contact us” page or drop a message below so that our agents will fix your Scheduled classes for SAS Administration Online Training with one of our best SAS Trainers.