Scdpm Course Content

Module 1: Introducing Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
  • This module discuses disaster recovery basics, describing System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 architecture & discusses the planning process required to implement DPM-based disaster recovery & data protection in an enterprise environment.
Module 2: Installing & Configuring DPM 2012
  • This module discusses the system requirements for the DPM 2012 server, providing step-by-step instructions for installing DPM servers & protection agents on enterprise systems & discusses troubleshooting techniques for resolving issues you may encounter.
  • During lab exercises that accompany this module, you will installing  DPM prerequisite software, install a DPM server, perform initial required configuration tasks & perform selected tasks to enable optional DPM features & functions.
Module 3: Enabling DPM Protection to Standard Resources
  • This module will look at the initial setup of protection groups & enable the basic backup functions for file services, system state & bare metal recovery.
  • During lab exercises that accompany tis module you will create protection groups to complete backups of the file system, system state and bare metal recovery, ready for recovery scenarios.
Module 4: Extending DPM Protection to Enterprise Applications
  • This module explains the how to extend data protection to Exchange Servers, SQL Servers, SharePoint & Clustered servers & Virtual Server Hosts & Virtual Machines by installing protection agents and configuring protection groups.
  • During lab exercises that accompany this module, you will install protection agents on an Exchange Server, a SQL Server, a SharePoint server & a Virtual Server Host, create protection groups on the DPM server & monitor data collection.
Module 5: Managing Client Backup
  • This module will investigate the new features of workstation or client backup with DPM. This will included protection group creation & management. It will also show how the client components work to enable end users to add additional content for backup.
  • The lab for this module will show how to enable client back, best practices for managing the backup & how to restore the client data.
Module 6: Examining Protected Data Backup & Recovery
  • This module provides step-by-step instructions to prepare for recovery of DPM servers, recover & restore system states, bare metal backups & protected data for the DPM Server, Exchange Servers, SQL Servers & Virtual Server Machines.
Module 7: Managing & Troubleshooting DPM 2012
  • This module provides an overview of techniques for monitoring, reporting & troubleshooting DPM environments to resolve DPM Server & protection agent issues. Topics also introduce how to use the Windows Power Shell based DPM Management Shell to manage & maintain DPM environments & how to use Operations manager 2012 to manage multiple DPM instances
  • During lab exercises that accompany this module, you will use DPM tools & utilities to perform typical maintenance, monitoring & repair tasks.
Module 8: Optional Scenario Labs
  • This optional lab module enables the delegate to either undertake some of the prebuilt lab exercises, including Virtual Machine recovery, Exchange Server disaster recovery & DPM to DPM protection or to create their own scenario’s which are relevant to their environment & test their skills to ensuring they have the ability to recovery & the corporate systems