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Selenium training

Selenium training

Introduction to Selenium training:

Selenium is an open source functional automation tool. The process of converting manual test cases to test scripts with the help of some automation tool is nothing but automation. Here the main use of the automation tool is saving time. Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in the year 2004. Selenium training is a set of software tools to automate the web browser. Automate web browser means to automate the network established presentations, not for desktop applications or windows based client-server applications. It supports only web applications it does not support windows based client-server application.  Selenium training supports various operating environment to conduct functional and regression test automation.

Global Online Trainings provide the QA Selenium web driver testing online training with subject matter experts who have a good experience in their primary skills. 

Mode of Training: We provide the Online mode of training and also provide corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Selenium training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.

Selenium training course content


Overview of selenium training:

  • Selenium training maintenance’s various operating environments like Microsoft Windows, Linux whereas uft supports Microsoft windows only and also supports several browser environments like Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, Google chrome, opera, safari and here first three are industry leading browsers.
  • In QA Selenium webdriver testing online training selenium IDE is one of the tools in the set of tools doesn’t support all browsers except Firefox in Firefox plugin only we can create and execute test cases. It supports many programming environments to write programs that is test script and uses the programming languages like java, c#, Perl, ruby, python, and PHP and mainly java is used for selenium training.
  • Selenium ide test case avoidance arrangement is .html and is not appropriate for difficult test case design but java programming is used to develop the test cases. Its supporting environments are operating environment, application environment, programming environment and browser environment.
  • Selenium training writes in java means java is extra companionable through that we can utilize previous support language too fine support for selenium with java we can obtain additional advantage out documents and program applications from the internet, core java is enough for selenium training Advantages are it supports parallel test execution and also uses fewer hardware resources.
  • Disadvantages are no reliable support from anybody, limited support for image-based testing and new features may not work properly, difficulty to set up the environment and difficult to use. Our trainers will provide in-depth knowledge of Selenium training. We also provide Java training along with selenium training which helps you to acquire more knowledge about Java.

History of the selenium project:

  • Selenium training first introduced in 2004
  • In 2006 selenium web driver was launched at Google
  • In selenium 1(selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium Grid)
  • In selenium 2(selenium IDE + Selenium RC + selenium web driver + Selenium Grid)
  • In order to overcome some limitations of selenium rc selenium web driver was launched

Selenium tool suite:

1. Selenium ide:
  • It is a Firefox plugin used to create and execute the test cases
  • In Firefox only we can mount selenium ideselenium tool suite
Selenium IDE features:
  • In selenium training, we can record test cases or type test steps by means of element locators and selenium commands
  • Selenium ide has ide however doesn’t ensure programs boundary
  • Execute test cases, test suites
  • Debug test cases
  • Enhance test cases
  • Edit test cases
  • Transfer test cases to further setups(java, ruby)
Drawback of selenium ide: 
  • It ropes Mozilla Firefox browser only
  • It doesn’t support programming logic/features towards develop test cases
  • It doesn’t support data driven testing
  • It is not appropriate for difficult test design
  • Not integrated conservation of objects/elements
2. Selenium RC(out date):
3. Selenium webdriver training:
  • In QA selenium webdriver testing online training takes programming interface but on the other hand does not have IDE
  • This maintenance’s numerous programming environments to inscribe platforms like java, c#, Perl, python, ruby, PHP
  • Expending element locators besides web driver methods we can generate then achieve test cases
  • It besides ropes numerous browsers to build and implement test cases
  • It also support many operating environments like Microsoft windows, Linux, Macintosh
Drawback of selenium web driver:
  • It does not generate detailed test report
  • No centralised maintenance of objects
4. Selenium grid:
  • It is used to implement tests through numerous browsers besides operating environments and technologies in similar.
  • This lattice ropes selenium rc tests as well as selenium web driver tests.
5. Selenium training supporting environments:
  • Operating environment
    • Ms windows
    • Macintosh
    • Linux
    • Apple ox
  • Application environmentSelenium supporting environment
    • CUI based – Selenium training does not support
    • Windows based – Selenium training does not support
    • Web based – Selenium training supports
    • Mobile based – selenium training supports mobile application which have web forms
  • Perl Programming environment
    • JAVA
    • C#
    • Perl
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • PHP
  • Browser environment
    • Google chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Opera
    • Internet explorer
    • Safari
6. Selenium license:
  • Every selenium training projects are unconfined below apache edition 2.0.
  • Anyone be able to download and exploit all selenium project among free of charge of cost.
  • Anyone be able to change the basis code plus allocate the basis code.
  • Selling modified code is not allowed.
7. Testing framework and other tools used in selenium:
  • Testing framework
  • Junit framework
  • TestNG framework
  • Eclipse IDE:
    • To create and execute java programs
    • Add this web driver .jar files to java project and web driver features
    • Install TestNG/Junit testing frameworks
  • Fire bug and fire path plugins (Mozilla Firefox) for inspecting elements in Firefox browser
  • Google chrome and internet explorer browser have built in developer tools(F12) to inspect elements
8. Selenium training environment setup:
Choose selenium tools:
  • To create test case using Selenium web driver.
  • Java as a programming language
  • Testing framework as test runner
  • Fire bug and fire path plugin for Mozilla browser to examine essentials.
Configure selenium:
  • Take eclipse IDE and extract
  • Take java software and install
  • Set environment variable that is path variable
  • Take selenium web driver java language compulsory ( and add web driver java file to java project in eclipse IDE
  • Install fire bug and fire path from Mozilla browser to examine fundamentals
  • Take IE, chrome…etc. browser drivers
  • Take and install TestNG testing framework FROM ECLIPSE IDE

 STLC (Software test life cycle):

Phases of STLC
1. Test planning:
  • Input/references : Necessities, Plan, Test approach
  • Planning docs
  • Process guide docs
  • Communal normal docs
  • Tasks:
    • considerate as well as examining test necessities
    • Risk analysis
    • Test strategy implementation
    • Test estimations (scope, time, resource, budget etc..)
    • Team formation
    • Test plan documents
    • Configuration managing planning
    • Traceability matrices documentation
    • State test surroundings 
  • Output : Test plan documentSTLC life cycle
2. Test design:
  • Input : Necessities, test plan documents
  • Test case template
  • Designing docs
  • Process guideline docs
  • Corporate standard docs
  • Tasks:
    • Considerate test requirements
    • Create test scenarios
    • Test case documentation
    • Test data collection
  • Output : Test case docs, test data
3. Test execution:
  • Input : Necessities, Test plan documents, Test case docs, Test data
  • Fault explosion pattern
  • Eagerness of AUT
  • Eagerness of test environment
  • Tasks:

1. Authenticate test environment setup

2. Generate test batches

3. Test execution

  • Sanity testing/BVT/BAT
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Reporting defects
  • Tracking defects
  • Sanity testing
  • Select test cases for regression testing
  • Re and Regression testing

4. Output: Opened and closed defect reports, Tested software

4. Test closure:
  • Input: Requirements, Test plan documentation, Open and closed defect reports etc…
  • Test summary report template
  • Tasks:
    • Evaluating exit criteria
    • Collecting all documents and prepare test summary report
    • Send test deliverable to customer
    • Improvement suggestion for test plan
Test levels:

1. Unit testing

2. Integration testing

3. System testing

4. Acceptance testing

Test types:

1. Functional testing

2. Performance testing

3. Usability testing

4. Reliability testing

5. Configuration testing

Test execution level:

1. Sanity/smoke testing

2. Comprehensive testing

3. Re and Regression testing

Test design techniques:

1. Black box (EC, BVA, Decision table testing, State transition technique, use case testing etc…)

2. White box (Statement testing, condition testing, decision testing etc…)

3.  based (Exploratory testing, error guessing etc…)

Selenium training test process/Selenium test life cycle:

1. Test planning

2.Creating simple tests

3. Augmenting tests

4. Running and debugging tests

5. Examining test outcomes and Reporting faults

Web elements and element locators:
Web elements:

Edit box, link, button, Image, Image link, Image button, Text area, checkbox, Radio button, Drop down box, list box, combo box, web table/HTML table, Frame

Element locators:

Id, name, Class name, tag name, Link Text, PartialLinkText, CSSselector, Path


It is an address that identifies a web element uniquely with in the web page

Selenium training webdriver Methods:
  • Selenium webdriver training Methods stay recycled to instrument activities on web element
  • By element locators as well as Webdriver Methods we generate test cases
Selenium training cross browser testing:

cross browser testing is a procedure of test to guarantee that our web application employed as normal in changed web browsers. Our trainers are rich at providing Selenium training.

Selenium training webdriver test case:

1. Test Scenario

2. Element Locators – To find elements

3. Selenium webdriver training methods –Recycled To realize procedure on basics

4. Programming Features ­– To develop test cases

5. Junit/TestNG Annotations – To cluster test cases, batch testing and test-generating reports

Selenium training IDE:

1. It is a test device in selenium tool suite to improve complete test cases

2. It is a fire fox plug in besides workings individual in Firefox browser

3. It offers graphical user interface to top operator movements spending Firefox browser, however operator can insert, update, remove declarations, stages

4. Firebug and fire path are used to examine basics or we can habit Firefox browser feature “Page inspector” for examining fundamentals

5. Selenium training IDE would individual be used as a prototyping device


Drawbacks of selenium IDE:

1. It will not provision programming so we can’t habit programming features for augmenting test cases

2. It ropes Mozilla Firefox browser only to build and execute test cases so we cannot conduct cross browser testing

3. This one is not suitable for complex test case design

4. Not integrated conservation of elements

5. Data-driven testing is not probable

6. No exhaustive test intelligence it resolves make a solitary summary

Introduction to TestNG:
TestNG testing Framework:
  • TestNG testing framework is designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs from unit testing to system testing.
  • It is being established on behalf of unit testing besides at present we used this for all kinds of testing.
  • TestNG is a vulnerable basis agenda anywhere NG stands for next generation.
  • Testing stimulated from Java platform as well as .net platform and introduce a few new functionalities that make it extra controlling plus easier to employ.
Advantages of TestNG framework:
  • TestNG comments are simple to build test cases.
  • Test cases are group plus arranged more simply.
  • Supports parameterization.
  • Supports material resolute testing and evidence earners.
  • Creates HTML reports
  • Parallel test execution is possible
  • It ropes adding through previous tools in addition to plugins like eclipse IDE, build tools ANT, maven etc…
Software test tools:
Types of software test tools:

1. Functional and regression test tools

  • Popular tools used for functional and regression testing
    • Selenium(Open source tool)software test tools
    • UFT/QTP(Commercial tool)
    • RFT(Commercial tool)
    • SoapUI(Open source tool)
    • SilkTest(Commercial tool)
    • Watir(Open source tool)
    • TestComplete(Commercial tool)
    • Cucumber(Open source tool)2

2. performance test tools

  • Popular tools used for Performance testing
    • LoadRunner(Commercial tool)
    • JMeter(Open source tool)
    • RPT(Commercial tool)
    • Silk Performer(Commercial tool)
    • WebLoad(Commercial tool)

3. Mobile test tools

  • Popular tools used for Mobile testing
    • Appium(Open source tool)
    • Silk Mobile(Commercial tool)

4. Test management tools

  • Popular tools used for Test management
    • ALM/Quality Centre(Commercial tool)
    • Jira
    • TestLink(Open source tool)
    • QAComplete
    • IBM Rational Quality Manager(Commercial Tool)

5. Defect management tools

  • Popular tools used for Defect Management
    • Bugzilla(Open source tool)
    • IBM Rational ClarQuest(Commercial tool)
    • Mantis/MantisBT(Open source tool)
    • BugHost(Commercial tool)
APPIUM training:
  • Appium originates its backgrounds from Selenium training and it habits JSON Wire Protocol within to interrelate with iOS and Android apps using Selenium’s Webdriver.
  • Appium is a vulnerable basis test automation framework or tool for mechanizing mobile software applications and it was developed in 2012. We have two types of software’s primilarly one is computer software and the other one is mobile software. In computer software, we can find desktop applications, web applications. In mobile software, we have three types of applications.
  • Appium training maintenances all these three types of software applications one is native applications and the second one is mobile web applications and the other is the hybrid application. Native apps live on the method and are retrieved through icons on the device home screen they are mounted through a submission supply such as google play, Apple App store.
  • Web apps are not real apps they are websites deposited on a remote server and supplied over the internet through a web browser. Hybrid applications are just like native applications run on the device they have combination through a device file scheme and combination with web-based services they can interact with the internet.
  • Appium supports automaton and IOS devices. It derives IOS and automaton apps using web driver protocol. Android is a vulnerable basis OS for mobile devices such as the smartphone, tablet computer maintained by Google, submitting customer’s admission to Google’s own amenities like search, YouTube, maps, Gmail etc…. IOS means iPhone operating system is a mobile operating system industrialized by Apple Inc and distributed wholly for apple hardware.
  •  Appium training currently authorities numerous of the company’s mobile devices comprising the iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch. Appium allows android and IOS automation using selenium webdriver. The similar webdriver binding can be used through web and mobile.
Java for selenium training:
  • Selenium training supports six programming environments for writing programs they are JAVA, C# sharp, Perl, PHP, Python, and ruby. Here we are using JAVA. Selenium written in Java the situation does not mean that java training is extra companionable through selenium we can similarly habit additional maintained languages but common of the selenium tests nearly 77% using JAVA.
  • Java was developed by sun microsystem and the creator of java training is James Gosling. Actually, sun microsystem decided to develop common remote control this project was given to James Gosling. James Gosling formed the team with members Patrick Naughton, worth, Sheridan and others and James Gosling named that project as the green project.
  • They explore so many languages but no language is supporting all the requirements in order to develop CRC. Finally, the team decided to explore a new language this was finished in the year 1991 and they gave the name for that language as OAK that is object analyze knowledge. But due to some naming problems they changed the language name as Java.
  • Java represents an island located in Indonesia. The symbol of java training is cup and saucer. James Gosling and his team are called as java soft people and finally, Java was released in the year 1995 and the common remote control name is star7. According to sun microsystem, there are three modules in java programming suite they are JSE/J2SE, JEE/ J2EE, and JME/J2ME. JSE/J2SE is also called as core java.   We will also provide Java at Global online training’s by industry experts along with Selenium training will be provided during training in a detailed manner by well-experienced trainers. To know more details about this module contact our help desk.  
Conclusion for selenium training:

Here mainly selenium training is used to do the work fast when compared to manual testing training. In selenium training not only java other languages which relates to selenium can also be used. Software engineer who are working on the selenium his pay scale can be up to 3,53,572 RS per annum. Global online trainings will provide the best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers and we also provide best selenium project online course with reasonable price at flexible timings for the participants.  

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