Selenium Webdriver training

Selenium WebDriver Training

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver Training:

What is Selenium WebDriver? It is a programming interface or API used to automate test cases. Test cases are created and executed using Element locators/ Object locators/ WebDriver methods. It also works on a number of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. And in webdriver you have to write your own test automation code in any programming language that is supported. So, Webdriver supports a number of popular programming languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python and so on. Webdriver is really powerful and fun to use. So it makes it very popular tool of choice for test automation of web applications.

Preview of Selenium WebDriver online Training:

Selenium WebDriver training is an open source and free tool. It is very popular tool for test automation of web applications.

Learn RC & Webdriver Similarities in our Selenium WebDriver online Training:

  • Both RC and WebDriver support the use of different programming languages to design test scripts. If you are passionate about learning this course, Global online trainings provide Selenium WebDriver training with live projects.
  • Both RC and Webdriver support running tests in different browsers. Whether you talk about IE, Firefox, or any other browser that’s been used widely in the market you can work with Selenium
  • Both RC and Webdriver make use of elements/ object locators / Webdriver methods. So we have got certain methods in both of them using which we will be finding the elements. So to find these elements we have to have some functions. We have got those functions in both RC and WebDriver.
  • In some other IDE webdriver and RC do not bring their own integrated development environment. We need some other development environment like eclipse or Net beans
  • WebDriver was founded to overcome the drawbacks of RC. In selenium RC the whole processing time was very huge because we have CORE injected in the browser which was called Selenium CORE and then we have this RC server which has to be started to inject http proxy in to the browser.
  • Selenium WebDriver training at Global online trainings – What is Selenium RC Server? Selenium RC is a server which will actually inject an http proxy in the browser to hack your browser into understanding that the selenium core and the application under test, they are under the same domain.
  • Same origin policy was the issue with Selenium CORE. The developers have to develop selenium RC. So we have got RC server to inject http proxy, we have got the selenium CORE which has to be injected in the browser and then the request goes to the application under some server.
  • So the communication between your script and the application under test is not direct. There are two things sitting in between. We first need to start server and then there is the selenium CORE in which it has to be injected in the browser. If you are interested to learn advance topics on this course, we provide Selenium WebDriver corporate training with real time scenarios.Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!
  • The instructions will be taken by the Selenium CORE and then CORE will be directing the instructions to the application. So this is not the direct communication and hence the processing time is large.
Who can learn Selenium WebDriver?
  • Basic core java / programming language is required to learn Selenium WebDriver.
Learn Selenium RC VS Selenium WebDriver in our Selenium WebDriver Training:
  • You might be wondering, In Selenium webdriver, no need to insert any java script which was selenium core in selenium one. So we don’t even need that to be injected in the browser. The communication is direct, we are communicating with the browser directly there is nothing like server and selenium CORE.
  • Of course, the application is running on the browser so the communication is said to be direct and obviously if there is no third party sitting in between the communication is direct, so eventually the processing time becomes faster so that is the major difference between RC and WebDriver.
Learn Advantages of WebDriver over RC in our Selenium WebDriver Training:
  • Selenium RC has a complex architecture because we have got RC server and Selenium CORE sitting in between whereas in Selenium webdriver maintains a simple architecture because we have got our own script which will be writing in the development environment IDE and there is application on the Test running on the browser and we can communicate directly with this application just by giving instructions through our script.
  • Selenium RC is slower because it uses a Javascript program called Selenium core. The instructions to the application under test are going via selenium core which is a JavaScript sitting in your browser and those instructions will be further passed on to your application so it’s a long time taking process. Whereas in Selenium Webdriver faster because it interacts with browser directly
  • Selenium WebDriver training at Global online trainings – RC Server is the middleman in the interaction between browser and user whereas in Selenium we have direct interaction with the user. Are you interested in learning advance topics for this course? , We are best in providing Selenium WebDriver online training by professionals.
  • In Selenium RC there is no support for HTML unit browser. In Selenium WebDriver there is support for HTML unit browser. HTML5 training unit is a browser which is headless that means we don’t have any user interface GUI but Selenium Webdriver cannot do all on its own.
Overview of Selenium WebDriver:        
  • Selenium Webdriver training cannot do all on its own. You can use Webdriver for testing on local machine. But, what about testing on remote machine? You can use both RC server and Webdriver while testing on remote machine in Selenium WebDriver training.
  • While testing on remote machine commands from webdriver go to selenium RC server which is then interpreted on remote machine to automate the browser
  • Selenium WebDriver training has only a programming interface, not IDE as we don’t have any development environment that comes by default with selenium; we have to use some other integrated development environment like Eclipse or Net beans to write our scripts.
  • Fast as it interacts with browser directly whereas RC needs RC Server to interact with browser. Each browser has its own driver on which the application runs. Selenium WebDriver training makes direct calls to the browser. If you want to learn more about this course, we provide Selenium WebDriver training with real time use cases.
  • If you have to communicate to any browser or to your application using your scripts how would you do that? You need something so that browser can understand the instructions done by your script.
Learn Selenium WebDriver Features in our Selenium WebDriver Training:
  • Supports most programming languages, Browsers & operating systems.
  • Overcomes limitations of Selenium training like file upload, download, pop-up and dialogs barrier.
  • Web Driver’s API is simpler than RC’s API. It does not contain redundant & confusing commands.
  • Supports Batch Testing, Cross browser testing & Data driven testing.

Learn Selenium WebDriver Limitations in our Selenium WebDriver Training:

  • Detailed test reports cannot be generated, RC generates detailed reports
  • It doesn’t have IDE; difficult to create test cases.

KEY FEATURES OF SELENIUM WEBDRIVER TRAININGLearn Working of selenium webdriver in our Selenium WebDriver Training:       

The test script which is created under IDE, invokes Selenium WebDriver when I am saying it invokes Selenium WebDriver it basically means that you have certain interface, you have something already in your application or your project so that you can use its classes and its functions and interfaces that’s how you will invoke and automate your application and the you will communicate with the application under test running on your web browser.

What’s the bottom line? So this basically means that you have got this IDE, test scripts, you are using some language to create this test script then you invoke webdriver which means you used something to use those function. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide Selenium WebDriver training with certifications.

What is TestNG framework?(Selenium WebDriver training)

Do I have your attention? JUnit is a testing framework which is basically used by developers for unit testing purpose. TestNG is an advanced version of it with more annotation, with more features. When combined with Selenium WebDriver you can achieve a lot of things and to give a few examples you can do parallel testing, parameterised testing and the beauty of using TestNG is you can configure your Test suite in the way you want, you can group your test cases. Now you can run your test cases in multiple threads.

You can do parallel testing, here you can run your test cases parallel, test classes parallel so that is the whole lot of stuff to TestNG.

Learn Browser Elements & Its operations in our Selenium WebDriver Training:

Browser: (Selenium WebDriver Training)

Launch Browser, Navigate to specified Url, Refresh, Close browser. So that’s basically talking about what you can do on browser. You will lanch a browser. So if you want to open your application and then let’s say you are opening a reservation website. So what will you do? First of all you will launch the browser then type your Url let’s say you are typing Once you get here you will start working with the reservation website and once you are done with it what will you do? And if you are stuck on it what can you do? You can refresh it, close it and may be you got to a new page and you want to come back so that’s navigation. So these are the thing you can do with the browser and you can very well achieve using Selenium WebDriver training.

Page: (Selenium WebDriver Training)

If you are talking about any web page what will you get from the page? You can get its Url, Title. Here we are talking about the upper level not the elements just the page So what can you get from the page?  You can get the Url of the page and you can get the title of the page.

Link: (Selenium WebDriver Training)

Click the link; Check the existence, Check enabled status. Checking the existence of link or any element for that matter is basically testing whether the element exists or not. If it is there you can check the status probably enabled or not.

Button: (Selenium WebDriver Training)

What do you do with the buttons? Basically click on the buttons, Check displayed status, enabled status, return button name. There will be instances let’s talk about signup form. Until and unless you click on check box which says agrees to terms and conditions something like that this button which is the submit button doesn’t get enabled. We can perhaps check that this button is enabled or not and then click on it.

Image: (Selenium WebDriver Training)

Return image title, download/ upload image, click image link. So first we will talk about image title. So that comes only if you got the title with in the html element. There are lot of things that we can’t achieve using selenium but when combined with other third party tools we can overcome that limitation.

Conclusion of Selenium WebDriver training:

In Short, Selenium webdriver training is used for automating the web application testing and in particular to confirm that they work as expected. The difference between Selenium IDE and Webdriver is Selenium IDE works only with the Firefox web browser but Webdriver works with multiple browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome and other browsers. Neither RC nor Webdriver support use of IDE, only support for programming interface. So we know that both of them are API’s we will have to download jars, bring them in to the project and start working with them. What are you waiting for? Join today in Global online trainings for best Selenium WebDriver Training. For more information please do contact our help desk.


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