sensu training

Sensu training

Sensu Training Introduction:

Sensu Training is the splendid device for craftsmanship position it’s another age of observing arrangement open source with paid for big business version as a versatile engineering you can discover modules in any regular dialect we can utilize the first nagios check for sensor sensu. Sensu not just gathers checks it can likewise check measurements.

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Sensu is flexible monitoring framework. It provides asset of primitives for composing a monitoring system for organizational needs. Sensu does status checks in telemetry scale. Sensu is able to do communicate securely over private and public networks. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online Sensu training course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings.

Sensu Overview:

  • Sensu status checks that indicates Ok, Warning or a critical state. Nagios or other monitoring systems probably familiar with this sort of status that’s provided by check.
  • We can also collect telemetry through metrics checks also in sensu. And it is monitoring scale.
  • Sensu works also well in dynamic environments. And in cloud computing environments servers and VMs are short lived. Especially when we think about the containers. So it’s very possible that sensu is monitoring those and works really well with a variety of infrastructure automation and configuration management.
  • Sesu is designed for dynamic environments and it is instead trying to provide the capability to route results and measurements to any number systems or services.
  • Sensu is open core system and it is working on Linux and windows operating systems (OS).It is very fixable to infrastructure. Sensu is very high availability and it allows the self management.
  • Puppet handler that enables infrastructure to auto scale. Sensu is receiving or can send of an email message, SMS or some event like a Hipchat.

Why Sensu?

  • It allows collecting metrics and status check with one system. We are not dealing with several components it deals with one nice little package of a system.
  • It also having well interface with other monitoring checks and monitoring systems.
  • If you are using Sensu in organization is able to use Prometheus sensu side by side without friction. We can reuse of existing plug-in.
  • Plug-ins can also be written in any language .And a lot of plug-ins is written in ruby.
  • Sensu itself is written in ruby but does not mean to use ruby, we can use golang, python or any other programming language to do a plug-in.
  • Sensu also operates with a decoupled model means that various components of sensu can scale them up or down as you need to rather than having to just scale everything uo.So the individual components can be scaled and quickly without a whole lot of friction.

Sensu Core:

It is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Licensed and it is written in ruby and first commit to it was 2011 and we just actually released1.0. It is an open source. Ruby is object oriented language. Sensu Core is written in ruby language. It is very effective language to develop the applications.

Sensu Enterprise:

It is actually built on top of sensu core. Sensu enterprise does is it combines those two processes into a seamless java virtual machine(JVM) process and it is improve the performance and also includes a number of built-in handlers and filters, mutators as well as dashboards.

Sensu Architecture overview:

This having more components. All these processes on single server and they will work more efficient .This is essentially consists of:

sensu training

  • Transport mechanism
  • Data Store Mechanism
  • Check Execution Scheduler
  • Monitoring Agent
  • Event Processor
  • RESTful API
  • Dashboard


This is a messaging oriented architecture that enables to decouple of various components of sensu deployment. This is responsible for passing messages between services. In Sensu the services did not communicate directly with one another.

They communicate through transport. The sensu services are did not connect to one another directly. They connect only through transport mechanism.

RabbitMQ is used primarily as the transporter between services.

Data Store:

To store data sensu uses redis. It is super quick key value data store. It actually only supported data store use things like AWS.It storing the data for sensitive services .The data stored in redis is not to be long lived.

Check Execution Scheduler:

Using this decides to handle checks so this role can be done on the client. It can be done on the server or can be a combination of the two. It is very important component of sensu. It is Standalone configuration for a check. And doing the check execution and the scheduling, so schedule that check it will execute that check command and then it will send that data over to the transport mechanism.

Monitoring Agent:

This provides check execution platform and provides monitoring local systems or external resources. The main job of ministering agent is to execute those checks and submit there is also the transport. We can change the check depending on the type of environment and client will essentially inherits those checks and then execute them .And the agent is that it actually provides a local TCP socket receiving JSON formatted check results.

Event Processor:

It maintains the client and incident registries and processes check results to create events and are to process whatever event is created according to whatever configuration specified for that check.

Event processor in this case is ultimately responsible for deciding what to do with that check result and updating that state data in the data store. We provide in detail of event processor scaling in Sensu Training.


This is API Service and comes with core product. It provide user friendly and easy to use interface to the state of monitor and infrastructure .It also a way for to issue ad hoc requests or silences.


This is interacting with infrastructure. We have two types’ dashboards.

  • Open source dashboard
  • Sensu Enterprise Dashboard

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