SERVER + Online Training

Server + Course Content

Overview of Servers
  • Examining  Network Architecture
  • Identify Common Server Types and Functions
Exploring the Server Hardware
  • Identifying the Server System Board Components
  • Explore System Processing Core
  • Explore Server Memory
  • Examine the Server Cooling & Power Systems
Server Software Introduction
  • Describe Server Software
  • NOS Management Features
  • NOS Security Features
  • Network Essential for Servers
Exploring Server Storage System
  • Examine Storage Devices Used for Servers
  • Exploring IDE & SCSI
  • Describing the  RAID
  • Explore NAS Implementations
  • Explore SAN Implementations
Installing Server Hardware
  • Identify Best Practices in Server Hardware Installation
  • Install Hardware Components on a Server
  • Verifying Server Installation
  • Install a Server in a Network Environment
Configuring Servers
  • NOS Installation & Verification
  • Install System Monitoring Agents & Service Tools
  • Server Configuration Documentation
Examining the Issues in Upgrading Server Components
  • Examine the Upgrade Checklist
  • Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Hardware & Software
Examining Servers in an IT Environment
  • Industry Best Practices for Server Installation & Maintenance
  • Server Security & Access Methods
Troubleshooting Servers
  • Examine the Troubleshooting Theory & Methodologies
  • Troubleshoot the Server Hardware Problems
  • Troubleshoot the Server Software Problems
  • Troubleshoot the Server Network Problems
  • Troubleshoot the Server Storage Device Problems
Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts & Methodologies
  • Examine the Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Implementing Disaster Recovery Methodologies
  • Implementing Replication Methods