Service Desk Manager Training

Service Desk Manager Training Introduction

Service Desk Manager Training provides a thorough understanding of service desk management and leads to a globally recognized qualification. This is a highly interactive course which from the beginning involves students via exercises, discussions, & presentations. The course reviews the student’s understanding of the Service Desk or Support environment and their pivotal role within the organization whilst promoting a greater understanding of the current marketplace and the responsibilities of the Service Desk Manager.

Service desk online course content

1 : Business Integration
  • Understand the importance of business & IT integration
  • That are designed to take advantage of business opportunities develop strategies aligned to organizational objectives
  • Understand need for objectives & goals & the importance
  • Understand the importance of ensuring all staff are aware of why they do it & the role they play in the business
  • Determine meets the organization’s needs the style & type of management reporting that best
3 : Implementation Planning
  • Determine how to develop a project plan to set-up or re-design the Service Desk
  • Identify the steps required in a project plan
  • Understand the importance of effective Process Management
  • Examine the ITSM processes with which the Service Desk has involvement
  • Determine the function of the Service Desk within the problem management process
5 : People Skills and Knowledge
  • Determine different categories of skills and knowledge required by staff
  • Identify the core business knowledge, all staff should possess as a minimum
  • Determine the manner in which staff currently acquires their skills and knowledge
7 : Tools and Technologies
  • Identify the commonly used Service Desk tools and technologies, their benefits and pitfalls
  • Examine the various knowledge tools available to the Service Desk
  • Identify which tools we use, which we need and why we need them
9 : Organizational Leadership
  • Identify the skills required for the Service Desk team from the customer’s perspective and ours
  • Determine methods to recruit and retain talented staff
  • Identify the qualities that make for effective leadership and how to develop them
2 : Service Culture
  • Recognize and understand the importance of understanding our customer’s expectations and perceptions
  • Understand the benefit of using SLAs effectively as a service quality improvement tool
  • Understand the importance of a reward and some different methods of reward and recognition strategy identify and recognition
4 : Operational Processes
  • Understand the importance of clear & straightforward processes within the workplace
  • Determine the benefits of a problem management process, and
  • Understand the importance of root cause analysis
  • Review the importance and benefits of metrics as part of the customer service processes
6 : Quality Assurance
  • Understand the common QA practices used to assess, modify and improve IT services in order to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Understand the role of benchmarking in the Service Desk environment in order to obtain a comparative evaluation of performance
8 : Business Mastery
  • Understand the responsibilities of the Service Desk in contributing to IT and business objectives
  • Implement ways to recognize and promote the benefits a Service Desk brings to the business
  • Gain a basic understanding of financial principles and business awareness
10 : Professional Development
  • Determine how well we manage our time and develop ways for improving our time management skills
  • Understand the importance of continual personal development, continual learning and of staying current within the industry
  • Identify techniques for staff assessment and staff development

WHY Service Desk Manager?

  • The beginning involves students via exercises, discussions, & presentations which from this is a highly interactive course.
  • The course reviews concepts about Building the Right Conceptual Model, Business Integration, Service Culture, Examine motivational theories.
  • How they apply within the workplace by analyzing people knowledge & skills.
  • Improving organizational professional & leadership development
  • To improve and enhance the Service Desk function, their own skills & the skills of their team Students complete the course having developed plans.