On job support


We have started the On job support program which will help the professionals who ever started their career or a professional we provide support all across Globe for more than 400+ IT professionals.

We will be available 24*7 to support and help you out from your difficult situations.


Please go through this procedure once:

We see your project and technologies used;  if we are 100% confident then we agree to support you.

— We work on the monthly basis

— 1 hour every day Monday to Friday (Indian time)

— We do not work on behalf of you, we support you to solve your technical problem and guide you to the right direction.

— Please do not expect us to do your 8 hours of job in 5 minutes. We do not do it and no one can do it.


Please do not play the trick after 1 or 2 classes and ask us to refund the money when we have guided you to the right direction. We have saved hundreds of developer job and are supporting many others for last several years.  Few of our customers are with us for last 3-4 years.


We do not cheat and do not want be cheated, please do not waste your time and our time.


In this On job support process we will see the purpose and go accordingly, like regarding the projects and technologies used and then we go further to cling you up.