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Servlets Training

Servlets Training

Introduction To Servlets Training Course:

Java Servlets are programs that run on an Web or Application server & act as an middle layer between an request coming from the  Web browser or  the other HTTP client & databases or the applications on the HTTP server. Java Servlets are small independent java programs that can run on the server. The servlet executes on the server but its output is returned to the client in the form of a html page. The java.servlet & javax.servelet.http packages provide interfaces & classes for writing servlets. All the servlets must implement the servlet interface, which defines the life cycle method.  Register for Servlets Training course you will learn how the  Java Servlets often serve the same purpose as programs implemented using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). You will also discover the  Servlets offer several advantages in comparison with the CGI, and much more concepts.

Servlets Online Training Course Content

CGI & Servlets Diffrences
About servlets
The Servlet API
The Structure of web application
Creating web applications
javax.servlet.http package
Http Protocol
HTTP methods
Context Init Parameters
The Servlet Scopes
The Filters
The Wrappers
The Session Management
  • Session API
  • Cookies
  • URL-Rewriting
  • Listeners
The Web Security
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Data Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Basic Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Client-Cert Authentication
  • Form-based Authentication