Shake Training

Shake Training

 Introduction To Shake Training Course:

Shake is the only compositing software with an complete toolset for both the single artists & visual effects facilities. With 3D multi-plane compositing, 32-bit Key-light & Primatte-keying, cutting-edge Optical Flow image processing, Final-Cut Pro 5 integration & an open, extensible scripting language, Shake software delivers all the tools which are required for the sophisticated film & television visual effects. The Shake Training course will introduce the participants to the primary feature set & the basic interface of Shake. Attendees will also learn to create multi_layer composites using Shake’s Node tree organisational structure & the  roto-scoping tools. Do you watch  movie & wonder how the effects are created? Do you want to learn the visual effects software used by the  major motion picture studios & high-end post houses?  All that you need to do is register for Apple Shake Training now to know more about the course. 

Shake Online Training Course Content

  • The Shake Workflow &  Interface
  • The Viewer , Parameter & Node Workspace
  • The Tool Tabs
  • Importing Images & Sequences
  • The Viewer
  • Creating a Simple Tree & RotoShapes
  • Composition of Nodes
  • Attaching Nodes
  • Premultiplication
  • Parameters Editing
  • Rendering Tree
Color Correction
  • Basic Color Correction Tools
  • Color Matching Different Shots
  • The ColorCorrect Node
  • Thumbnail Features
  • Setting Resolution
  • Transforming Images
  • Compositing Functions & Features
  • Creating a Drop Shadow
Animation Techniques
  • Image Warping & Grain
  • The Displacement
  • Blur Grain-match Technique
  • QuickPaint
  • Setting Resolution
  • Edit vs. Paint Mode
  • Brushes
  • Picking Color
  • Other Viewer Controls
  • Modifying Strokes
  • Write-on Effect
  • Painting in Perspective
  • Dustbusting & Rotoscoping
  • RotoShape
  • Add Shapes vs. Edit mode
  • Creating and Modifying Shapes
  • Knot Modes
Right Mouse Controls
  • The Controls
  • Intermediate Film Compositing
  • The Film Resolution Files
  • The Proxies
  • The Vine Composite
  • Rendering Full Resolution


Video and Audio
  • The Miscellaneous Video Functions
  • The Mixing & The  Exporting Sound
  • Basics of Keying
  • Understanding Primatte
  • The Advanced Compositing
  • Working with Photoshop Files
  • Tracking Stabilization
  • Building the Composite
  • The Curve Editor
  • FileIn Node to Blend Frames
  • Adjusting Clip Timing with TimeView