sharepoint 2013 developer training

sharepoint 2013 developer training Course Content

Introducing SharePoint Apps
  • Understanding the new SharePoint app model
  • Understanding SharePoint app model architecture
  • Packaging and distributing apps
  • Conclusion
Client-side Programming
  • Introducing JavaScript for SharePoint developers
  • Introducing jQuery for SharePoint developers
  • Working with the CSOM
  • Working with the REST API
  • Conclusion
SharePoint App Security
  • Reviewing the concepts of authentication and authorization
  • Understanding SharePoint 2013 authentication
  • Managing app permissions
  • Establishing app identity by using OAuth
  • Establishing app identity by using S2S trusts
  • Conclusion
Developing SharePoint Apps
  • Understanding app patterns
  • Using the chrome control
  • Calling across domains
  • Going beyond the basics