Ms Sharepoint Designer Course Content

Introduction to SharePoint & SharePoint Designer
  • Introducing the SharePoint Designer
  • Understanding the Windows SharePoint Services
  • Understanding the Microsoft Office SharePoint Services
  • Working in SharePoint Designer
  • Upgrading to SharePoint 2007 (issues)
Browser Based Tools
  • Customising the WSS/MOSS sites & pages
  • Creating & using Templates
  • Working with SharePoint themes
  • Changing navigation appearance & structure
  • Adding & positioning Web Parts
  • Creating & customizing lists
  • Working with the SharePoint publishing features
  • Approving & publishing pages
  • Management of content
  • Working with document libraries & Web Parts
  • Document conversions
  • Creating new pages & adding content
  • Applying different master pages & CSS to sites
  • Working with page layouts
  • Excel Conversions
Working with the SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Designer Workspace
  • Toolbars & Task Panes
  • Create the SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • Deleting a SharePoint Site
  • Publishing Site Templates
  • Best Practices in naming URLs
Creating & Customising Web Pages
  • Web page Creating
  • Inserting Text, Web Components, Images
  • Creating a Table layout
  • Adding Client Side interactivity
  • Default Pages
  • Resetting a site definition
  • Create the  workspace
  • Create the web part page
  • Create the ASP.Net page
  • Inserting a Web Part Zone
  • Adding a Web Part & Web Part Properties
  • Attaching Master Pages
  • Creating a Web Page from a Master Page
Working with Lists & Libraries
  • List Creating
  • Creating & customising a list view web part
  • Customising a List View Page
  • Modifying a Built In List View Web Part
  • Creating a List View page
  • Modifying a Built In List Form Page
Working with Data Views
  • Creating Data Views
  • Customising Data Views
  • An overview of XML
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
  • Using XSLT
  • Allowing Insertions, Deletions & Updates
  • Using CAML
  • Converting a List View Web Part to a Data View Web Part
  • Deploying Web Parts
Working with Data Sources
  • Using Data Source Library
  • Working with XML Data
  • Connecting to a RSS Feed XML file
  • Connecting to a RSS Feed Server Side Script
  • Connecting to a XML Web Service
  • Using Linked Sources
  • Displaying Contents of a List on another Site
  • Connecting Web Parts
Using Controls in Web Pages
  • Inserting & Modifying Controls
  • Using the Standard ASP.NET controls
  • Using ASP.NET Validation controls
  • Using SharePoint Data View Controls
  • Using SharePoint Server Controls
Working with Master Pages
  • Understanding Master Pages
  • Customising a Master Page
  • Changing Default Master Page
  • Managing the Content Placeholders & Content Regions
  • Creating a Master Page
  • Resetting a Master Page to the Site Definition
Changing the Look & Feel of Pages using Cascading Style Sheets
  • CSS Primer
  • Understanding the CSS & Colour Coding Options
  • Identifying Styles in Cascading Style Sheets
  • Creating, Modifying & Deleting Styles
  • Using the Style Application Tool Bar
  • Creating & Attaching CSS Files
  • Understanding CSS inheritance in SharePoint
  • Using the CSS reports
Managing Web Content in a SharePoint Server (MOSS) Environment
  • Understanding the Web Content Management Enhancements
  • Understanding the Page Model
  • Creating a Page Model
  • Modifying a Page Layout
  • Restoring an Earlier Version of a Page Layout
  • Detaching & Reattaching a Page Layout
Understanding & working with Workflows
  • How workflows can benefit your existing business processes
  • Understanding the types of workflows you can create via the browsers
  • SharePoint default workflows Types
  • Publishing Workflows
  • Collect Feedback
  • Approval workflow
  • Disposition Approval
  • Three-state Workflows
  • Collecting Signatures Workflow
  • Content type workflows
  • Viewing the Site collection workflow status
  • Creating a Workflow in SharePoint browser window
  • Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer
  • Comparing the Workflows in SharePoint Designer & Visual Studio 2005
  • Using Conditions & Actions
  • Verifying & Deploying a Workflow
  • Workflow Modifying  
  • Creating a Multi Step Workflow
  • Options for creating more advanced workflows
  • Administering workflows
Building a Windows SharePoint Services Application
  • Customising a site
  • Site Definitions, Features & Solution Files Primer
  • Creating a Site Template
  • Exploring a Site Template
  • Testing a Site Template Solutions
Managing SharePoint Sites
  • Configuring the Contributer Settings
  • Identifying the Contributer Settings
  • Creating Reports
  • Backing up & Restoring Sites
  • Exporting & Importing Sites
  • Copying Lists and Libraries b/w Sites
  • Copying Documents b/w Sites
Understanding Usability & Accessibility
  • Understanding the Usability Issues
  • Choose the Colour schemes
  • Understanding Accessibility standards & Legal Issues
  • The Accessibility Kit for SharePoint
  • Generating the Accessibility Reports
  • Generating other SharePoint Designer Reports