Siebel Business Analyst Training

Siebel Business Analyst Training Introduction:

SIEBEL BUSINESS ANALYST training comprises of various phases which include identified details & high level requirements,interpretation of the  requirements documenting as well as the  managing these requirements. These siebel business life cycle also consist of the  requirements management with the respect to all of the  aspects of software & development of cycle & sibel applications.other major functions of the Siebel Business Analyst  scripting are   best and standard practice of Siebel Business Analyst configurations,configurations & so on.

SIEBEL Business Analytics Training makes you an expert on the  SIEBEL Business Analyst & builds a strong foundation on the Web architecture, data access & the  Siebel Tools & usage of Siebel automation. The Siebel business analyst Web architecture, data access & Siebel Tools & the  using Siebel automation. Siebel Business Analyst Training participate in a Siebel implementation of project and an  logical structure of the  Siebel applications.

Siebel Business Analyst Course Content

Siebel 8.0 fundamentals for the Business Analysts Training
Introducing the Siebel Applications
Using the Siebel Web Client
Working with data in the Siebel User Interface
Common Siebel Business Entities
Using the Siebel Business Entities
Functionality of the Siebel Call Center
Siebel Field Service Functionality
Siebel Automation Features
Other Siebel CRM Features
Implementing the Siebel Applications
Exploring the Siebel Architecture
Securing Siebel Implementations
Controlling access to the customer data
company structure creation
Understanding the object definitions behind a Siebel Application
Using Siebel Tools to the examine Object definitions
The Siebel Data Model
Siebel Business Components
Siebel Business Objects
Pick lists & multi-value groups
Customizing the UI Elements
Introducing the Siebel Workflow
Siebel Assignment Manager