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Introduction to SnapLogic Training:

Our SnapLogic training helps you to learn the different concepts of data integrations,cloud platforms in an easy and effective manner. Before going to know about SnapLogic online training details, let’s see what exactly SnapLogic means and also why we actually need this. Most of the organizations are investing huge amount for doing the integration process. The traditional way of doing integration process is a bit expensive and slow process too. SnapLogic here helps us to solve the integration problem across the business process. It is also known as self-driving software for the integration process. Learning this kind of software solutions is very important for software professionals. We have experienced trainers for SnapLogic corporate training.Register today in our “contact us ” or drop a message to join the classes

Prerequisites of SNAPLOGIC Training:

  • Basic knowledge should be there on ETL Tool and Persuasive tool.
  • Knowledge should be there on Oracle 12c because SNAPLOGIC will be run on the Oracle only.
  • Oracle (SQL, SQL Server2012, 11g, and Pl/SQL) should be known and learn also for the SNAPLOGIC Training.

SnapLogic Training course Out Line:

Course Name: SnapLogic Training

Mode of training : SnapLogic online training / SnapLogic Corporate Training

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do We Provide Materials? Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the SnapLogic Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.

Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

SNAPLOGIC ONLINE Training Course Content

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Overview of SNAPLOGIC Training:

  • There is a heavy load on the business manager, the business manager needs to access to accurate the information and the project managers have many projects including the integration requests. Working with fewer resources.
  • The request takes week or months to complete and the business leaders can’t wait for that much. So end up the decision based on less than perfect data, but now there is a solution is SNAPLOGIC.
  • SNAPLOGIC Enterprise Integration Cloud with the iris Artificial Intelligence built in. It takes the complexity of dealing with multiple application big data and complex API and abstract it away into drag and drop components all in one platform. Now information flows freely. Global online trainings is best in providing Snaplogic training with live projects by industry experts.
  • SNAPLOGIC IRIS AI further democratizes the use of data by empowering the users from all departments and teams to make data-driven system quickly and easily with higher accuracy. The business manager can do their own analysis with minimal support from IT and make informed, data backup decision quickly with this IT people can spend their less time on building routine integration and more time helping the business grow.
  • SNAPLOGIC Training is already helping many companies with these challenges. SNAPLOGIC training material is rendered by the best trainers of our GOT.


How SnapLogic works?

In most of the companies, IT department professionals are responsible for doing the integration of applications besides Business managers depends on big data applications and SaaS applications to do their daily work. Business managers always need IT professionals with accurate information. The request usually takes months and business leaders will not wait for a long time. To resolve this issue, we need to know about SnapLogic. SnapLogic is nothing but enterprise integration software and it contains built in AI feature. The different complex application can be dealt with the help of SnapLogic software. It enables all departments of the company to explain the use of the data and with the help of this, we can make data-driven decisions as fast as we can. This helps managers to communicate with the IT department and can also make decisions quickly. The important thing is IT spends less time in integrating different applications. This is how SnapLogic works. To know more about this topic practically, call today and join in our SnapLogic training by expert trainers.


 Architecture of Snaplogic Training:

  • Snaplogic platform is really broken down into two main layers. The first layer is essentially the cloud web application portion or the we call it as control plane. This is where our customers will log in and intercat with the snaps and build pipelines underneath. This control plane is what we call the snap axis and these are essentially the data execution engines which are responsible for performing data tasks such as reading data, transforming the data and then ultimately delivering the data to an end point.
  • So our control plane is a multi-tenant environment that’s hosted on the cloud and then the Cloudplex version or type of staff flex is also hosted in the cloud by snaplogic. With these systems combined you are really looking at a complete call a solution that you don’t have to manage. You simply need to just login to the web app and interface with platform.At Global online trainings we also provide snaplogic documentation which will be useful further in your projects.
  • On the other side of that we do offer a version of this what we call the Groundplex what we call the version of Snap flex and Ground plex is essentially a node that’s hosting the data execution engine. But it is managed by customer so you are allowed to install the data execution engine on any node that is hosted by the an on-prem data warehouse or data server.
  • It can be on AWS, Azure training this is just as long as is controlled by the customer this is what we call Groundflex. The reason why you want the Groundplex is you can actually  create some sort of data  gravity and this is the term that we typically like to use because, we need to  offer a way to allow customers to connect to an on-prem data solution such as Oracle, Teradata.
  • Some sort of big data solution that’s on prem like a spark clusteror Hadoop training cluster and finally also on prem applications and these databases big data and application solutions may not be accessible to you know why internet because of  a firewall and this is where you can actually have a node installed behind this firewall and host our data execution engine and then we are able to facilitate this data movement from an on-prem environment to another on-prem environment or to the cloud etc.
  • Control lane will pass through the snap flexes, the meta data’s are simply instructions and at no point go and store your data, your customer data, your application data in the control plane or even in the snap flexes. Everything is operating through a stream operation so that is simply passed through these data execution engines from the source and to the destination.


Benefits of picking up the complex solution:


  • The team who does not want to manage any computer infrastructure either on the cloud or On prem and you just like to have snaplogic manage.

  • These execution engines and nodes, you will go with the Cloudplex and therotically since in complex are hosted on AWS.

  • A groundplex is just a customer managed execution engine and this game can be also place in a data center.




Overview of SnapLogic TrainingSNAPLOGIC Elastic Integration:

  • For example, our company is related to the two kinds of companies that the company using software saas like getting swallowed up by them. But there is a simple idea there is a SAAS software and the saas for everything like CRM, ERP, bi, and marketing any time companies need some subscribe. It is not a simple part to make sure that saas takes companies of your data its make sure it’s connected to all your connected systems and the data flows in a way, the developer takes the time to write this will take so much time with this time business will be out.
  • Who buys the software whenever they needed is no other integration app store to buy the integration of companies data but there is not, but there is SNAPLOGIC data this thing called snap. We can securely store the data of the company in a fraction of time. SNAPLOGIC Architecture corporate training also provided in global online trainings.
  • Once we using the snap data flow from anything not just from the apps. We are building the ad dial software echo system we do anything in the future we may work with the next thing. SNAPLOGIC Online Training demo video also available in our site and this demo video will give you more information on this course.


Conclusion of SnapLogic online training:

Many big companies including Box, Adobe, Verizon, and Game Stop are using SnapLogic as integration cloud software. This SnapLogic software really helps different organizations to faster the business processes. Many organizations are looking for professionals who have good knowledge of SnapLogic software. Global Online Training is providing the best SnapLogic training by expert trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. We have a good academic background in SnapLogic training for begginers and we also provide classroom training at client premises (Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune).


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