soa architecture training

soa architecture training Course Content

Service-Oriented Architecture: Review of the Terminology
  • Definition of the SOA, services, SOA infrastructure & service consumers
  • Components of a service oriented system
  • Benefits associated with SOA adoption
Architecture & Design of Service-Oriented Systems
  • Basic concepts of related to software architecture design
  • Impact of SOA on system qualities, including interoperability, performance, availability, scalability & security
  • SOA infrastructure design considerations
  • Decomposition of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) into patterns & tactics as an example of SOA
  • infrastructure
  • Principles of service design
SOA Governance
  • Basic concepts related to SOA governance
  • SOA governance elements
  • SOA governance models
  • A scenario-based technique for developing SOA governance
Security Considerations in Service-Oriented Systems
  • SOA security problem statement
  • SOA security architecture
  • What goes wrong
  • Development & deployment
Assurance in SOA Environments
  • Basic concepts
  • Assurance strategies
  • SOA elements that require assurance
  • Assurance roles & responsibilities
  • System aspects that require assurance
  • Methods for providing assurance
  • Planning for SOA assurance
Future Challenges
  • SOA adoption in practices
  • Potential for SOA to be stretched beyond its limits
  • Need to separate service orientation from SOA implementations technologies