SOA Training

SOA Training

Introduction to SOA Training:

Our SOA training helps you to implement all its concepts at workstations like banking domains, manufacturer industries ,in terms of authorizations and transactions using the web services. It is the most used design pattern or service managing architecture among well noted corporations like Oracle, HP, Google and IBM .Many Companies also outsource for their projects on SOA to conduct the necessary services quickly.

Join today SOA Online Training and  learn the key concepts and functionalities of SOA in various Work Spaces ,by registering for the course at  our website “Global Online Trainings”, once you register in our contact page our supporting agents will assist you in further proceedings. You can even drop a message down below for quick response. You can find well and professional trainers who help you in all job related problems regarding Service Oriented Architecture.

soa training Course Content

 SOA training

Prerequisites to Learn SOA Online Training:

  • Should have basic knowledge on XML, XSD, XPATH, and also XSLT.
  • One should be able to understand SOAP web services
  • Basics in integration skills
  • Should be able to understand REST web services or simply have gone through the concepts of available web services

An Out line for  SOA Online Training Classes:

Name of the Course : SOA Online Training Course (Service Orented Architecture).

Training Mode: We provide Online and corporate trainings in highest precision possible.

Program  Duration: 30 hours (Can Be Customized as Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials related to Service Oriented Architecture Online Training for the best ever course reference.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents approaches you or leave a message down below.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.


Overview of SOA training:

Learn the Operations of  SOA:

In the given SOA architecture we have Application Structures specifically the web Applications processing in one section that is from one end the clients who hold the applications will access the services.

Now ,the accessing client applications will cross the service layer security wall ,authorizations, identifications and approaches the actual service points ,the service layer in turn uses the particualr data base , and finally reports the necessary services.Our trainers will later explain all these concepts in detail in the SOA Training process


The different layers of a specific SOA:

Providing individual layers in SOA always makes things easy to deal with ,in case there occurs any alterations, like to remove any process or service there can be no mess and confusion.In the given SOA structuring  process everything starts from the clients by consumer and consumer layer .However the business process layer ,service layer ,component layer and the operational layers are together one single layer by the organization but for easy understanding they are layered as follows. You  will learn all these in detail in our SOA Training Program  : SOA Training

  1. Consumer layer : In the consumer layer the  clients look for an effective and quick  service.
  2. Integration layer: The integration layer involves the integrations between the clients and the service providers.
  3. Business process layer : whether it is any service to be provided ,it has its own way or sequence in the process or the business flow and later it involves the approvals ,this entire process is gathered in a business process layer in detailed as to customizes the process easily.
  4. Service Layer: The given service has many types of sub services ,so in the sense gathering all the provided services into one file is what Service Layer means.
  5. Component Layer: All the individual sub service are called component layers ,we categorize this because there are verity of services for a given service providing client .And there are many number of component layers which in turn are part of the above Service layer and each individual component layer has its own business process.
  6. Operational System Layer: The maintained database or the data model is what is layered as Operational system ,all the services are relayed on the available database.


Main Principals of the Service oriented Architecture that You Learn in SOA  Online Training :

  • It is Flexible and easy to Customize: As said, SOA is not highly dependent on any other software or operating systems, and has flexibility to customize its structure as desired.
  • Abstraction: It involves the back-end process to scrutinize the given services like approvals and procedures if any.
  • Service re-usability: SOA has the same operation process for the same service process, unless writing the service again and again.
  • Service Statelessness : There is no over loading of the data by storing the invoices of each service after the responses, unless it is necessary to conduct the service process.
  • Discoverability: It is a process of indexing the services and functions available.
Learn how SOA is benefited in Different Operations In our SOA Training Course:

SOA can be implemented or connected to different kinds of machines like windows to Linux or ,Linux to windows or any other different operating systems and hardware supports,It helps in Improving customer work delivery in business work flow with very less amount of money usage, it is the most used in almost all the bankings like ICICI,HDFC and many more ,all these concepts are well explained in our  classes.


For Example:

If suppose you want to make a money transaction or a money withdrawal you just enter the numbers in the given gateway, and this input reaches the bank service providing slots and the required approvals are done and you get the money  ,this is SO Architecture and most of the framework is constructed by JAVA and implemented by web services .

SOA is design pattern or a software architecture which provides application functionality as service to other applications, but it doesn’t depend on any vendor or product or applications as it’s not specific to some particular domain.

Simply the functionality or functions are provided by a vendor on internet  for optimized cost or even no cost, what SOA does is it enables system automation in the given service provisions, by just programming the codes available already ,this helps in no human interventions


Learn the Advantages of SOA over other Services in our SOA Training Classes:

Most of the  developers chose SOA over JMS (JAVA Messaging Service) when both have almost same functions and features, well that is because JMS carry a one centered entry platform, connecting from one system to another system ,JMS has a point to point operation ,publisher and subscriber.

SOA Training helps you to understand how SOA works in detailed processes, like in bankings how the services related to web cards and authorizations are done, or in case of managing the insurances of the employees.


SOA is also best used in manufacturer industries management process to maintain the necessary intimations in the “inventory management”. It is used in tracking the amount of materials and processings ,in the sense optimizing minimum level or the maximum level of procurement from the vendors automatically.

Using the concept of EDI electronic data Interchange  all these service exchanges are maintained by the framework of SOA. Even many hospitals use the structure for managing their services. JMS has a point to point operation and publisher and subscriber unlike SOA  it makes the server and clients interact in synchronies mode or asynchronies mode & Publisher and subscriber has bulletin board:

Rather than this, the SOA architecture has a common service providing portals on the internet.By which users can access the services with the use of HTTP and XML, but JMS is kind of specific process.Where SOA is flexible and do not depend on one single domain and is always cheap. JMS may be between JAVA to JAVA applications but SOA is always accessible by any application made of any language.


Learn Oracle SOA for better implementations of  SOA Training:

Oracle SOA is a leading platform that manages Integrations and developments of the services in almost all the organizations, once you feel that you know SOA concepts you can understand “ORACLE  SOA”  in a better way, Oracle SOA system is the latest Integration management tool that rapidly process industry requirements of SCA ,BPEL and SOAP. It contains enterprise database to build a environment that gives best concepts of service processes, Oracle SOA will be a better option to choose once you are a basic SOA developer, It helps to deal all the architectures and administrations.

Learn ORACLE SOA at Global Online Trainings provided with experienced trainers and guided online classes, check the course page of Oracle SOA to get an understanding on its basic concepts and principals.


Know the best ever Feature of SOA in our SOA Training Program:

SAO has its own inter operations that is no dependency on windows LINIX or MAC or any other operation systems in specific, and also even in multiple functioning operations,SOA has Business work flow which enables to fit any kind of functions by providing specific layering for each of them. Its the most used service offering system from recent days.

Because of its flexible or generic configuration management, it also improves the flow of information.It is less in cost and still good in security walls through its data confidentiality and the ability to adapt the complex structures. And it has the best upgrading soft ware’s for new developments.


Conclusion for SOA Training program:

At the end of the SOA training classes you will be able to work on any given SOA (Service Oriented Architecture work space with good managerial skills ,You will be put through the entire work experience in the training itself so that you will not face any kind of hesitations on job, SOA has many number  of job opportunities because almost all the industrial and banking companies has its necessity and there is no other best management system facilitating such huge services.

Join today SOA training Program at our website, by registering through the contact form or drop a message below:  We will be scheduling the classes with  expert trainers who will guide you  in all concepts of SOA in detailed, we schedule classes online through webinars that could give you an effective learning experience and it could be  also cost and time effective, you can always go through the classes if you do not understand any aspects in the class.