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soa training

soa training Course Content

SOA Overview
  • Integrating business processes with SOA
  • Deriving services from the organization’s purpose
  • Merging SOA design & project management processes
Architecting Services
  • Service oriented design process
  • Progressing from conceptual to the buildable services
  • Structuring business requirements into an SOA
  • Aligning services with the organization
  •  Turning services into modern applications
  • Work forward to the deliver applications
  • Realizing the key SOA design patterns
Mapping Services to the Your Organization
  • Discovering the conceptual services
  • Defining service domain
  • Recognizing service opportunities
  • Drilling down into atomic services
  • Consolidating into composite services
  • Refining the conceptual design
  • Identifying the underlying resource for the service
  • Selecting services to include in the SOA
  • Merging existing assets with new opportunities
Modelling Services
  •  Developing the logical services
  • Integrating consumers
  • Exploiting the five composition styles
  • Bus
  • Hierarchical
  • Star
  • Network
  • Circular
  • Achieving effective designs
  • Supporting loose coupling
  • Establishing relationships b/w services
  • Handling sequential processing
  • Addressing the business needs
  • Designing for reuse & integration
  • Decomposing to create reusable services
  • Factoring in brokers
  • Identifying the “services for services”
  • Leveraging seven categories of brokers
Converting Designs into Specifications
  • Specifying the operations
  • Deriving operations from use cases
  • Identifying the design flaws early to take corrective action
  • Focusing the on resources rather than actions
  • Communicating the specification
  • Constructing the reusable service actions
  • Expressing your design as a specification
  • Messaging for services
  • Formatting th e operation’s messages
  • Evolving messages from the SOA design
  • Finalizing service design
  • Specifying operations & endpoints
  • Binding messages to operations
Transitioning from the Design to Implementation
  • Planning for implementation
  • Picking the right technology set
  • Matching technology to the three SOA scenarios
  • Dealing with the long running business processes
  • Building services
  • Creating services from the SOA modelling process
  • Developing the service consumers
  • Orchestrating the services to deliver new functionality
  • Structuring the services
  • Merging interoperability performance with Star pattern
  • Providing for responsive Ajax applications
Avoiding Common Problems
  • Applying the “Lessons Learned” to the improving designs
  • Facilitating asynchronous services
  • Dealing with the change & growth
  •  Ensuring performance
  • “Chatty” Versace “Chunky” messages
  • Combining the services through effective message design
Managing SOA Environment
  • Instituting an SOA infrastructure
  • Advancing up the Services Integration Maturity Models
  • Leveraging the Enterprise Services Buses