Software Estimation Training

software estimation training

Introduction To Software Estimation Training Course:

The software estimation training course provides many useful rules of thumb & procedures for creating the software estimates ,the art of estimation & briefly introduces the mathematical approaches to creating the software project estimates the science of estimation. while you join for online Software Estimation Training you will learn the features extensive lab work to give you hands on experience by creating many different kinds of software estimates-for large, medium, & also small projects as well as calibrating estimates to be accurate for your specific development environment. You will also discover  techniques for making sure estimation is treated as an analytical rather than an political process, & you will also explore how to negotiate effectively with other project stakeholders such as marketing, management & with your client, so that everyone wins. 

Software Estimation Online Training Course Content

  • The Analogy Based
  • The Model Based
  • The Metrics Based estimations.
  • Lines of Code estimation
Understand the pros & cons of each technique
Overview of Various Estimation Techniques
  • The Expert Judgment Method
  • The Delphi Wide Band Technique.
  • Three Point estimation Technique,
  • Work breakdown structure based estimation.
  • Task complexity Based estimation,
  • Function Point Estimation
  • Use Case based Estimation
  • Estimation the  Agile Projects
  • Cost Estimation using COCOMO-II
Applicability to Business Applications, Client-Server, Porting & Maintenance projects

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