Solaris Cluster Training

Solaris Cluster

Solaris Cluster Online Training Course Content

Oracle Solaris Cluster Environment
    • Features
    • Hardware environment
    • Software environment
    • supported applications
    • High Availability framework
    • Identifying the global storage services
    • Virtualization support in Oracle Solaris Cluster
    • Cluster Node Console Connectivity


Oracle Solaris OS environment
    • Oracle Solaris Cluster storage connections
    • Quorum votes & quorum devices
    • Persistent quorum reservations & cluster amnesia
    • Data fencing
    • Configuring a cluster interconnect
    • Public network adapters
    • Configuring shared physical adapters
Installing & Configuring the Oracle Solaris Cluster Software
    • Install package groups
    • Prerequisites
    • Root environment
    • Settings automatically configured by scinstall
    • Automatic quorum configuration & stall mode reset
Perform Oracle Solaris Cluster Administration
    • Cluster daemons & commands
    • RBAC with Oracle Solaris Cluster
    • Cluster global properties
    • Cluster nodes
    • Administering quorum
    • Disk path monitoring
    • SCSI protocol settings of storage devices
ZFS With Oracle Solaris Cluster Software
    • Building ZFS Storage pools & file systems
    • ZFS for Oracle Solaris Cluster failover data
Solaris Volume Manager
    • Solaris Volume Manager disk sets & Multi-Owner Disksets
    • Shared disk set replica management
    • Solaris Volume Manager Status Commands & Building Volumes
    • Solaris Volume manager disk sets
    • Oracle Solaris Cluster device groups
    • Global & failover file systems on shared disk set volumes
Managing the Public Network With IPMP
    • Introducing IPMP
    • General IPMP concepts
    • Standby adapters in a group
    • Behavior of IPMP
    • ipadm commands to configure IPMP
    • Performing failover & failback manually
    • Oracle Solaris Cluster environment
Managing Data Services, Resource Groups & HA-NFS
    • Data services in the cluster
    • Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Data Service Agents
    • Introducing data service packaging, installation & registration
    • Introducing resources, resource groups, & resource group manager
    • Failover resource groups
    • Using special resource types
    • Guidelines for using global & failover file systems
    • Understanding resource dependencies & resource group dependencies
Configuring Scalable Services & Advanced Resource Group Relationships
    • Using scalable services & shared addresses
    • Characteristics of scalable services
    • Shared address resource
    • Exploring resource groups for scalable services
    • Properties for scalable groups & services
    • Adding auxiliary nodes for a Shared Address Property
    • Controlling scalable resources & resource groups
Using Oracle Solaris Zones in Oracle Solaris Cluster
    • Oracle Solaris Zones in Oracle Solaris 11
    • HA for Zones
    • Configuring a Failover Zone
    • Creating a Zone Cluster & solaris10 branded zone in Zone Clusters
    • Exclusive-IP Zone in Zone Clusters
    • Trusted Extensions with Zone Clusters