Solaris Networking Admin-online-training

Solaris Networking Admin Online Training Course Content

Networking Fundamentals
    • TCP/IP Model
    • LAN & its Components
    • The Network Stack
    • Networking Features in the Oracle Solaris 11
Configuring a Virtual Network
    • Profile-based Network Configuration
    • Physical Network
    • VLAN
    • Internal & Private Virtual Network
Configuring High Availability
    • IPMP for the  IP failover
    • Link the Aggregations
    • The Integrated Load Balancer
    • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
Configuring the Services
    • The Domain Name System
    • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • The CIFS SMB
Managing Network Resources
    • Network Resource Management
    • Network Resources for the Optimum Utilization
    • Monitor the Network Traffic
Securing the Network
    • Link the Protection
    • The IP Filter
Troubleshooting Networking Issues
    • The Diagnostic Tools
    • The DTrace Network Providers
Information Exchange Mechanisms
    • Link Layer Discovery Protocol
    • Data Center & Edge Virtual Bridging