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Sound Design Training

Sound Design Training

Introduction To Sound Design Training Course:

The Sound & music are embedded in almost every aspect of daily life, from communication & artistic expression to the commerce, politics, &  our social & cultural identities.  It shapes & transforms our everyday world. The Sound Design Training Course we will provide an overview of the fundamental principles of sound & also the factors that determine our audio perception. you will also explore the techniques of recording, mixing, processing, synthesis, sampling, analysis, & editing of the  digital audio  using the  freely distributed audio production software for both the PC & Mac. The Participants will also learn an array of sound design & the editing techniques for use in film & web-based media, art installations, sound-scape creations, or live &  internet music performances. Register for Digital Sound Design Training at Global Online Trainings, we deliver the live session by our expert consultants with best lab set-up, contact now for more information.

Sound Design Online Training course content

Sound Design
  •       Tools for sound design
  •       Packs & copyright
  •        Ear candy; ear tests
  •        Production sounds
  •        The basics of sound
  •        Filter sweeps
  • .      FM Synthesis with the FM8
FM synthesis
  •        FM parameters
  •        Synthesising a kick drum, snare & hi hat
  •        Creating FM risers
  •        Creating a ‘classic’ FM bass sound
  •        Using formants to creating a dubstep talking bass
Creative Sampling and Modulation in Kontakt
  •        Interface tour
  •        The script editor
  •        The wave editor
  •        Assigning midi control
  •        Zone envelopes
  •        LFOs
Adventures in Rhythm, Pitch and Time
  •        Timestretching
  •        Introducing Time Machine
  •        Time Machine and Modulation
  •        Beat & Tone Machine
  •        Creating an ‘Electronic’ Drumkit
Introduction to Reaktor
  •        Standalone mode
  •        Loading & saving snapshots
  •        Ensembles & instruments
  •        The Audio Recorder – saving the audio to a WAV/AIFF file
  •        Reaktor as a virtual instrument or effect in Logic and Ableton
  •        Randomstepshifter
  •        Massive 1.1
  •        Vectory
  •        Travelizer
Building an Analogue Synth in Reaktor
  •         Building fundamentals
  •        Creating the oscillator section
  •        Oscilloscope: see the sound
  •        Adding a filter and a filter envelope
  •        Additional oscillators
  •        Visual designs
Reaktor Sampling and Creative Effects in Guitar Rig
  •        Sampling in Reaktor
  •        Travellizer revisited
  •        The sampler module
  •        The Guitar Rig Interface; presets and components
  •        Reflektor
  •        Transient master
  •        Modifiers
  •        Traktor’s 12
  •       Tour of the Interface
  •       The Mutator
  •        The patch window
  •        Envelopes in Absynth
  •        waveforms
  •        LFOs
  •        Effects
  •        MIDI & host control