soundtrack pro 2 training

Introduction To Soundtrack Pro Training Course:

Soundtrack Pro is an new professional audio application for the Macintosh computers that gives you the tools to perform an wide range of audio post-production tasks. The Soundtrack Pro is an part of the Final Cut suite of software, & is designed to allow specialist sound editing. It has many features & capabilities which are not available within the sound editing features  that of Final Cut itself, &  is useful if you wish to create an soundtrack for an video project with complex audio elements, or an radio documentary or  the podcast. You can use it to edit & record multiple tracks of audio, & it provides similar features to other professional Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) software such as Logic. In Soundtrack Pro Training  you will be introduced to designed some of the basics of Soundtrack Pro. Enroll for more details about the course.

soundtrack pro 2 Course Content

Workspace Overview
  • Working With Pane
  • Working With Tabs
  • Arranging Tabs
  • Window Layouts
  • Custom Window Layouts
  • Choosing An Audio Driver
  • Choosing A Sampling Rate
  • Choosing Ruler Units
  • Setting The Tempo
Using Apple Loops
  • Search Tab Overview
  • Searching For Loops
  • Refining The Search
  • Apple Loop Limits
  • Limiting The Search
  • Using 3rd Party Loops
  • Indexing New Apple Loops
  • Adding Loops To The Song
  • Using Cycle Mode
  • Auditioning Tempo & Key
  • Spotting Loops To Playhead
  • Adding Loops From Finder
  • About Song Structure
  • Looping Audio
  • 8 Vs. 32 Bar Phrases
  • Mixing Loops
Working with Audio
  • Adjusting Clip Speed
  • Working With Color
  • Revel In Finder
  • Mute And Solo
  • Volume & Pan
Using DSP Effects
  • Adding Effects
  • Ordering & Deleting Effects
  • Using Presets
Automation Envelopes
  • Envelopes Overview
  • Effect Envelopes
  • Realtime Automation
  • Latch Vs Touch Mode
  • Automation Sensitivity
  • Adjusting Node Values
  • Moving Envelope Points
Recording Vocals
  • Setting Up To Record
  • Choosing An Input
  • Arming For Recording
  • Choosing A Record Level
  • Setting A Record Level
  • Choosing a Monitor
  • Recording A Single Take
  • Latency Compensation
Multitake Recording
  • Multitake Recording Setup
  • Recording A Multitake Clip
  • Choosing A Comp Take
  • Ambient Noise Prints
  • Creating A Comp Take
  • Slipping Slices
  • Crossfading Slices
  • Reordering Takes
  • Rename Takes
  • Deleting Takes
Saving & Cross Fading
  • Collecting A Project
  • Cross Fade Vs Truncate
Reducing Noise
  • What Is Noise?
  • Working With Audio in FCP
  • Sending Projects To STP
  • Setting A Noise Print
  • Reducing Noise
  • Auditioning Noise Only
  • Applying Noise Reduction
  • Limits Of Noise Reduction
Frequency Spectrum View
  • The Frequency Spectrum
  • Linear Vs Logarithmic View
  • Adjusting The Spectrum
  • Frequency Selection Tool
  • Noise & Frequency
Audio Restoration
  • The Lift And Stamp Tool
  • Ambient Noise Tricks
  • Pops & Clicks Overview
  • Editing Individual Samples
  • Analyzing Audio Clips