spring core training

spring core training Course Content

Introduction to Spring
  • XML configuration & the Spring application context
  • Best practices: constructor versus setter injection
  • Working with the multiple configuration files
  • Bean scope & factory beans
Advanced XML Dependency Injection
  • Most popular namespaces
  • Best practices when working with namespaces
  • Externalizing constant values into properties files
  • Working with a high number of configuration files
  • Bean definition inheritance
Annotation Based Dependency Injection
  • Autowiring & component scanning
  • Component scanning: how to do it right
  • XML versus annotations: when to use what
  • Life cycle annotations: @PostConstruct & @PreDestroy
  • Stereotypes & meta-annotations
Java Based Dependency Injection
  • @Configuration & @Bean annotations
  • Where is the magic? Inheritance based proxies
  • Equivalent to XML namespaces: @Enable annotations
  • When to use Java configuration
Bean Life Cycle: How Does Spring Work Internally?
  • The init phase: available interceptors
  • The init phase: what is the difference b/w XML, annotations & Java configuration?
  • What happens during bean post processing
  • Use & destruction phases
Testing a Spring Based Application
  • Spring & test-driven development
  • @ContextConfiguration & @RunWith annotations
  • Application context caching & the @DirtiesContext annotation
  • Environment abstraction & bean definition profiles
Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • What problems does AOP solve?
  • Differences b/w Spring AOP and AspectJ
  • Defining point cut expressions
  • Implementing an advice: @Around, @Before, @After & so on
Data Access & JDBC with Spring
  • How Spring integrates with existing data access technologies
  • Data Access Exception hierarchy
  • Implementing caching using @Cacheable
  • jdbc namespace & the Spring JdbcTemplate
Database Transactions with Spring
  • @Transactional annotation
  • Transactions configuration: XML versus annotations
  • Isolation levels, transaction propagation & rollback rules
  • Transactions & integration testing
  • Should you use read-only transactions?
Integrating Spring with JPA & Hibernate
  • Quick introduction to ORM with JPA
  • Benefits of using Spring with JPA
  • JPA configuration in Spring
  • Persistence Exception versus the Spring Data Access Exception
Spring in a Web Application
  • Configuring Spring in a Web application
  • namespace
  • Introduction to Spring MVC
  • Using @Controller & @Request Mapping annotations
Spring Security
  • What problems does Spring Security solve?
  • Configuring authentication & intercepting URLs
  • Spring Security tag library for JSPs
  • Security at the method level
  • Customizing the Spring Security filter chain
Advanced Topics
  • Remoting: Using the Spring remoting & the Spring HttpInvoker for remote access
  • JMS: Sending & receiving messages using the JmsTemplate
  • JMX: Configuring Spring to export automatically MBeans & exporting a Spring bean as an MBean