spring hibernate training

spring hibernate training Course Content

Developing with Java EE
  • Review of Java EE
  • Review of Java Web Application development with JDBC & Servlets/JSPs/EL
  • Overview of Data Access Object  design pattern
  • The pain of developing with JDBC & Servlets
  • Overview of Object-relational-mapping  frameworks
  • Overview of Hibernate: advantages, features, etc.
  • Overview of EJB3’s JPA
  • Switching from the JDBC to Hibernate
  • Installing & configuring Hibernate
  • Mapping entities with Hibernate Annotations
  • Mapping associations & collections
  • Mapping inheritance (understanding different strategies)
  • Mapping embedded properties
  • Getting & using Hibernate session
  • Understanding entity states: transient, persistent & detached
  • Tuning Hibernate
  • Best-practices: examples & labs
Spring Framework
  • Overview of Spring
  • Wiring beans with Spring
  • Spring-Hibernate integration
  • Transaction management
  • Understanding AOP in Spring
  • Overview of Model-View-Controller  design pattern
  • Overview of Spring MVC
  • Switching from Servlets to Spring
  • Installing & configuring Spring MVC
  • Overview of Spring Controllers
  • Understating Spring MVC data binding & creating custom binding strategies
  • Implementing the REST on top of Spring MVC
  • Implementing the conversations on top of Spring Web Flow
  • Best-practices: examples & labsa
Spring Security Framework
  • Overview of container managed security
  • Overview of Spring Security framework
  • Switching from container managed to Spring security
  • Installing & configuring Spring Security
  • Exposing the security context in the application
  • Creating authentication & authorization-aware user interfaces
  • Securing the business layer with JSR 250 style method based annotations