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SSRS Training

SSRS Training

Introduction of SSRS Training:

SSRS Training by Global Online Trainings explains that SSRS stands for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service which is the standard Microsoft development environment. It is a reporting platform for the data stored in the server and mainly focused on server-based performance. This is a standard environment through which your complete data is being processed. SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training is basically consists of three tools which are: Microsoft SQL Server Integration service which deals with the integration of data from different sources, Microsoft SQL Server Analytical service which helps for the analysis of the data and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting service which helps to generate the visual reports of the data. The complete SSRS Training provides the complete guarantee with the respect to the quality as well as the standard of that data which is used. 

Course Name: SSRS Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


SSRS Training Course Content

SSRS Course Content

Why do we need SSRS Visualization?

In today’s world, we generate nearly 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data which is a huge set of data. So for understanding that what these data computes to or what it means we need to get it into a visual format and the logic behind that is quite simple that is our eyes can see faster than what we can read and understand. So here data visualization comes into the picture.

  • There are so many visualization tools available in the market such as Qlik View, Qlik Sense, Microsoft Power BI, Python etc.
  • The main purpose of SSRS Training is to provide a visualization that helps a human mind or any individual can understand the process data better.
  • The visualization is a visual access to the data that we have. It does not just refer to a graph it could be a report or it could be a chart and so for.
  • Any visual representation of a data is always the simplest as well as the most powerful form of representation.

Every data that you are processing and working is stored on a server. Once your data stored on a server then it becomes easy for working with it, and for creating a report and delivering it in various formats as required. The MSBI Training by Global Online Trainings will explain to you that Business intelligence is all about data and data which are used to make profits or money. The MSBI is a tool that takes the data and converts it into the Understandable format along with SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.

SSRS Training Architecture:SSRS Training Overview

The SSRS Training comprises of three types of users who work with the reporting service: the report user, the report designer, and the report manager. This shows the three cycles going around the SSRS architecture.

  • The report users are the peoples who work with the data as well as want to have some insights with respect to that. So these are the people who will b working mainly with the first two tools of Microsoft SQL server that is SSIS and SSAS. But at the same time when they want to create a report on their data then they can create it using SSRS Training.
  • The report designers are the professionals who extensively work with respect to designing reports from the existing data.
  • The report managers are the people who are responsible for checking the report, matching it with the given requirements and making the decisions based on the given reports.

The architectural aspects of SSRS Training are like that there is a data source which could be a SQL server, Oracle database, Seibel, Teradata and other database and all that can be linked to Microsoft SQL server. SQL Server will deals with Rational Database Management System (RDBMS) for business to analyse data and to make decisions.

  • Once you extract the data then the data retrieval process, as well as rendering, will start. Rendering is the process of filtering the data, analyzing it and meeting the requirement.
  • The next step is the report processing segment which mainly deals with the creation of reports, publishing the reports, modifying the existing reports and so on.
  • Basically, when the report is published it goes to the web browser so it is mainly processed by XML web service interface. This makes it quite easy for anyone to view.
  • Apart from that, it has the security, and scheduling and delivery segments that come as a part of the SQL server.
SSRS Training Reporting Life cycle:

Every organization that actually works with SQL server follows the three phases of reporting life cycle which are Authoring, Management and Delivery.

  • In Authoring phase, report authors define the layout and source of the data. It mainly deals the SQL server business intelligence development studio and reports builder application.
  • The management phase involves managing the published reports which are as the public is presently part of the web cells. The next thing is to consider while in the management phase and in the SSRS Training is to the control over the execution as in when the report should get that data.
  • Every database such as data warehouse or a cube from which the data is coming get updated on regular basis and need to define when the update should happen while working with dynamic data. So all that needs to be considered in the management phase in SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.
  • The delivery section specifies that when the reports need to be delivered to the customers either on their demand or based on the specific event. There is an interesting feature of subscription in SSRS Training which allows for automated report delivery.

Types of Reports in SSRS Training:SSRS Workflow

There are mainly six types of reports in Microsoft SQL server reporting service:

  • The first report is Tablix report which is quite similar to the normal table report. It is basically a representation of the data in form of a normal table. This is usually is a single data source table which is similar to excel.
  • The second report is Matrix report which is also similar to the table. But it allows to works with more than a single value wherein both column and row contains a specific data.
  • The Chart report is basically a collection of different kinds of the visuals such as bar, pie-chart, line representation and so on. All types of graphical representation come under the chart report of SSRS Training.
  • The Sub report is a report which is usually embedded in another report. This report is independent and it can have it own data set. You can one main report and multiple sub reports in SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.
  • The drill down and the Drill through reports are basically chosen based on how you process the data. A drill down report is based on the relationship where the process travels with the general relationship from the top and go down to the sub levels.
  • A Drill through the report is also a slightly different operation which drills through the hidden instances of the data in SSRS Training.
Business Intelligence with SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS Training:

The business intelligence is basically the process of converting the data into information or knowledge and using that knowledge for better decision making. To perform and to execute any business intelligence activity there are three prime steps or tasks need to perform which are:

  • The first task is collecting the raw data from various sources and stores it in at one common place so that you can convert it into information.
  • After collecting the data it needs to analyze for further process.
  • Then the data need to present to various stakeholders for viewing it.

So for any business intelligence activity, the first step is collecting, the second step is analyzing and finally view the data. In order to collect the data SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) comes into the picture. To analyze the data there is SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). In SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos, once you analyze the data you have to present the data in various formats so the top management or stakeholders drill down the data. This is done by using SSRS Training.

  • The SSIS Training will help to achieve the main goal of SSIS which is basically collecting the data from different sources and consolidating or gathering at once inter location so we can analyze the data. The SSIS is used for three important processes which are Extraction, Transformation, and Loading.
  • The SSAS Training helps to understand that SSAS is a tool or service provided by Microsoft using which you can create the multidimensional or OLAP database. It provides scalability, reliability and secure database server. It is the tool which is responsible for performing data analysis and reporting service.
SSRS Training with release 2017:

In SSRS 2016, the SQL server reporting services installation is actually bundled with the SQL server installation itself. So just run the SQL server installer and select the option for installing reporting services and it gets installed. In SSRS Training with release 2017, they have totally changed the installation methods. It is separated and has a light-weight installer with SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.

  • The next point as part of the installation is that it provides two options with previous versions of reporting services which are installing reporting services in native mode or in the SharePoint integrated mode.
  • With this new version, there is no SharePoint integrated mode or anything and it does not mean that Microsoft had dropped supporting reporting services in SharePoint. Now the Microsoft just supports the native mode currently but you would be able to embed those reports inside the SharePoint.
  • The next feature of SSRS Training is that it allows adding comments to the reports. Now the user has the ability to add some comments to their reports and can get feedback by passing the reports to the team members. The comments can be maintained and the related documents can be added to the comments.
  • In SSRS 2017, we have the ability to decide whether you want to show or hide the download items which means you can prevent users from downloading software that is not allowed in your corporate environment.
  • The new version of SSRS Training provides the ability to embed reports or use reports for operational purposes for existing applications there are different options available from a report viewer perspective which will be useful to see the SharePoint reports and ASP.Net reports with SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.
Power BI vs. SSRS 2017 Reporting Server:

When Microsoft released SSRS 2016 then it also released a preview version which allowed the people to upload power bi reports in the SSRS Training portal but there was a dependency when they released 2016 where the client should have installed the Power BI Desktop on their client machines to open those reports because these reports were not rendered within the browser.

  • With the release of standalone version 2017, it has the ability to render the power by reports within the browser. So instead of embedding that features in SSRS Training, they have introduced Power BI report server with SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.
  • The Power BI has report server which comprises of many features. It is built on the platform which is used to build SSRS and consider as the superior reporting services than SSRS.
  • It can do what SSRS can do along with in addition it has some additional features such as paginated reports and mobile reports like SSRS, and also have the ability to upload the power bi reports similarly you are uploading it in SSRS Training.
  • The only key difference here is with power bi report server you do not need to have the power bi desktop installed whereas the SSRS 2017 still required the power bi desktop installed.

Overview of SSRS Training:

Suppose you are using other tools like Tableau or power bi then you are just getting the data from single or multiple sources as per your requirements but there may be certain quality checks that you need to perform and check for inconsistencies etc.With SQL Server Reporting Service by SSRS Training, there is a standard process because the data that already used with other services would have met all these quality checks before you work with it.

  • The mobile support quality is quite majorly useful for making it quite easy to share the report as well as quite easy for anyone to view it because when you publish a report then it goes on your browser so anyone who wants to view it even its on the mobile application all they need to do is just have the URL on which the report is published and they can view the report.
  • With Microsoft SQL server once you have purchased the license for SQL Server then you do not need to provide any additional amount for any of the other tools that come with it especially about reporting tools like SSRS within SQL Server Reporting Service Online Training with course materials and training videos.
  • This basically computes of SSRS Training to a huge standardization that comes with respect to the overall process which you may not seem with respect to other tools.
  • By using the cost factor of Microsoft SQL server you can perform advanced analytics as well as advanced visualization. Once you got the data then you can process and modify it, filter it, set certain conditions and change the data as per the requirements before going to visualize the data.

Conclusion of SSRS Training:

Global Online Trainings is a top online training platform and it is providing SSRS Training form India via online. We have years of experienced trainers and they will explain all elements of SQL Server Reporting Service. Students who want to become Server Reporting Service developer after their studies and beginners who are having no prior knowledge but got job in abroad countries are can take SQL Server Reporting Service online Training.

Register in Global Online Trainings for the best SSRS Training. We also provide classroom and Corporate Training on client demand in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc. for best price. For more information and contact details visit our official website, thank you.


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