Subversion Admin training

Subversion Admin

Subversion Admin Online Training Course Content

SVN server
    • Install the package & all dependences
    • Several repositories with sensible location considerations
    • Fine-tune all kinds of access schemes
    • Configure apache modules
    • ssh environment variables to shorten svn+ssh:// urls
    • Proper user databases & design complex access control list
    • LDAP domain controller
Configure sensible repository layout
    • Complete tree structure such as trunk, branches &  tags
    • Modules exist on trunk / branches & tags
    • Difference & benefits
Backup strategy & disaster recovery
    • Backup strategy
    • Whole reposity backup vs each revision checkout or dump
    • Disaster recovery
    • Permanently remove files & history
Basic knowledge about managing repositories
    • Normal working cycle with subversion (hand-on practices)
    • Create branches & tages
    • Create locks & other controls
    • Design client-side tools & integrate them with IDEs
    • Choose & configure repository viewing facilities
    • Set general user policies, including set subversion hooks for those hard restrictions
    • Design automatic check-out & build or compilation & even automatic testing