sugarcrm Training

sugarcrm training

Prerequisites of SugarCRM Training:

This training is for:

  • Owners, Directors, Partners
  • Implementation incharge, (one who understands the business process)
  • HODs (or the team leaders for Sales and support)

Why you should attend SugarCRM training

  • Even though lots of the CRM solutions are available for the free and also very low cost, it requires the proper hand holding and the guidance to be able to implement the CRM to its fullest of extent. This training is aimed at exploring a benefit of CRM and at the same time, we show it how to do it practically, for your organisation.
  • Any CRM or ERP cannot be implemented in any of a organisation without proper drive and strategy from a top management. If top management is understand what they can get out of a CRM, then only CRM will be implemented successfully.