Sun Cluster3.2 Administration TRAINING

Sun Cluster3.2 Administration

Sun Cluster3.2 Administration Online Training Course Content

Introducing Sun Cluster Hardware & Software
    • Concept of clustering
    • Hardware & software environment
    • Data service support
    • High availability (HA) framework
    • Global storage services differences
Exploring Node Console Connectivity & the Cluster Console Software
    • Node consoles on domain-based servers
    • Sun Cluster console software
    • Cluster console tools
Preparing for Installation & Understanding Quorum Devices
    • Sun Cluster software boot disk requirements & restrictions
    • Identify typical cluster storage topologies
    • Quorum votes and quorum devices
    • Configure a quorum server
    • Persistent quorum reservations and cluster amnesia
    • Data fencing
    • Configure a supported cluster interconnect system
    • Identify public network adapters
    • Configure shared physical adapters
Sun Cluster Software Framework Installing & Configuring
    • Sun Cluster packages –  Sun Java Enterprise System installer
    • Sun Cluster Framework configuration
    • Files & settings
    • Perform the automatic quorum configuration
    • Manual the quorum selection
Performing the Basic Cluster Administration
    • Identify the cluster daemons
    • Perform basic cluster startup &  shutdown operations
    • Sun Cluster administration utilities
VERITAS Volume Manager for Volume Management
    • VERITAS Volume Manager disk
    • Install VxVM 5.0 software
    • Disk groups & build volumes
    • Register & resynchronize VxVM disk groups with the cluster
Managing Volumes With Solaris Volume Manager
    • Concepts of Solaris Volume Manager
    • Solaris Volume Manager soft partitions
    • Shared disksets, local disksets and multiowner disksets
    • Volume database (metadb) management issues
    • Install & configure the software
    • Local metadbs
Managing the Public Network With IPMP
    • Concepts for an IPMP group
    • Network adapters in IPMP groups
    • Operation of the in.mpathd daemon
    • Perform a forced failover of an adapter in an IPMP group
    • IPMP manually
    • Integration of IPMP into the Sun Cluster software environment
Introducing Data Services, Resource Groups & HA-NFS
    • List the components of a data service agent
    • Primary purpose of resource groups
    • Failover & scalable data services
    • clrg & clres command to control resources and resource groups
    • rg & clres cstat command to view resource and group status
    • Clsetup utility for resources & resource group operations
Configuring Scalable Services & Advanced Resource Group Relationships
    • Scalable services
    • Failover resource group
    • Scalable resource group
    • SharedAddress resource
    • clrg & clres commands
Performing Supplemental
    • Failover applications that fails over between zones
    • HA-ORACLE in a Sun Cluster 3.2
    • ORACLE Real Application Cluster (RAC)