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Sun Solaris training

Introduction to Sun Solaris Training:

Sun Solaris is an Advanced Unix based operating system designed by Sun Microsystems in 1983 it’s technically replaced by SunOS. Later it has been owned by Oracle in 2010. So, it was renamed by Oracle Solaris.  Previously Sun Solaris advanced Unix based operating system was designed to run on SPARC and x86_64 hardware. Global Online Trainings is the best for providing Sun Solaris Training. We are providing an expert level online training for Sun Solaris Administration. Our main motto is “we will not just teach you the course; we will teach you based on real-time scenarios”. We also provide Sun Solaris Course Materials, Video Tutorials. We also provide Corporate Training as well as Classroom Training for Sun Solaris at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Come and attend free demo session for Sun Solaris Online Training Today!


Sun Solaris Training Course Details:

Course Name: Sun Solaris Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Sun Solaris Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the Sun Solaris Testing Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Prerequisites to learn Sun Solaris Training:

There are some prerequisites to learn Sun Solaris Administration Training. They are

  • Basic Knowledge on Solaris Shell Programming
  • Familiarity with the concepts of Solaris Operating Systems

Learn Sun Solaris Administration Training from Global Online Trainings. We have certified professionals having more than 10+ yrs of experience and trained 2200+ students on Sun Solaris course from the past 5 years. Our trainers have strong theoretical and practical knowledge; will teach you from basic level to advanced concepts based on IT needs. For more info please contact Global Online Trainings.


Sun Solaris Training Course Content



Overview of Sun Solaris Training:

Before going to kick start Sun Solaris Training, let’s have a look at some important keywords. They are:

  • Let’s start with Process; a process is in a computer language known as running or execution of a program on the computer. Each and every process has a unique identification number known as the Process ID.
  • Second is Daemons, It’s new to the windows user. A daemon is also a process that runs constantly until the system is up. This daemon runs in the background. Start the Demons while you start the system and ends with the shutdown.
  • Coming to third one it is Kernel, we can say kernel is the heart of the operating system. It is an essential program for the operating system.
  • The last one is shell; it is a user-friendly program with a kernel whereas the user always interacts with the kernel. It works as a wrapper between the user and the kernel. When a user issues an on a shell, the shell will go to a kernel and retrieve the user’s information.


What is Sun Solaris?


Solaris is now owned by Oracle in 2010. Sun Solaris is one of the popularized NFS and ZFS file systems, advanced networking, DTrace OS instrumentation, clustering, and grid computing, zones (containers), SMF. At the end of its existence, Sun Open-Sourced Solaris, producing many Solaris based special OSs (Smart Os, Illumos, and Open India).

                       After Sun purchased by Oracle, Solaris was closed back. Previously, this was the favorite among the technology and scientific computing world, which has now switched to SPARC hardware running companies and has survived its path. If you own a Solaris / SPARC machine from Oracle and most of it runs Oracle Database, you’ve got a stop shop for all your support. Solaris and AIX are heavier loads, especially when working for server servers. The kernel does not panic even though it has some delay. Especially for database servers, Solaris and AIX Software Systems are operating under heavy loads. Mainly the kernel of Solaris never panics even though it has some delay. Because of this extensive support Solaris Software System is quite interesting!


Why anyone chooses a Solaris Operating System?

Do you know one thing? All people are saying that Solaris is a great operating system. There are many reasons behind that. Yes, Solaris is stable and it will be backed up to 2034, but it is on the brink of suspension. Solaris is half alive. Solaris is like a zombie – not completely dead, but not really alive.

The solid advantages of Solaris Operating System are the main reasons to choose Solaris Operating System. They are

  • Solaris is an operating system was introduced in 1983, runs on Unix and it is well founded to handle critical databases on Solaris.
  • Solaris was firstly created in BSD or Berkeley UNIX. Later in the version of SunOS 5, it was changed into SRV4 based system.
  • Your license to use Solaris software incorporated with a seller who you purchase from.
  • Using the same hardware and support, Solaris software system generally costs less than Linux.
  • Solaris software system usually wins the speed when compared with Linux, especially when considering multiple CPUs and cores.
  • The Solaris 10 software system qualified as a safe program.
  • Service IT Direct in Solaris helps to resolve many problems directly but in Linux, it needs to solve any queries through community request.
  • DTrace in Solaris offers the possibility to analyze problems in the production system without closing it.
  • DTrace can observe everything and make it possible to determine any problems from one kernel to an application.
  • One of the greater advantages is Containers can be placed in a system separately without purchasing different systems for the production, testing, and databases development.
  • Solaris Software System offers powerful features for applications and databases.
  • Solaris has demonstrated its capabilities in a wider environment in an extensive range.
  • Solaris hardware designed especially to works well on large hardware systems.
  • Installation, maintenance, and updates are very easy to handle by using this Solaris software system.
  • ZFS includes capabilities to add and remove snapshot features, rollback configuration, data, and tables, as well as storage space.
  • Solaris users allocate separately and clone applications.
  • Ensures SMF applications are reliable.
  • One of the main features of Solaris software provides the ability to hire a Service IT Direct technician for all Oracle Solaris software support

These above are fewer things about Sun Solaris Training. If you want to know more please come and join in Sun Solaris Administration Training at Global Online Trainings.


Learn the good things about Solaris Operating System in Sun Solaris Training:

As a desktop operating system, Solaris is far behind in the competition. But again: Oracle (and Sun Before) really did not market Solaris as a desktop operating system for the past 7-10 years.

However, there are some excellent things as a Server OS that you must know. They are

  • ZFS is a default file system on Sun Solaris software system, but also available on other OSs.
  • Zones or Containers are so easy and lightweight. Because of these you can run and separate the OSs in thousands.
  • CDE, an old, but the great desktop environment, again, is much easier and lighter than GNOME and KDE. When using Sun GNOME, its total chaos compared to that.
  • Sunlight is a good reason, amazing thin clients, unfortunately not made anymore.
  • SPARC T-series processors, we are pretty old ones, almost the old generation, and multi-process workforce; they are very fast, never bogs down.

What is Solaris LDOM in Sun Solaris Training?

LDOM refers to Solaris Logical Domain. It is hardware-based virtualization which works on top the hypervisor. This virtual hardware is mainly used to generate other guest systems, each of which is alike to the system running, each guest systems has its individual OBP, each of which installs an individual copy of Solaris OS, and each has CPU, memory, disk and network resources available. So, finally, we can say as LDOMs are having the ability to run different operating systems or versions of Sun Solaris. You can assign system resources such as memory, CPU, storage, or devices in logical groups to create multiple virtual machine conversations. Each virtual machine has its own operating system and can use its own resources, and can be identified as a stand-alone unit in the Solaris system domain.

            The Solaris LDOMs server includes various types of guest domains and has a single control domain to supervise guest domains and also the reconfiguration of various guest domains. These Guest domains are hosted by applications can be autonomously turn on and turn off. It supervises all with no affecting the OS and other domains. The both T-Series servers and SPARC-4V Architecture are supporting with Sun Solaris Operating System.

This is the brief introduction about Solaris LDOMs. To learn more information Please Enroll Today for Sun Solaris Online Training at Global Online Trainings.


Why Solaris better than Linux?Solaris-Vs-Linux

As you know that there are many reasons that Sun Solaris is better than Linux. First, take a look at OS’s point of view.

  • One of the main advantages of Sun Solaris is it has ZFS file system while Linux doesn’t have any file system. Because of this Sun Solaris is better than Linux.
  • SMF, The Linux world is fighting for some years in this area without a clear agenda. The Linux world is now lagging behind a 15-year party system. But Sun Solaris has SMF.
  • Visualization is one more advantage of Sun Solaris. It is a light-weight virtualization technology. While Linux doesn’t have anything as well supported and battle tested.
  • Sun Solaris has DTrace while Linux doesn’t have.
  • Scalability, single-image institutions (vertical scaling) are better in Sun Solaris than Linux.
  • When coming to Stability or Uptime, Sun Solaris really rock solid. Linux is far out of the area, the inner space is less than that.
  • Security, Solaris has always had a large customer base in areas where tough security is needed. It’s much better than the security provided by Linux.
  • Coming to Innovation, Sun Solaris better than Linux.

After reading all about Sun Solaris Operating System, you might feel like opening your virtual machine and install this operating system to have a look at all of its features and try its use in your computer.

These are the major reasons for Sun Solaris.  Learn more in Sun Solaris Training at Global Online Trainings.


Conclusion of Sun Solaris Training:

We do offer Fast-Track Training for Sun Solaris Training in Bangalore, Noida, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Here are the major topics we cover under this Introduction, boot procedures, startup and shutdown procedures, service management facility, installing the Solaris operating system, software package administration, user management, automount, managing swap space, live upgrade overview, dump file configuration, Syslog, role-based access control and zones. Every topic will be covered in a most practical way with examples. Our Sun Solaris Administration Training Course Fees is very moderate when compared to others. We will provide training for Sun Solaris either weekdays or weekends depends upon your feasibility. We are aware of industry needs and provide Sun Solaris Online Training as per industry standards. For more details please contact the help desk. Our Global Online Team will call back you regarding Sun Solaris Training. Start your journey today! All the Best!

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