Symantec Netbackup TRAINING

Symantec Netbackup

Symantec Netbackup Online Training Course Content

Function of the master, media, and EMM servers and clients.
  • NetBackup product architecture.
  • Common terms used in the NetBackup product.
  • NetBackup backs up & restores data.
  • Identify NBU options & agents.
  • Install & verify NetBackup & NOM.
  • Use the NBU Administration Console & NOM.
  • Add robots & drives.
  • Storage units, storage unit groups, volumes &  volume pools.
  • Manage volumes.
  • Configure policy attributes & schedules.
  • Identify the available policy types.
  • Files, directories &  clients to back up.
Monitor & troubleshoot backup jobs.
  • Restore files & monitor restore jobs.
  • NetBackup selects which media to use.
  • Distribute client software.
  • Verify, duplicate, The expire, & the import backup images.
  • Back up & recover NBU catalogs.
  • NetBackup LiveUpdate to perform maintenance
  • Configure multiple data streams, multiplexing, synthetic backups, true image restores & checkpoint restart.
  • Media groups & media ownership for media sharing.
  • Manage disk pools.
  • Advanced staging using storage lifecycle policies.
  • Identify master server, EMM, media server,&  client processes or services.
  • Identify the resources available for troubleshooting.