symantec training

symantec training Course Content

Introduction to Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention overview
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention architecture
Navigation and Reporting
  • Navigating the user interface
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Report navigation, preferences, and features
  • Report filters
  • Report commands
  • Incident snapshot
  • Incident Data Access
  • IT Analytics
Incident Remediation and Workflow
  • Incident remediation and workflow
  • Managing users and attributes
  • Custom attribute lookup
  • User Risk Summary
Policy Management
  • Policy overview
  • Creating policy groups
  • Using policy templates
  • Building policies
  • Policy development best practices
Response Rule Management
  • Response rule overview
  • Creating Automated Response rules
  • Creating Smart Response rules
  • Response rule best practices
Described Content Matching
  • DCM detection methods
  • Use cases
  • Using DCM in policies
Exact Data Matching and Directory Group Matching
  • Exact data matching (EDM)
  • Directory group matching (DGM)
  • Advanced EDM
Indexed Document Matching
  • Indexed document matching (IDM)
  • Using IDM in policies
Vector Machine Learning
  • Vector Machine Learning (VML)
  • Creating a VML profile
Network Monitor
  • Review of Network Monitor
  • Protocols
  • Traffic filtering
  • Network Monitor best practices
Network Prevent
  • Network Prevent overview
  • Introduction to Network Prevent (Email)
  • Introduction to Network Prevent (Web)
Mobile Email Monitor and Mobile Prevent
  • Introduction to Mobile Email Monitor
  • Installing and configuring Mobile Email Monitor
  • Mobile Prevent overview
  • Installation and configuration
  • VPN configuration
  • Policy and response rule configuration
  • Reporting and remediation
  • Logging and troubleshooting
Network Discover and Network Protect
  • Network Discover and Network Protect overview
  • Configuring Discover targets
  • Protecting data
  • Auto-discovery of servers and shares
  • FlexResponse platform
  • Running and managing scans
  • Reports, remediation, and Data Owner Portal
  • Network Discover and Network Protect best practices
Endpoint Prevent
  • Endpoint Prevent overview
  • Configuring Endpoint Prevent
  • Detection capabilities at the Endpoint
  • Creating Endpoint response rules
  • Capturing Endpoint Prevent incidents and viewing them in reports
  • Managing DLP Agents
  • Endpoint Prevent best practices
Endpoint Discover
  • Endpoint Discover overview
  • Creating and running Endpoint Discover targets
  • Using Endpoint Discover reports and reporting features
Enterprise Enablement
  • Preparing for risk reduction
  • Risk reduction
  • DLP Maturity model
System Administration
  • Server administration
  • Language support
  • Incident Deleter
  • Credential management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Troubleshooting scenario
  • Getting support