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Introduction to Tableau Desktop Training:

Tableau Desktop is a product of Tableau. Tableau Desktop is a popular Data Visualization and Business Intelligence software tool used to deliver a large amount of data into a graphical representation. In large enterprises, they are using tableau desktop software to obtain real-time data analysis of their enterprise by directly linking their enterprise data into the data warehouse. Tableau Desktop designing is useful and very simple to use so that you can work faster than ever before. With the less span of time Tableau Desktop users can produce thousands of reports without using IT Services.

Learn Tableau Desktop Training from Industry Experts! Tableau Desktop Training at Global Online Trainings has more than 15+ yrs experienced trainers will make you an expert in creating interactive dashboards with graphical representation. 


Come and Join with us and learn how to create data visualizations, how to manage organizations data and how to create dashboards to make better business decisions.


Tableau Desktop Training Course Details:

Course Name: Tableau Desktop Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Tableau Desktop Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do We Provide Materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Tableau Training

Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


What are the prerequisites to learn Tableau Desktop Training?

Are you ready to learn Tableau Desktop Training? Looking for prerequisites?

No worry. There are no prerequisites.  Learn Tableau Desktop Training at Global Online Trainings and get Tableau Certification.


Overview of Tableau Desktop Training:

What is Tableau?

Technologically speaking Tableau is an outstanding data visualization tool provided by Tableau Software and which was introduced in 2003. This acts as an open door for millions of organizations by improving their business intelligence and their reputation. By this Tableau’s business analytics tool, anyone can easily connect to respective data; visualize the data and make that data is interactive and can create sharable dashboards. Because of great features, we can say that tableau is a booming business intelligence tool.

There are different types of Tableau products available in the market. They areTableau-Product-Suite

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Public

Now let me explain one by one clearly

Tableau Desktop:  

Tableau Desktop is one of the products of the Tableau. Tableau Desktop itself is data visualization and business intelligence tool that used in every organization to convert their data into optimized questions. In this Tableau Desktop, you don’t need to write any code, just you can change the pictures of data by simply connecting with the data warehouse.

Tableau Server:

Tableau’s tableau server is a data sharing tool helps in to expand the value of your organization’s data throughout the organization with security. But the only limitation in Tableau server is you can share the data after creating dashboards. So, you need to create dashboards with Tableau product before you want to share the data in the organization. The main advantage of Tableau Server is anyone can get access to their interactive insights anywhere anyplace.

Tableau Online:

Tableau Online is a cloud platform, is used to interact with anyone about dashboards and data discoveries. Tableau Online improves business analytics performance and makes it easier on their cloud.

Tableau Reader:

Tableau Reader is a product of Tableau and it is a desktop application. It gives access to view the data visualizations which are created in tableau desktop. But the only limitation is you can just view the visualization and cannot edit.

Tableau Public:

Tableau Public is a free software service. Tableau public helps to publish data visualizations. So, anyone can easily interact with data visualizations.


What are the advantages of Tableau Desktop?

Let’s come to advantages, Tableau desktop itself has many. They are

  • Tableau Desktop is high-speed analytical and business intelligence tool in the market.
  • Tableau Desktop is a data visualization tool that helps you to provide highly interactive insights, data visualization dashboards and reports with no time.
  • Very simple in design so that you can work very fast with Tableau Desktop.
  • Once the installation is done, you can connect to almost any type of data source to exhibit data in data warehousing and data graphical representation from the spreadsheet.
  • Tableau desktop provides the ability to build interactive worksheets and dashboards.
  • Apart from a simple design, Tableau Desktop will enable you to create custom visualizations for large amounts of data without errors.

What are the key benefits with Tableau?

By using Tableau in the organization, you will be able to connect with different data sources and different data formats such as Microsoft Excel and database. So, you will be able to filter a large amount of data in a simple manner.

There are a few important benefits of tableau explained below.Key-Benefits-of-Tableau

  • Fast and reliable data visualizations
  • Capability to create interactive dashboards
  • Tableau visualizes your organization’s data very clearly and beautifully: Here we can speak Tableau as a Data Visualization tool. Why because it creates the data insights in simple graphs, charts, and tables. So, clients and business managers can easily understand business insights. There is no problem if you are not expert with tableau because tableau visualizations have that type of capabilities and allow you to work with it easily.
  • Simple to use: Without taking any IT sectors to help, you can start your business from beginner to expert level. This is possible with the only Tableau. No other power BI tools can help with this. With this simple desktop application you can easily create reports, download, install and always connect to your data sources without taking help of any IT services.
  • A large amount of data will be handled by Tableau: The tableau has the ability to generate reports on large sets of data without seriously affecting network performance.  Tableware always connects with live data sources and provides real-time results in real-time business metrics for enterprise users.
  • Having an excellent user-experience is an advantage: If you have average Excel skills, it will be very easy for you to learn Tableau. A fast learning Tableau allows you to play with large data sets in large enterprises with lightning-fast speeds. It has superior drag and drop interface make sit similar to excel and also the data visualization features can another benefit.
  • Competitive and less pricing plans
  • Easy Integration with Tableau: Tableau Software well integrates with other big data platforms for example Hadoop. The Tableau also provides the support for Google Big Query API. This is the major advantage for organizations who want to complete business analytics.
  • Outstanding Mobile Friendly Support: Tableau Software provides outstanding mobile friendly support to users. Because of this excellent mobile friendly support all dashboard reports are automatically mobile optimized. Compared to other marketers, BI users are highly customizable of mobile users, mainly due to the easy adaptation of the mobile user interface.

Why should we learn Tableau?

You must learn Tableau. Why because it is simple to learn and very simple to earn. There are some incredible highlights to learn Tableau. They are

Top industries looking to hire Tableau Experts:

Now day’s number of large industries wants their business data in meaningful insights. The perfect solution for this is “Data Visualization”. That’s why data visualization is playing a vital role in large industries. Some of the big industries like Facebook, Dell, Net Jets, etc. looking for Tableau talents.

High Demand for Tableau Professionals:

By the year 2020, there will be a high demand for Tableau professionals. Why because, with the increasing number of companies in the world, they need to handle the data in the large amount. So, they must want clear insights about their business. Therefore the Tableau professionals will have a high demand for business intelligence.

High salaries on Tableau:

With an increasing demand for Tableau Software, the IT Industries are paying big salaries for Tableau Professionals.

So, we say that Tableau is an unbeaten King in today’s market. Don’t Miss to learn Tableau Training!

Global Online Trainings provide in-depth knowledge of Tableau Software. They will also teach you the latest version i.e. Tableau 2019.1. So, discover the latest features with Tableau 2019.1 at Global Online Trainings. Come and Join with us!


What are the career opportunities with Tableau?

  • We can say as Tableau is one of the fastest growing data visualization and business intelligence tool in the market. The data visualization tool is very fast and very simple to implement and everyone can easily understand their business insights with Tableau Software. So that we can give the most preference to learn Tableau Training with their products includes Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader and Tableau Product.
  • Each and every product of tableau is having its own importance in business growth. For example Tableau Desktop for individuals, Tableau Server for businesses, Tableau Online is a cloud platform used for business analytics while Tableau Reader is an application in that everyone can read the business insights and Tableau Public is free service helps to publish desktop products. It’s completely free software.

If you have doubt like “Is really career grow with Tableau?”

The answer would be definitely “yes”. Why because the unique friendly approach comes with Table software and the most important data visualization tool in the current business intelligence field. Anyone who is ready to start their career with Tableau Software, it is good to go with tableau and it is important to must focus on basic tableau certification. This basic Tableau certification helps you to work as a junior developer and leading to higher roles based on your performance. Tableau working professionals can learn who has a little experience; want to get the expert level of Tableau Training to enhance their skills to promote to a higher position in tableau.  Do you want to learn Tableau Software? If yes, Tableau doesn’t need any previous programming skill or past experience for you to get started with the tool. Finally, you will be able to leverage the power of the databases.

                         In today’s economic world, the data maintains a key role in every organization. A good data decides the further future of the organization. So that good organization is having good data it helps to become organization successfully. Tableau gives reports fast and handles a huge amount of business data that’s why it’s a better way to organizations future. Therefore Tableau experts are always needed in the market and will be of high demand due to their Data Visualization and business intelligence skills.


Conclusion of Tableau Desktop Training:

 Today, with the increasing the number of businesses in the world, all are having a large amount of data and need little help from data scientists to analyze their data to get some business insights. But it somewhat difficult with Data Scientists to understand business insights. This is where Data Visualization comes into the picture. So that Tableau is become one of the most beneficial power BI tools available in the market as of now.  If your business seeks to improve business analytics you must set your sights on Tableau Data Visualization tool i.e. Tableau Desktop.

Global Online Trainings provide both Online and Corporate Training for Tableau Desktop. By the end of this Tableau Desktop Training, you will be able to connect with different data sources, creating dashboards, publishing dashboards, and data sharing. Also, you will be able to create fast data analytics.


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